Made a chibi plush of Yondu Udonta/ Mary Poppins, y'all!
He’s 10" tall from the top of his fin to his feet. His face and scars were embroidered by me.
Body pattern is by @spaceplush

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Based on the fact that I see Peter and Kraglin something akin to a brothers, crooked and weird as that relationship may be, I headcanon that little Peter actually thought of Kraglin as the coolest big brother he could have gotten.

Kraglin is possibly one of the most laidback people of all of Yondu’s crew. He isn’t that loud, that brutal or that sadistic as others. He’s rather caring, almost as much as Peter. And even though he spoke up against Yondu, he was also the one to free the latter and go help save Peter – so I figure there is some love and care for Peter in Kraglin, after all.

And he looks human, which, for little Peter who had been thrown into a weird alien-world, was probably a rather great comfort.

So I just picture Peter seeing Kraglin and immediately latching onto the guy. He’s the one most human, the one closest to Peter’s age, and Peter clings to him tighter than any leech, following him around like a shadow for the first few days and weeks.

Kraglin… minds, and yet doesn’t. He isn’t used to children, especially not those who actually want something from him, but Peter is apparently going to stay, so he figures that he has to be nice to the kid. Yondu would want that, too.

And Peter reminds him a bit of himself, with those eyes that show fear even if the boy tries to hide it, and his determination to stay alive. (Boy has bitten a whole bunch of Ravager when he had beamed up onto the ship, and it was impressive as well as amusing.

It leads to Peter staying in Kraglin’s room until they have set up a sleeping place for the kid. It leads to Peter learning how to pick a lock from the other. Leads to Peter letting Kraglin listen to his music (“Oh, that’s what the thing is for!”) and Kraglin actually liking it.

It leads to Yondu handing Peter over to Kraglin before going into a fight, because he trusts blindly that the Xandarian will get the boy out safely.

It leads to the other crewmembers turning to Kraglin for help with how to handle a Terran, because they don’t dare to ask Yondu, and Kraglin is the only other one who knows.

It’s Kraglin who gets to cut Peter’s hair when the boy can’t see anymore, because Peter kicked Horuz in the nuts when the man tried to pick him up by the scruff of his neck. (Tullk, Oblo and Kraglin were howling with laughter, and Yondu even cracked a grin before cuffing Peter over the head.)

It becomes a sort of exasperated caring from Kragin’s side, and a sort of deep respect from Peter’s side, the one a child has for his cool older siblings. He wants to learn how to be like Kraglin for a good while. There are difficult conversations because of that…

… for example when Peter deems himself old enough for a tattoo and he doesn’t even think about not to say that in front of Yondu when he points at Kraglin and goes, “I wanna have tattoos like Kraglin.”

Kraglin freaking chokes on his spit and goes very pale as Yondu’s head whips around, answer sharp and fast, “Hell no, brat.”

“Why?! Kraglin has them!”

“Uh, Pete…”

“Ya ain’t Kraglin, boy, so no marks for ya.”

“That’s unfair!”

And Kraglin slips out quietly of the room while the other two keep arguing because, oh boy, once Yondu gets the idea that this could be his fault, he doesn’t want to be in there anymore.

Or when Peter is older, but still old enough to look up to Kraglin and Yondu as cool space pirates, he asks one day when Kraglin is cutting his hair again, he leans back and asks, “Krags, can I have a Mohawk like you?”

“… nah, Pete. Ain’t gonna suit ye.”

“But why?”

“Is… is a symbol, ye know?”

“For what?”

“See, ye don’t know. That’s why it wouldn’t mean anythin’ for ye.”

“… Okay, I don’t get it.”

It’s Kraglin Peter runs to when Yondu isn’t there to help, and it’s Kraglin who chews out the boy when the Captain is too busy for it. It’s Peter who stays next to Kraglin when the other is hurt or sick, and Peter who steals little things that Kraglin could like when he’s out on a mission.

It’s Kraglin who holds onto the Zune for Yondu until there’s a good moment to give it to Peter because Yondu can’t do that anymore, and it’s Peter who lets Rocket repair the Yaka arrow and gives it to Kraglin because that’s what Yondu would have wanted.

They grief together, they fight together, and when some time has passed and they are healing, they laugh together like they always did.

Been thinking about Stakar’s and Yondu’s relationship a lot today, since it is basically set up to be a parallel to the one Yondu and Peter have (at least that’s what I think).

I bet Yondu was almost as annoying, sassy, bratty and a complete troublemaker during the earlier times with Stakar and his crew as Peter was. He was freed from a life as a battle slave - it would have taken time to heal, to open up and trust at least a little bit, but once he did? Once he did, he probably wanted to see everything, do everything, that he couldn’t do before. Suddenly he was free, and had a choice, and as a Ravager, he could take what he wanted.  “Steal from everyone” is the code after all.  And someone who had nothing before? He wanted it all.

So basically Yondu just re-living that teenager life he probably never had, with being a cheeky, sassy jerk, following no rules, stealing what he wanted (trinkets?) and getting into any trouble he could get, just to feel alive. And running away afterwards with the biggest, toothiest smile.

Stakar’s crew had to swoop in time and time again, and Stakar swears that most of his grey hair were caused by Yondu. (The others by Aleta, but he isn’t gonna tell her that.)

Stakar furiously denies grinning whenever Yondu manages to escape by a hair’s breath again.

(Years and years later, betrayal and understanding and loss and grief laying between them, Stakar runs into a certain Terran named Peter Quill, who holds himself with the same confidence, the same stubbornness and the same grin as Yondu - there’s a glint in blue eyes and a challenging eyebrow raised at the old Ravager as he understands, as he sees.

And Stakar understands that after all, Yondu had saved at least one child. His own.)  

RIVALS [ peter quill x reader ]

a/n; i wrote a ficaroony because i love peter quill and he deserves more appreciation and also every problem in this story would be solved if the two would just express their feelings /sobbing

summary: Some things are just obvious from an early age: you and Peter were meant to get along no better than a cat and a dog. And not the modern spin on a cat’s and a dog’s relationship either (none of that Disney fun-loving BS). No, we’re talking about that good old fashioned thirst for blood, spite and rivalry.Only that your situation really was Disney like. Which is ironic, since you’ve been raised to spit in anyone’s face that even mentions the name ‘Starlord’.

words;  2,427

warnings: a bit of swearing

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1. i need your help!

The current state of the ship and its crew can be described in one word: bored.

Whiskey. In Terra it’s high noon but no one really counts space hours so why the hell not? Peter Quill sits idly drinking by his cluttered table, trying to drone out the occasional buzzing and clatter and the piercing sound of squeaky metal by clogging all of his senses with alcohol. There isn’t a particular reason to indulge in daytime drinking festivities, but there simply isn’t anything better to do so he had helped himself to a glass a little while ago. He has finished three in total. Now he sits silent, his mind sometimes drifting out of these cramped walls of his beloved spaceship, branching further and further into the unseen horizon and onto a lonely planet that is just waiting to be looted. His fingers tap of the table and he shakes his head again: that stupid fucking clanking!

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I like to think Yondu just barely resists putting his head in his hands once he hears his son challenged Ronan the accuser to a dance off

And I like to think that he does that, thinking “That boy, I don’t fuckin' believe it”… and after a moment, he starts laughing, because, honestly, that’s so Peter, he just can’t help but laugh.

First Impressions

Pairing: Peter Quill x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 2597

Author’s Note: Peter Quill… I fucking love him and finally glad that I’m writing his character. Thanks to the lovely @sincerelystiles for proofreading this for me. She’s so sweet, literally!

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You're a Fine Girl ( Yondu Udonta x Reader)

Plot: Yondu has not always been the most touchy-feely man. But in a time of guilt for a terrible act he’s committed, he buys a Terran girl who was previously a slave. He starts to get this weird feeling of attachment to her as time goes on. So now both him and this girl have to get used to their new situations. ( This shall be a multi-part series.)

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