The Top 10 posts, by your notes, on this year:

  1. DeAndre Jordan, The Undertaker
  2. Teenager Victor Dukes Takes the Stairs
  3. Kyrie’s Triple Cross
  4. Michael Jordan Leans
  5. DeAndre Dunk Fail
  6. Duncan Fixes Ginobili’s Bald Spot
  7. Shaq Scares Teammates
  8. Kobe Destroys Dwight, then Arena
  9. LeBron Tries to Kill Chalmers
  10. Gerald Henderson Whips Ball Off Lady’s Face

Thank you all for following my site and twitter.  Here’s to next year.

Introducing…“Milkshake” Griffin.

You can call Blake Griffin whatever you want.  I’m calling him “Milkshake.”

A reader, georgiee, pitched it and immediately, I was inundated with messages of joy and happiness.  Admittedly, the name doesn’t make a lot of sense on the surface, but please let me to talk you through it.

Why “Milkshake?”

  1. Both are smooth, but deadly serious
  2. Both get you in that blender
  3. Both are ICE-COLD bastards
  4. Both are super f*ckin’ great

And if you don’t buy those reasons, who cares?  Why can’t we just choose a nickname that’s crazy fun and makes us happy?  You think I won’t have a blast yelling “MILKSHAKE” at the top of my lungs inside Madison Square Garden when the Clips come through?  I will.  And I’ll have a hot dog in each hand, and it’ll be great.

This incredible illustration was deftly made by the mighty, mighty KevJuice.  If you don’t already know him and his work, it’s time.  He’s got that Pure Premium.  Prior to working with, Kev worked on projects with ESPN, including this monster for Bill Simmons’ podcast.  He also has this mashup of Inception and LeBron’s “Decision.”

I’m honored he agreed to work with Got ‘Em, his work should be appreciated, and I know you’ll be seeing more of it, hopefully right here on the site.


Got 'Em Coach: Important Programming Note

I started just before the season began in November, and with your support, it’s become the greatest basketball webpage on the Internet in the history of the Earth-world.


In all seriousness, I had a guy threaten to kill me twice for the “stupid crap” I write and post.  Would have preferred two guys threaten me once, but whatever.

Got ‘Em has grown quickly, it’s been fun creating content, and I’ve been blown away by the response (especially the death threats).  For that reason, I wanted to keep you updated on the site.  I’ve been very lucky to get the opportunity to work for a comedy idol of mine, Norm Macdonald.  He’s starting a new show on Comedy Central, and I’m certain it’s going to be better than the schlock I post here.

If you’ve noticed a decline in the number of posts on Got 'Em, it’s because the staff is just one person: Me.  I’ll do my best to keep bringing the slightly above-average stuff, but just in case I’m crazy busy with the show, I’ve put the wheels in motion on some exciting, new features for the site.  More on those later in the week.

In conclusion, a little less Got 'Em Coach each day, but some cool stuff around the corner, both here on the site, and your television sets. 

Less, but better?  My would-be killer is no doubt thrilled.

Got 'Em

*Don’t forget to threaten my life on twitter:  @gotem_coach

I told you Lamar Odom, his lovely wife Khloe and brother-in-law Rob tweeted about my LO crossover video.

Well, the Los Angeles Times blog (run by @latmedina) and ESPN Los Angeles blog (run by @ESPNLandOLakers) both posted the video.  As a matter of fact, one of the Kamenetzky’s asked Lamar about it after practice.

Of course, Lamar had just seen it because his wife tweeted it.  So, he talked about it.  He talked about the play, and by proxy, my video. 

Good love for Got ‘Em Coach, and thanks to the Silver Screen and Roll guys for tipping them off.

You can read the Times write up here, and the ESPN write up here, or watch Lamar’s answer here.  And remember, when Lamar asks “You seen that?” he’s talking about my video.

Got 'Em.