MCU as Quotes from my fall play

Peter: I thought you said never to kill a mockingbird

Tony: a mockingbird killed your mother, peter. And now I’m going to kill this one too.

Peter quill: don’t choose theatre as a career, it’s a horrible way to live

Dr. Strange: I’m Julius ceaser, so nothing bad ever happens to me (immedialty gets stabbed)

Red skull: only rich people and no minorties because I’m a horrible person and I cheat on my wife

Tony stark: I’m so angry we’re going to go to my apartment upstate and discuss this

Howard stark: may I see your resume?

Steve Rogers: it’s in my bag!

Howard: this is just a picture of a girl in a pink dress saying “oh boy”

Steve: oh boy!

Howard: no.

Tony: how do you feel about fighting injustice?

Pepper: the only injustice I see is you not answering my question

Sam: what can you tell me about social studies?

Peter: the tests are impossible to pass?

Sam: no.

Shuri: and you know what they say

Peter: if he’s wailing on his pecks

All the avengers at once: THEN HES NOT SOLVING FOR X

T’Challa: it is me… the cat hair….

Mantis: we just need time to process all these good applications

Gamora: I have all the time in the world (uncomfortable silence)

Rhodey: what do we want?


Rhodey: when do we want it?

all the avengers: AT SHIELD HEADQUARTERS

Thanos: once you kill your first animal, it’s like their soul goes into your brain

Scott Lang: I’m tall and attractive so nothing bad will happen to me

Steve Rogers: if you don’t mind me I’m going to join a gang of rebel intellectuals who are memorizing information in the event that it will prove important after humanity’s collapse

Bucky: what a do, cru


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Alright if the soul world really exists and Peter Parker’s birthday was on 10th August, DONT imagine everyone trying to figure out ways to get out of soul world and Peter tries to offer some help but everyone is tired and frustrated, so somebody snaps at Peter, saying they don’t need help from some 16 year old kid. And Peter just bows his head and whispers, “actually, I’m 17. It’s my birthday today” and everyone’s hearts just break at the look on his face