goten super saiyan

Friendly reminder that Goku’s fight with the Red Ribbon Army literally happened ONLY because Goku was looking for his Grandpa’s Dragon Ball and he thought they might have it. If not for that, if not for them calling in Tao, they may still exist.

Reminder that Goku spared Piccolo not only because killing him kills Kami, but because he wasn’t as bad as his “father” and he wanted to face him again.

Reminder that Goku spared Vegeta DESPITE the murder of his allies because he wanted to fight him again one-on-one.

Reminder that Vegeta, despite being in a clear position to overpower Freeza 3-on-1, goaded him into transforming in a feeble attempt to prove his own superiority.

Reminder that Goku faced Freeza only because he was strong and attacking his friends, not to “free the galaxy”, as evidenced when he was more than willing to just ignore the Ginyus if they left. Had Freeza and his men complied and left, Freeza’s empire would still be in power.

Reminder that the Androids were unleashed not only because Goku wanted to see how strong they were, but VEGETA threatened to kill anyone who dared interfere.

Reminder that Vegeta allowed Cell to absorb Android 18 to attain his final form, once again in a bid to prove his own superiority.

Reminder that Goku gave Cell a Senzu bean before Gohan fought him to ensure a good fight and only later realized he’d made a mistake in trying to push his son to be like himself and attempt to intervene.

Reminder that the enraged Gohan refused to finish off Cell as he felt the monster needed to suffer more, resulting in the death of his father and Trunks.

Reminder that Goku and Vegeta (and even Gohan) played Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who would get to fight first in a scenario where the entire universe hung in the balance. Also that Vegeta loudly expressed his boredom and anger throughout.

Reminder that Vegeta sould his soul to Babidi to force a fight with Goku before his time ran out and to regain his ruthless edge, despite knowing it may revive Buu. Also a reminder that Goku literally threatened to kill Kaioshin if he didn’t allow him to take his anger out on Vegeta after he murdered all those people just for the hey of it, despite knowing that fighting Vegeta may revive Buu.

Reminder that Gotenks feigned being weakened and out of power to try to make his fight seem more dramatic, which prompted Piccolo to try to trap them all there and end Buu’s threat, only for Buu to escape and kill the rest of their friends and family.

Reminder that Vegeta crushed the Potara he’d been given to avoid fusing again so they could face Buu individually as a matter of pride, and that Goku then agreed.

Reminder that Vegeta, in trying to extend the already-weakened Freeza’s beating and prove a point, allowed Freeza the time needed to destroy the Earth.

The point being: Goku has always done things like this. Always been there. He’s similar to Luffy in that, while they do good things, it’s never for the sake of it, but for the sake of achieving their own goal. And that, as this is prevalent in Vegeta and even Gohan, Goten, and Trunks to a degree as well, this is appears to be an unfortunate Saiyan trait.