//  Jessica Brown Findlay as Lyanna Stark, Golshifteh Farahani as Elia Martell, Eleanor Tomlinson as Catelyn Tully, Charlize Theron as Rhaella Targaryen, Eva Green as Ashara Dayne, Isolda Dychauk as Lysa Tully, Celina Sinden as Cersei Lannister, Katie McGrath as Barbrey Ryswell


“I keep remembering the Stark words. Winter has come, Father. For me. For me. Robb must fight the Greyjoys now as well as the Lannisters, and for what? For a gold hat and an iron chair? Surely the land has bled enough. I want my girls back, I want Robb to lay down his sword and pick some homely daughter of Walder Frey to make him happy and give him sons. I want Bran and Rickon back, I want …” Catelyn hung her head. “I want,” she said once more, and then her words were gone.


women of the rebellion; pt 1

“i am a woman, yet i am strong.”


I want to be a good wife to him, I do, but I don’t know how to help. To cheer him, or comfort him. I don’t know what he needs. Please, my lady, you’re his mother, tell me what I should do.

When I first came to Winterfell, I was hurt whenever Ned went to the godswood to sit beneath his heart tree. Part of his soul was in that tree, I knew, a part I would never share. Yet without that part, I soon realized, he would not have been Ned. Jeyne, child, you have wed the north, as I did… and in the north, the winters will come.