FANCASTING: Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Milo Thatch: Andrew Garfield

‘Kida’ Kidagakash: Zoe Saldana

Commander Rourke: Tommy Lee Jones

Helga Sinclair: Charlize Theron

Audrey Ramirez: Francia Raisa

Dr. Joshua Sweet: Terry Crews

‘Vinny’ Santorini: John Turturro

Gaetan ‘The Mole’: Timothy Spall

Mrs. Packard: Helen Mirren

King Kashekim Nedakh: Morgan Freeman

anonymous asked:

100000/10 would fund the all-female remake of captain america (i say, having approx 0 dollars to my name)

I would give *checks my bank account* approximately two hundred and thirty four dollars for them to make the all-female remake of captain america


plus: Brook Rumlow

“Vanessa you just want to watch Katee Sackhoff and Emily Blunt punch each other”

ok u got me i am GUILTY but uh if you can’t imagine E-Blunt being really terrifically mean as a Hydra agent then uh I don’t know what to tell you

and Nicola Fury:

other casting suggestions extremely welcomed but like obviously Kate Bishop makes a cameo and obviously it’s Arden Cho


I read this quote from Brandon Sanderson regarding the races in the Stormlight Archives:

Alethkar natives other than the Shin have the epicanthic fold, but the Alethi wouldn’t look strictly Asian to you–they’d look like a race that you can’t define, as we don’t have them on Earth. I use half-Asian/half-arab or half-asian/half-Polynesian models as my guide some of the time, but Alethi are going to have a tanner skin than some of those.

So now these two are all I can picture for Dalinar and Navani…



Fastcast Moodboard - P1

Happily Ever After for @majestrixstormbringer , @abbiemillsamericandream  (approved by the author and editor, with some small modifications) 

Plácido Domingo as King Hernán Lora
Roxanne Gould as Queen Clarissa Crane Lora
Luciano Costa as Phillip Nazal
Eleanor Matsuura as Samantha Sato
Jason Statham as Stephen Smith
Antonio Banderas as Dr. Armando Joaquin
Amara Santos as Dra. Mercedes Joaquin
Daniela Romo as Nilda 
Marie Avgeropoulos as Yolanda
Genevieve Nnaji as Lulu Adeyemi 
Michael Roark as Devon Jones 
Erick Elias as Lionel Alcafor 
America Ferrera as Iris Alcafor


Additional Aziraphale x Crowley monomyth evidence—though, as the last photo suggests, they may be neither more nor less than extrojects of their authors’ divergences? I’m reminded (unsurprisingly, to @tea-and-liminality) of Maurice, Brideshead Revisited, and assorted other beautiful-British-boy vehicles, mainly centered around class differences. And of my original fancast, years ago—that Fry x Laurie should play angel x demon [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 ]

Hamilton: Youtubers


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A Nightwing movie :o

You bet your bippie I’m fancasting like a maniac over here.

My top choice is Tyler Hoechlin. I know he’s TV Superman now, but that’s TV, and not only was Ryan Reynolds both Green Lantern and Deadpool, Chris Evans was both Johnny Storm and Cap. So we’re good.

And look at that smile. It’s even more important than the butt!

Matilda of Flanders (1031-1083)

The daughter of Count Baldwin V of Flanders and Princess Adela Capet of France, and the wife of William the Conqueror, Matilda of Flanders would become the first crowned queen of England.

Born in the county of Flanders sometime around 1031, Matilda came from a noble lineage.  Not only was she related to the Capetian dynasty of France through her mother, she was also descended from Alfred the Great through her father. By the time of Matilda’s birth, Flanders had become a wealthy county, so she would have enjoyed a privileged upbringing. Matilda was well educated, beautiful, and quite short, around 5″. She was also said to possess a commanding temper.

Though history remembers her for her relationship with William I, it was rumored that she had had an earlier relationship with Brictric, who was England’s ambassador to Flanders. According to the legend, Matilda fell in love with Brictric and proposed to him, but he declined. Whether the story is true or not is not known, but years later in England, Matilda seized Brictric’s lands and imprisoned him.

Later, she would catch the eye of Duke William of Normandy, the bastard son of Duke Robert and his mistress Herleva. According to some versions, William fell in love with Matilda when he saw her at the French court, and proposed marriage. However, Matilda refused, on the grounds she was too highborn to marry a bastard, which William was. Angered by the refusal, William rode to Lille (then part of Flanders) and either beat Matilda or pushed her off her horse. Count Baldwin was ready for war, but Matilda surprised everyone by insisting she would marry no one but William. The story may not be entirely true, but whatever the facts, Matilda and William would marry in around 1051-52. The marriage was technically banned on grounds of consanguinity, but this did not dissuade the couple. It would take until 1059 for the consanguinity issue to be resolved.

Matilda and William’s marriage was a successful, if sometimes turbulent one. William never took a mistress, and often left Matilda in charge as regent. They would have at least nine children- four sons and five daughters. The sons included Robert Curthose, Duke of Normandy, and two English kings, William Rufus and Henry I (father of the Empress Matilda). The daughters included Constance, Duchess of Brittany, and Adela, Countess of Blois (mother of King Stephen). All of her children were considered well-educated. 

During the Norman Conquest of England, she successfully ruled Normandy as regent for her eldest son Robert. In addition, she would use her own money to outfit a ship- the Mora- for William’s fleet. William took the Mora as his flagship, and it was said to be one of the largest and fastest ships in the fleet. Matilda would become the first crowned queen of England on 11 May 1068; however, most of her time was spent in Normandy rather than England.

When Matilda and William’s eldest son- Robert- rebelled in 1077, Matilda supported him. William defeated the uprising, but was furious with his wife, though she was not imprisoned. Matilda later worked out a truce between William and Robert.

Matilda died in November 1083 and was buried in Caen Normandy.


I want to do a racebent fancast with black Tyrells, but I’m having a LOT of trouble finding pics/gifs of black folks, especially black men, in appropriate period costumes. Mostly all I can find are medeival portraits. Does anyone know of any appearances of black folks as european-styled nobility (I want to go with western-european styling to suit the descriptions of the Loras’s armor and the depictions of the Reach in general, and as such I especially need sources for black men as medieval knights) in period pieces/high fantasy that I can use?

Tremontaine Season 1 Fancast

Tremontaine Season 2 is well underway, and with my impeccable sense of timing, I have finally finished a fancast of Tremontaine Season 1.

I’ve been fiddling with it for weeks.

Since this is complete fantasy anyway, I have decided that for the purpose of fancasting, all actors should be assumed to be the proper age to play the character. I’ve tried to find pictures that reflect this. Most actors won’t need to be aged up or down more than ten years. 

Also, I don’t use Tumblr, so I don’t know how to do any of those collage things. Sorry.


Starting at the top, Diane:

Do I really need to explain this? Cate Blanchett is perfect for the role. She’s got the grace and the range to make the character as complex and devious as she needs to be, and to make the audience love an objectively terrible person.

Unfortunately, most of the other parts weren’t that easy. I had dreadful trouble with Will. For one thing, I dislike the character, so I kept picking actors that make him look like a nebbish. I went through dozens of ideas and none seemed quite right. 

So, although I feel like this choice lacks imagination, I’m going with Colin Firth.

Still not satisfied. Sigh.

On the other hand, Rafe: no contest here. The part goes to the lovely François Arnaud. 

And off he goes to study the stars!

Next up: Micah. I saw Ally Ioannides in an episode of Elementary and thought she was terrific in an other-worldly, amoral, enigmatic role.

And then I went looking for more pics of her online and found this:


She’s really too pretty to play Micah, but you can’t have everything.

Now for Kaab. Again, this was easy. Gina Torres:

I can’t imagine anybody else in the role. But if you need another argument:

Tess! To play opposite Gina Torres you’d need someone with a lot of charisma, energy, pizazz. So I picked Hayley Atwell. 

She can even sort of make it as a redhead.

Vincent was tough. I went through about ten different ideas before hitting on Tom Burke, and then it seemed obvious.

He’s a versatile actor.
He’s not quite handsome. 
He can handle stage-fighting.
Alan Rickman was his godfather.

Here he is in all his gorgeous asymmetry:

I include this pic from War and Peace because being sexy while sporting mutton chops and those goofy epaulettes is a significant achievement:

That’s it for principals. Now for some of the supporting characters.

Saabim: Sonia Braga. I’ve loved her ever since Kiss of the Spider Woman. (Does that movie hold up? I’m afraid to find out.)

Chuleb: Oscar Isaac. Isn’t he beautiful? He’s a real chameleon, the kind of actor you see in several different roles without recognizing him.

(I am sad to note that it’s difficult to find pictures of either Oscar Isaac or Sonia Braga in which they haven’t been made up and lit to look lighter-skinned.)

Ben: David Oakes. I admit this is typecasting, seeing as he played Juan Borgia. You know, the wastrel son of a notorious father. Never lived up to his potential. Eventually went up against someone much smarter and more ruthless. Got stabbed and thrown into the river. 

I think he can do all that again.

Reynald: Theo Rossi. Saw him in Luke Cage, and thought, “What a great heavy!”

Joshua: I considered Tom Felton but eventually went with Iain de Caestecker. Such a sweetie.

The only resident of the Hill that I’ve cast (aside from Will and Diane) is Asper Lindley. I give you Jack Farthing. Weasel!

Finally, just for kicks, here are a few assorted university students (Aya Cash, Chris Geere, and Desmin Borges):

anonymous asked:

Do you have any fancasting ideas for season two? Love your blog!

hi anon! thanks for the ask :) you evidently know me well - of course i am already thinking about who i would cast for season two, if i was miraculously in charge of such things.

a few of my ideas so far:

vice principal nero

kelsey grammar. over a year ago, i tried to think of who could play nero, and when my brain screamed KELSEY GRAMMAR i knew that was it. i’ll never be able to unsee it. he would be absolutely perfect in my opinion. maybe john c.reilly could also do the job? i find it difficult to come up with other options because i’m too devoted to kelsey grammar at this point

jerome squalor

i’m not sure about this one. a while ago i said lee pace, but i’m kind of meh about it. what i’d kind of like is an older rafe spall, but i’m 89% sure he’s too young for the part (unless they play jerome far younger than i’m picturing - i mean, i guess rafe is cobie’s age)

esme squalor

god i’m never going to be able to choose. i want too much from this character. i want her to be hilarious, but also, one blink later, absolutely terrifying. also, i think it’s entirely up to the producers what age range they want her in.

i guess, for an esme in her early to mid-thirties (the youngest i can possibly imagine them playing her); ruth wilson. i haven’t put much thought into this age range. others have brought up dichen lachman, which i can also see

for an esme in her late thirties to early forties; er, all the ones i think of in this bracket are probably too famous. jessica chastain, rachel mcadams (in my view this would be great), sarah michelle gellar. on a less serious note, still too famous, sofia vergara. i’d laugh for weeks, although i doubt she’d be scary enough.

for an esme in her mid to late forties; elaine hendrix.

for an esme in her late forties to early fifties (the oldest i can really imagine alongside neil and the other cast); vanessa williams. sorry i can’t unsee it.

also, i totally know he won’t be in season two. but peter capaldi as ishmael. unless he was that taxi driver.