Yo sólo escribo

Yo sólo escribo…

No soy ningún suspiro de los dioses
revelado en verbo de fuego.

Yo sólo escribo…

No soy un destello de esperanza
preñado de magia.

Es verdad que si te amo,
intentaría que nuestro lecho fuera un lugar
donde tu vagina cayera despellejada de placer
sobre las sábanas;
es verdad que si te amo,
me gustaría provocar
que tus muslos suden miel
hasta que el infinito suelte la correa…

Y es verdad que un par de veces he amado de ese modo;
es verdad que un par de veces he amado hasta tal punto
que mi retina se licuaba musical en su presencia…

Pero eso fue hace mucho,
y ahora, yo sólo escribo…

Sí,intento que gotee poesía
de cada átomo de noche…

Pero por la mañana,
bostezo y escupo en el lavabo;
a la hora de comer,
me gusta hacerlo solo,
porque hago ruído al masticar.

Me gusta estar en pijama,
y rascarme los cojones mientras veo Juego de Tronos.

Lo siento si pensabas
que cago de puntillas
como en los anuncios de la tele;
lo siento si pensabas
que cuando duermo,
ronco versos.

Porque yo sólo escribo…
acerca de corazones que laten más fuerte tras morir;
acerca de cosas que duelen al dejar de golpear
porque te dejan vacío;
acerca de madrugadas como ésta,
en las que te importa más el recuerdo de una persona
que la persona…

Yo sólo escribo.

Eros Ignem


Yo @deftonesband was amazing tonight. It felt so right finally seeing them #deftones #gote #myownsummer #aroundthefur

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mskiarafan1  asked:

What does Serenus give to Obi-Wan on his 18th birthday? (I'd squee if it were a pet owl)

I was very tempted to cnp that picture of a dude with his dick in a gift box, but 18 is still pretty young, so… nah. (That can be a 30th birthday present).

A pet owl would be cute, if a bit awkward when Na'eemah becomes his Padawan and sees it in a cage in the front room. Maybe an owl figurine? With pretty jewels for eyes.

Or just have Na'eemah pop out of a box. “The gift of a legacy.” (Because we forgot to buy something. Here’s a birthday card hastily written on a napkin. Briikase gote'tuur, buddy!)

I got tagged by @aeristhere to do this thing so, here we go

1. Do you have any scars? How did you get them?

I have a scar on each knee, I gote them when I fell off my bike when I was 6 years old, also I have a small scar above my left eyebrow, I got that while sparring with swords vs a friend, always use your helmets kids.

2. What’s the favourite thing you own in your wardrobe?

my pajamas

3. Tell me about one of your favourite memories.

When I went to Medieval Times for my birthday, it was amazing, it had everything I expected and more! Technically it was the experience that got me into reenactment and Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA for short)

4. What is the only thing you never leave without before going out or travelling?

my keys, how am I gonna get back in my house without them?

5. Favourite smell?

humidity in the morning (God that’s so good)

6. What’s your favourite myth or Greek tragedy?

Antigon (it’s like the sequel to Oedipus Rex, check it out)

7. Musicals or thrillers?

none, give me more historical fictions (medieval if possible)

8. Fanfic tropes you love to read but wouldn’t venture writing?

anything NSFW-related

9. Is Halloween a common thing in your country?

Kinda, it’s sorta popular in northern Mexico but as you go further south people celebrate Dia de Muertos more and more, but Halloween is also starting to get popular there

10. Name a painter you admire and why?

Edmund Blair, I like his style and also he painted one of my favorite art works, The Accolade

11. Give me a quote that resonates with you.

“The harder the battle, the more glorious is the victory.”

Ok, now I tag @silver-lucas @masstersword @meme-emblem @draw-me-an-eclipse @silentteacup @hehaconc and anyone who is willing!

birinci direksiyon sinavindan kaldim. ikincisine uyuyakaldigim icin gidemedim. onumuzdeki pazar ucuncu sinavim var. eger bu sinavda veremezsem bir hakkim kalio onda da kesin bi bokluk cikar. bu sinav veririm ins. bin lira yatirdim a2 icin ucyuzlira daha yatiracam. gote gelmem ins

In autobus d'estate

22 Omoteleuti

Un giorno d'estate, tra genti pestate come patate su auto non private, vedo un ebète, le gote devastate, le nari dilatate, i denti alla Colgate, e un cappello da abate con le corde intrecciate. Un di razze malnate, con le mani sudate, le ciglia corrugate, gli dà  delle mazzate sulle reni inarcate, e il primo, come un vate, con frasi apostrofate, gli grida «ma badate! E andate a prendervi a sassate!» Poi si gira a spallate, e ha già  posate le natiche ingrassate.

R. Queneau, [Exercices de style, 1947], Esercizi di stile, Torino, Einaudi, 2014. [Trad. U. Eco]