gotg characters

  • Taserface: "You've gone soft old man!"
  • Yondu: "I AIN'T GONE NOTHIN'!"
  • *Yondu kills everyone that betrayed him, rescues Rocket and Groot, helps the Guardians kill a celestial being, and sacrifices himself to save Quill.*

[x] - requested by anonymous

Y/N: Oh my god! 

Rocket: …y/n?

Y/N: You’re alive! And you can… talk? *crying* When you disappeared, I thought I’d never see you again. 

Rocket: You’re not getting rid of me that easily. 

Peter: *whispering* Who is that?

Rocket: This is y/n, they used to take care of me before I was taken away. Now shut up, you’re ruining the moment. 

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GOTGvol2 Lines That Went From 0-100

Drax: You remind me of my daughter.

Mantis: Disgusting?

Drax: Innocent.