goten ssj

list of things that will kill me...aka my weakness
  • Goten, Trunks, Marron being kids 

  • Daddy Goku 

  • Grandpa Goku and Panny Pan

  • Goku and Chichi cell saga. 

  • Goku thinking about Chichi 

ok that is all. go on about your day. :>


Just a little fun sketch. A sequel to this!

In the pic above, Muscle Marron is going on par with Super Saiyan Goten. In this Marron wins the match so Goten has to buy pizza. Of course the battle was well fought and Marron’s arms ache. So Goten feeds her pizza to lessen the strain :3  Also, bystanders can’t help but notice the battered dorks as they walk by. Don’t worry, they both get senzus from Korin so Marron gets her tooth back XD Anyways, enjoy!


Ok so normally I DON’T like sharing my action figures pictures on tumblr (only on twitter/instagram) but I thought these were funny/cute. Recently I got three chichi figures but two of them are extra small :’D Especially teen chichi. Btw I got her today and I lost her. :( I’m so disappointed in myself. Last thing I remember was that I was making the bed and POOF she’s gone. I already tried looking but can’t find her. Anyway Goku is happy cause he has a smol wife x’s 3 and gohan is happy to have his momma~

but seriously guys chichi’s body is SO small next to goku I’m like how does he not crush her?? but then I think well he must be extra careful. My bro sucks cause he said “well seriously she should have died during sex with his strength” and I’m like “yaaahh……………..kinda have a point there”