welp.. here’s the fanart i was talking about -v-U

The idea spawned from futuristicfugitive’s short rp threat with ghostofaking, not to mention I got to see more of Ghost Scourge in #12 of Ghosts Of The Future by the amazing Evan Stanley (aka spiritsonic)! I seriously love his design! o0o

I wouldn’t really know how this AU would go without contradicting how Scourge ended up as a toast in the story~ (this was originally supposed to be drawn during a livestream, but I just let loose on the idea this weekend with Colors3D–which made me remember how much i despise it soley -n-)

But um.. yeah. That’s pretty much all i’ve gotta say about this and stuff <:D

and i’ll make proper fanart next time ;v;

  • Gigi D:My first instinct when I get those comments though are "how are our stories similar"
  • Gigi D:I guess visually its relatable
  • Gigi D:story wise, beside the constant use of sonic, Silver, and Shads, I don't think we have any simlar plot points
  • Gigi D:ish
  • Gigi D:do we?
  • Evan Stanley:killin' thangs
  • Gigi D:yes
  • Evan Stanley:we both messed up the Emeralds but then I spend the rest of the comic trying to fix 'em. You're like "eh whatever OOH WHAT'S THAT OVER THERE WITH THE HAIR?!"

Gift for Blaze (Nell). She wanted someone to draw Blaze with her hair down wearing one of Silver’s t shirts, so I worked for a few hours, and viola! My best art ever!

I had sketched a great angle of her bed and the window shining in moonlight on her, but I decided to finish a version before I screwed up too much!

Also, yes, that is Silver’s “Golden Ring” shirt from Ghosts of the Future. Easter Egg! :D