“I think Dany’s been becoming a Targaryen ever since the beginning of Season 1. She’s not her father and she’s not insane and she’s not a sadist, but there’s a Targaryen ruthlessness that comes with even the good Targaryens. If you’re one of the lords of Westeros or one of her potential opponents in the wars to come and you get word of what happened here in Meereen, you have to be pretty nervous because this is an unprecedented threat. You’ve got a woman who has somehow formed an alliance where she has a Dothraki horde, a legion of Unsullied, she’s got the mercenary army of the Second Sons, and she has three dragons who are now pretty close to full grown. So if she can make it all the way across the Narrow Sea and get to Westeros, who’s going to stand in her way?”


Now listen to me! The old man is the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. You’ll be with him day and night. Yes, you’ll clean his clothes. But you’ll also take his letters, attending him at meetings, squire for him in battle. You’ll know everything, be part of everything. And he asked for you himself! He wants to groom you for command!