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Hey Emma, how would the boys (Got7's Hyung Line) react to both of you being at the airport and you coming back from your 1-year trip? :-) Thank you~ - Sarang-unnie (who has at least 10 requests with Got7 to spamm you with and some others for Vivian about BTS >.<)

And finally to my lovely unnie ~~

Sorry i kept you waiting :3 But like i said , i wanted it to be perfect *-* Just like our boys ^O^ I wrote more like a short scenario..

Hope you like it ~~~

Mark: He would be waiting for you patiently away from the crowd, regretting the day he met Jackson. Yup he brought him with him because he didn’t want it to be awkward since it’s been a year since he saw you, a very very long year , and Jackson is after all the mood maker , but seeing him so excited and loud which draws attention to both of them, he definitely shouldn’t have brought him here. 

When you finally show up carrying your suitcase Jackson automatically jumped up and ran to you and pulls you into a hug.

“Jacksoooon, i can’t breath”

“Oh sorry”

“YAH WANG JACKSON ! Move, i need to hug my girlfriend.” Mark’s patience was wearing thin while he pushed Jackson aside, and hugs you, giving you a kiss.

“Hey,i missed you.”

“I missed you too.”  He would smile while leaning in to give you another kiss while poor Jackson awkwardly standing there, watching both of you.

“Man, I need to find a girlfriend…”

Jaebum: He would literally be running for his life to get the airport before your plane land , he knew you were expecting him to be there to pick you up but he overslept and the traffic was terrible and lucky as he is, while fighting his way in, he spotted you already there,  waiting for him !

“Y/N-aaah” He would say while trying to catch his breath.

“OH, you finally remembered that you have a girlfriend whose you didn’t see for a year , waiting for you to pick her up?”

“I-I am so..”

“Just shut up and hug me !!” You said playfully teasing him 

“Shit , for a moment i thought you were really mad! Come here” He would say while smiling big then he would pick you up and spin you around. “ Finally ! God i missed you soooo much, there’s no way i’m gonna let you away for me again , NEVER.”

Jackson: He would be really excited to finally see you. He would be waiting for you while holding a big sign with your name in it. Once your plane has landed and the passengers starts to head out, he would start jumping in the crowd Shorty Jackson  yelling “Y/N-aaah” “ Hey Y/N DO YOU HEAR MEE?? “ EXCUSE ME I’M LOOKING FOR MY GIRLFRIEND” . And once he got a glimpse of you, he would automatically jumped up and ran to you picking you into his arms.

“Jackson!! Let me down.. People are staring..”

“I don’t care. I missed you sooooo much”

“Me too, you have no idea how much i missed you Jack..”

“You didn’t cheat on me while I was gone, did you?”

“Is that really the first thing you’re gonna say to me? Are you being serious?”

“I’m not letting you down then”

“ Alright alright, NO i did not , happy now?”

“ YES I AM !! I love you Y/N” But still, he wouldn’t put you down until you give him a kiss.   

Jinyoung: Jinyoung would be in the airport early waiting for you, he would probably bring a book or his iPad with him to keep him busy and finally whe your plane landed and he saw you heading out, he would  waste no time coming to you, pulling you into his arms. His smile would be bigger than ever, he would kiss the top of your head and start teasing you.

 “ Why are you shrinking? You’re getting shorter honey”


“ And did you gain some weight? You look ..”


“Shut up” Then you would feel his lips on yours “You talk to much”

Then he would grab you hand and lead you out of  the airport.

“Let’s go eat something, i’m hungry and i couldn’t eat because i was so nervous ..”

“ Ehh, you missed me?”

“Uhm, not really..”


“Just kidding just kidding, ofcourse i did ! I missed you so freaking much Y/N-ah”

“Me too oppa !”


Movie Night

Jr fluff
So I couldn’t sleep in the hotel room the other night and ended up writing this. I hope you guys like it!
~(^-^~) (~^-^)~
“Rock paper scissors” Jinyoung and Y/N said at the same time.
Jinyoung laughed and hit Y/N’s two fingers. “I win which means we will watch,” He stopped and thought. “Fast and the furious 7”
“That’s such a boy movie,” Y/N whined. “And why are there so many of those?”
“There are a lot because they’re good,” Jinyoung explained patting his girlfriend’s head. “And you were going to pick something like Boys Over Flowers so you can drool over Lee Minho.”
Then Y/N shut up because he was actually right. Except she was going to drool over Kim Hyunjoong. Jinyoung searched through his Netflix to find the movie, while Y/N ate most of the popcorn.
The movie started and right away Y/N was confused. “Who’s that?” She asked every time she saw someone new.
“Shh they’ll explain it.” Jr said trying to watch his movie.
Y/N shut herself up again and tried to pay attention to the movie. Sadly, nothing was really explained and she found herself getting sleepier. Her eyelids grew heavy so she rested her head on her boyfriends shoulder. Just for a few minutes.
Jinyoung continued to watch his movie, too interested to notice his girlfriend didn’t care anymore. He didn’t even think why she wasn’t asking questions like she always does during movies.
The movie ended and Jinyoung looked at his girlfriend to ask if she liked it. To his surprise, she was sound asleep on his shoulder. She looked so cute all cuddled up to his arm. He smiled to himself thinking of how she must’ve gotten confused then bored then tired. He knew he should’ve picked something she’d be interested in, but at the same time he liked when she fell asleep during movies.
He pulled his phone out of his pocket and took a picture of him and her. “So cute,” He laughed looking at the picture. “We’re like a couple in a drama.”
Eventually Jinyoung just rested his head on hers and fell asleep too.