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I watched one episode and thought it was pretty decent. But then there weren’t any awful “British” references in it, so. Not a patch on Sherlock though.

It’s fine. It’s average. It’s just like every other American crime drama. That’s the problem - Sherlock Homes has either got to be great or awful. If it’s distinctly average, partially due to lazy characterisation or a feeble story arc where Watson discovers blah blah blah and they fall in blah blah blah, then it’s worse than bad tv - it’s pointless tv. TV that shouldn’t be made - a programme (heh heh see what I did there) that is only made to cash in on the sudden popularity for a certain character that came about because a superior show that was made by people who have a great love of a character want to do. People who want to do something new and inventive with something already great.