i still find it funny how antis can claim we got nothing in season five a while at the same time they complain about all the stydia we got

first of all: make a choice

but moving on we have never shipped stydia because they eat each others mouth’s or have steaming hot sex scenes or flirt with each other the whole time. that is not stydia. it never was stydia.

stydia is something that we got for a total of five seasons, a total of seventy episodes. most of us started shipping it during the end of season one. some of us during season two. that means that around the time we started shipping it stiles and lydia went from basicaly nothing to level one friends. so no. it was not the mouth eating or the flirting or whatever that made us ship it. because that is not stydia and that is not what we saw and accepted as our otp.

you know what we got? respect. two people not really knowing each other but getting a start. two people who respect each other. a guy who is in love but never ever pushed himself on the girl. i know everyone claims that he did. but lydia didn’t even know who he was. not his name. nothing. stiles admired her form a distance. he didn’t go up to her and talk to her. he didn’t ask her out. he didn’t say anything. he was just in love from a distance. because he knew she had a boyfriend. and he never ever said anything hurtful about that. never. all he did was admiring her. 

the first time something really happened with them was because of allison. not stiles. but allison. allison forced lydia to go to the party with stiles. stiles didn’t even know, but when lydia told him she wanted to go with him he obviously accepted it. he can not smell she was forced. if he did he wouldn’t go with her (proof comes later). during the party lydia decided to dance with stiles. but when stiles noticed she was thinking about jackson. he told her to go find him. he didn’t ignore it. he didn’t cover it up. no. he told her to do what she wanted to do. that is mad fucking respect. 

then the next thing is lydia getting attacked by a murderous werewolf and stiles finging her. he started running like crazy. sweating. tearing up. and he faced a much stronger supernatural creature with no fear. the only fear he had was for lydia’s life. he begged peter not to kill her. he even offered him his own life. without any hesitation.

the entire of season two stydia was basically stiles trying to protect her from the hale pack. lydia getting to know stiles. lydia respecting stiles. lydia caring for stiles. and in the end lydia getting comfort from stiles. because she knew he would always listen. and he did. he did listen. but realising that she was going to put her life in danger again for someone who didn’t give a single crap about her life and told this in his face got him frustrated. and he told her. he told her what he basically told peter. she can’t die. because if she does. he loses his mind. he basically dies too. and lydia can’t believe it. because her boyfriend told her he wouldn’t run up to her if she would scream. and stiles is telling her that her death would basically ruin his life. she is that important. for the entire of season two she felt like no one cared. but there is a boy who does. who always did. but she never knew. why? because he never told her. he never bothered her with his feelings. this was the first time. and she couldn’t believe it.

these are the moment people started shipping stydia. not because of the mouth eating. not the sex. not the flirting. not the i love you conversations. but the respect. the caring. the sacrifces. the comfort. the trust. the admiration. the looks. the smiles. the fact that these two got pulled together by something so strong that it made them care for each other so bad. so fucking bad. that not talking to each other for so many years didn’t matter. they were just meant to be. 

so nothing may be the lack of mouth eating, the lack of sex, or the lack of flirting to you. nothing may be the lack of having a sexual relationship to you. nothing may be the lack of saying i love you to you. but that is exactly the reason why you can’t see the beauty of stydia. we don’t care about that. that’s not our otp.

our otp is the look on stiles’ face when he saw lydia bleeding on the floor. it’s the tears in his eyes when he realised her life was in danger. it’s the smile on her face as an attempt to comfort him. it’s everyone around them realising how much they mean to each other. it’s stiles trying to see lydia because he can only rest when he sees her being okay. it’s stiles not wanting lydia to go on a dangerous trip without him because he knows that if something happens he will never forgive himself. it’s lydia noticing something is wrong with stiles before anyone else. it’s lydia askign stiles to join her because he understand her. it’s stiles believing whatever lydia says because he knows her. it’s stiles’ heart pounding when he finds out something is wrong with lydia. it’s lydia thinking about stiles’ safety before her own. it’s the shoulder touch. it’s the back touch. it’s the hand holding. it’s the protecting. it’s the looks. the smiles. the words. the way they say each other’s names. 

to you it may be nothing. but we got everything