Cursed (pt 5)

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Cat!Yoongi x Reader AU

(A/n) Hey, how’s it going lol I’ll have you know this is significantly shorter than the novel i wrote for pt 4 at least i hope it is

Min Yoongi made you feel like you were in high school again. He made your heart flutter, your cheeks burn. It felt just like the times you’d have crushes and watch them from afar as prettier girls caught their attentions. Partly that was kinda your fault for just sitting back and not making a move, maybe then they would have noticed you. Then again, who’d want the biggest nerd of the school?

He was different. He was a first. You’ve never experienced such an overwhelming feeling of attraction before. Overwhelming. Min Yoongi was surely the epitome of overwhelming. It’s only been like a week and he’s managed to weasel his way into your life, as a human of course, and have such a heavy effect over you.

And like most high school crushes, as soon as you experience that small physical touch, whether it be hold hands or maybe a small bump on the shoulder, you’re retreating with embarrassed giggles and shy smiles.

That’s how you find yourself waking up to an empty bed, your door locked with probably Yoongi sleeping on the living room couch. You feel guilty for kicking him out, but what can you do? This is your first time actually being with a man longer than the first date.

You creep quietly down the hallway, and peer into the living room and slyly as you can. There’s no body lounging on the sofa, only a poorly folded blanket and throw pillows.

However the balcony door is cracked open, and you can fairly guess where your missing companion has gone. From the balcony you could hear talking, oddly sounding like two different voices. You blink, rubbing your eyes, wondering if you’re still half-asleep.

Not wanting to disturb Yoongi, but mostly wanting to avoid him, you make your way into the kitchen to make breakfast. Scanning through the contents of your fridge, you wonder if he’d be fine with kimchi fried rice. You shrug and figure at least it’s food, if he doesn’t like it he could just go and starve for all you care.

Halfway through the cooking, arms wrap around your midriff and pull your back against a firm chest. Yoongi rest his chin on your shoulder, squeezing your body gently.

“Morning,” he hums lightly, sniffing the air and sighing at the smell of your cooking.

You fight yourself, telling yourself to keep watching the eggs crackle and cook. However, you give in and turn your head to look at him.

The first thing you notice being his lips.

“May I?”

You tense up, waiting patiently for his lips to press against yours. Instead, he presses them to your forehead, sweetly and gently. Your eyes snap open when he pulls away, a light smile adorning his features.

“(Y/n), relax,” he whispers softly, placing his forehead on yours again, “If you don’t want to then just let me know, we’ll stop here.”

“S-sorry,” you bite your lip, a movement his eyes focus on, “I’m just nervous.. It’s my first kiss..”

He shakes his head and smiles softly, “It’s okay, just follow me, okay?”

Gulping down the lump in your throat, you nod fervently before closing your eyes. His tongue clicks when your shoulders tense up. His fingers find your burning cheeks, smoothing across your skin as his other hand holds you close at your waist.

You could hear your heart pounding against your chest in anticipation, the fingers curling into the front of his shirt trembling.

He chuckles, his exhale a warm puff of air over your mouth.

A soft sensation caresses your lips, heat and electricity instantly courses through your veins with your heart fluttering at the contact. His lips are gentle and slow, languidly moving against your mouth.

His hand on your waist squeezes you gently, tugging you impossibly closer as you barely hang on to him by the shoulders. With your knees shaking and knocking together, he supports your weight against him.

You feel light-headed as he eventually coaxes you into shyly kissing back. You move with hesitancy and inexperience as he guides the kiss into a pace that you can keep up with.

He reluctantly pulls away, you both staring into each other’s eyes mesmerized. His finger glides over your bottom lip, then he licks his lips before leaning down to lock lips yet again.

You gladly accept it, your eyes fluttering shut as you let him lead you.

It’s hot, searing even, his lips scorching against yours that when he pulls away the heat lingers on the flesh of your mouth. When it disappears you’re eager to drag him back down and taste him once more.

Pulling away, he lets his lips graze yours once more before they skim over your cheeks.

“How was that for a first kiss?”

Fuck, if you could, you’d like to be able to kiss him all day long without worrying about being late for work. Then there’s the anxiety of when he’s going to just randomly transform back into a cat for who knows how long.

His tongue glides over his bottom lip, a habit you noticed after always staring at his mouth like it was some kind of candy from heaven.

“The eggs are going to burn,” he says, your heart fluttering at the mesmerizing way his lips move.

You blink, flinching when you realize what he’s talking about and you hurriedly scrape off the eggs from the frying pan and place them on top of the kimchi fried rice.

“B-breakfast is ready,” you stammer, blushing as you move to break from his hold but he tightens his arms around your middle.

“Kitten if you keep avoiding me, you’re going to make me think that you hated our kiss,” he pouts, nestling his head into the crook of your neck, “Tell me you don’t regret it.”

“You make it sound like we slept together,” you scoff, “I’m not avoiding you so let me go, I need to set up the table.”

“Not yet,” he grins mischievously as you shove him off you with a weak glare and glowing cheeks.

“Shut up and let’s just eat breakfast.”

Later, you’re fitting on your heels before you leave to go to work. You’re dressed in your usual pencil skirt, blouse, and blazer with your purse slung over your shoulder.

Breakfast was silent, awkward and just uncomfortable. Yoongi was trying to speak to you, but all you could do was admire the way his lips moved and how much you want to have one more feel of them.

“You look extra prettier today,” Yoongi says just as you’re about to open the front door, his hands finding their usual place around your waist, “What’s the occasion that other men have to see you looking so gorgeous?”

You kindly remind yourself that he hasn’t even dropped the question about your relationship status, and you began to clear your throat. Placing a hand over your racing heart, you attempt to let your voice to stay as steady as possible.

“I.. I uh have a meeting today,” you wince at your stutter, “Also, am I not pretty any other day?”

“That’s not what I meant kitten, you’re always beautiful,” he grins, turning you around so that you’re facing him, “But you keep forgetting something.”

“And what would that be Mr. Min?” you whisper, watching as his mouth stretches into a gummy smile.

Tapping his lips, he winks at you, “This.”

You balk, narrowing your eyes at him before you shake your head in refusal. He tightens his hold, crushing you against his body, “Come on, or else I’ll make sure you’re late for work.”

Pursing your lips, you heave a sigh and quickly peck his lips. Catching him off guard, you feel his arms loosen and you make a quick turn to throw your front door open.

Yoongi is quicker to recover and snatches your wrist, pulling you back to him. You squeak as he plants his lips on yours, the familiar heat from last night swallowing you whole as he nibbles on your lower lip.

Before you can respond, he’s pulling away and leaving you empty. Smirking down at your flustered state, he lightly kisses your forehead and lets go of you.

“There, have a good day at work kitten, I’ll be here waiting.”

When you get to work, his lips are all you can think about. The way they feel moving languidly against yours, how they twitch into a slight smirk when you return the gesture. So soft, tasting just like how you’d imagine Min Yoongi would taste. A taste that’s dangerous and addicting, you’d kiss him over and over again to get your fill.

Fire stirs in your body when you picture his eyes, dark and predatory, staring you down like you’re his next meal.

During the meeting, you’re desperately trying to focus on whatever is being said and done by your co-workers. You even try to delude yourself that it’s no use fantasizing about him, you both aren’t even in a relationship.

Then what would you call such a relationship? You both have already gotten so intimate, sleeping together in the same bed, kissing, that’s not what normal friends do. Would you call each other friends? Was he really just your cat? Love interest is too deep. Perhaps subject of attraction fits best?

“Miss (Y/n).”

You flinch and look up to see all eyes on you, including your boss whose face is stern but not at all angry. Instead he sighs and waves his hand in dismissal, “Please pay attention to the matter at hand, yes?”

You vigorously nod, blushing as your co-workers snicker at your mistake. When the attention is finally averted from you, you exhaled in relief and mentally curse Yoongi in your mind for doing this to you.

The rest of the day is spent at your desk, writing up reports, but even then you find your mind wandering off. By your eighth page into the report you finally notice what you’ve been typing up for the last half hour.

You blush as you squint at the computer generated type face on the word document.

Fuck, how dare he do this to me. That Min Yoongi, I swear when I get home that stupid fucking perverted cat is going to get it!

Ugh my first kiss was taken by him.

In all honesty though, do I really regret such a thing?

Fuck how soft those plump lips felt against mine, how smooth and tasteful they were. Why didn’t I just skip work today and just spend today kissing the fuck out of him?

Oh god what the fuck is wrong with me, holy shit |

Jabbing furiously at the backspace key, you knock yourself in the head with your closed fist.

“Aigoo, something wrong?” a deep voice asks teasingly.

You flinch, looking up with wide eyes at the man towering above you. The blonde comb over and fade is familiar, the dimples that accompanies his smile turning on the light bulb in your memory.

“Ah um you..” you trail off, fuck, totally forgot this guy’s name.

He chuckles good naturedly and waves off the apologetic frown that crosses your expression.

“Don’t worry too much, I figured I’d stop by and maybe ask if we could start over after your cat went all this-is-Sparta on me, I was going to ask you after our date for a next time.”

Maybe it’s just you, but as you scrutinize his face in hopes of remembering his name, his dimples seem to grow more prominent each passing second.

“Nam.. joon?” you say cautiously, when he smiles and nods you jump up and bow slightly, “Ah Kim Namjoon! Oh gosh, I’m sorry about what happened last time!”

Waving his hand in dismissal, he continues to smile down at you, his eyes curving into crescents.

“So how about it? When you get off we could maybe go out for a cup of coffee or maybe beer if you prefer it.”

Really, Really//Kunpimook Bhuwakul

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Pairing:Bambam x Reader


Summary:Anonymous said:
Omfg unnie I love you and your blog so much! I was so happy when I found your blog and that your ult is Bammie as well! *high five* I’ve literally bookmarked your stories and I can’t wait to read them in the morning! <3 If it’s easy for you, could you mind writing a cute little Bambam Drabble where he confesses to this girl after being close friends with her for ages?

Author’s Note:  ghrdkgvdxghvle;dxgnv,djgklvndkjxflk;cdks;fl i’m deAD THIS IS SO CUTE I LOVE THIS CONCEPT I LOVE BAMBAM IM OUT PEACE GOODNIGHT

xoxo Sara

“Stop chasing me,” you giggled softly, running through the halls of the dorm with Bambam’s phone clutched tightly to your chest. Ducking behind Jaebum as some sort of shield, you gripped him tightly, leaning your cheek against his back as Bambam shouted, “(Y/N), Give me my phone!”

“Yah,” Jaebum groaned, eyeing Bambam as he made his way from down the hallway, now stood in front of both you, and your shield, “What’s this going on now?”

“Bammie took a really ugly picture of me and he won’t delete it, so i’m not giving him his phone back,” you hummed, peaking from behind Jaebum to see Bambam staring at you.

“It isn’t even ugly!” Bambam counter-argued, “Besides, you have a lot of ugly pictures of me too!”

“But you post those online! They’re basically for public viewing,” you whined, “taking one of me is unfair!”

“Alright children,“ Jaebum hummed, patting your head softly, “I’ll decide. Let me see the picture.”

“No!” you groaned, pouting out your lip softly, “Oppa, make him delete it.”

“Hyung, don’t be persuaded by her cuteness,” Bambam grunted, walking closer to Jaebuma s Jaebum let out a soft chuckle.

“Sorry, but Oppa thinks that (Y/N) has a good point. Now, delete it,” Jaebum said, slipping Bambams phone from your grasp and handing it back to him. Bambam grunted, rolling his eyes as he sat on the couch, “she doesn’t look bad in it, anyway.”

you climbed over the couch, squishing in next to him as you wrapped your arms around him in a tight hug, “thank you, bammie~” you cooed, ruffling his hair softly as his cheeks flushed. Keeping his eyes glued to the screen, he went into his photos and quickly deleted it from his camera roll.

“There,” he said, turning back to face you, “all gone. Happy now, princess?”

“Very,” you giggled, giving him a boop on his nose before unwrapping your arms around him.

“I swear, you guys act like a couple ninety percent of the time. Why aren’t you dating yet?” Jaebum inquired, plopping himself on a recliner chair just next to the couch as Jackson walked into the room.

You looked at Bambam, cheeks flushing as you scooted away, completely unable to answer Jaebum’s question.

“Because Bambam won’t conf-“

“HEY!” Bambam shouted in the middle of Jacksons sentence, earning a soft laugh from the older boy.

“Don’t yell at me, punk! I’m your hyung!” Jackson grunted, going over to Bambam and putting him in a headlock, as Bambam grunted and smacked Jacksons arms.

Feeling a bit flustered, you stood from the couch, eyes avoiding any contact with Bambams as you rubbed your arms.

“Yah, (Y/N) is getting flustered, too,” Jaebum chuckled, “how cute.”

“I’m not!” you argued, pressing your hands to your cheeks to hide their redness from view, “it’s just, hot in here. That’s all.”

“Why don’t you go for a walk, then?” Jackson hummed, releasing Bambam from his grip while simultaneously pushing Bambam off the couch, “and let your knight in shining armor assist you.”

Bambam looked at you, a small blush rising on his cheeks as he slowly walked over to you, grabbing a pair of shoes and slipping them on.

“You’re coming?” you asked, slipping your shoes on as well as Bambam pushed the door open.

“Nope, i’m just putting on my shoes and holding the door open because i feel like it. Now, hurry up.”

Hitting a soft blow to Bambams chest, you walked out of the door, his groans and Jacksons laugh becoming distant as you descended down the stairs.

For a while, you both walked in silence; enjoying the nice summer breeze, the beautiful scenery of the green leaves, hanging from the trees, the atmosphere very calm and settling.

“(Y/N),” Bambam said softly, almost in a whisper. Turning towards him, you felt his arms wrap around you as he pulled you into his chest, a car zooming by moments after.

“Don’t stand too close to the road. It’s dangerous,” he whispered, his warmth enveloping you as your cheek stayed pressed to his chest, his arms still slightly resting around your waist.

Nodding softly, you lean out of his grasp, only to be pulled back in. Sighing softly, Bambams gripped on you tightened softly.

“(Y/N),” He repeated your name as he rested his chin on top of your head.
“Yes, Bammie?” You said softly, arms now snaking themselves around his waist as you stood in the middle of the sidewalk.

“I really, really like you,” he murmured quietly, his eyes shutting, “I have for a really long time. Since we first became friends, actually. But I’ve been too nervous to tell you.”

“Bambam,” you sighed, gripping him tightly, “I-“

“I know,” he interrupted, “You may not feel the same for me… But I really had to tell you.”


“Because It’s been harboring in me for so long,” he sighed, “And I just needed to let it out.”


“And the hyungs have been bugging me about it la-“

“Kunpimook Bhuwakul,” you demanded, “stop interrupting me!”

“You used my full name?” Bambam inquired, “You only do that when you’re mad at me. Are you mad at me?”

“Yes,” you sighed, a slight smirk on your lips as you watched his face drop, “because you won’t take two seconds to shut up, so you can hear me say that i like you too. You kept interrupting me, you idiot.”

“You, you what?” Bambam said, a small smirk on his face now as well as he rested his hands on your waist, “You like me too?”

“Yes Bambam, I really really like you too.” You sighed, now finally getting out of his grip, pushing his shoulder back slightly as you let out a soft chuckle, “and i would have told you a bit earlier if you had shut up.”


“What I find shocking is that something that great is a success…people tend not to love the great thing until like a hundred years later.”

On March 18, 2016 beloved cultural satirist Fran Lebowitz and longtime journalist and commentator Frank Rich engaged in an evening of sparkling conversation about everything from race and gender to culture and politics in front of a full house at BAM.


No Noise

Description: You try to study with bambam, but things escalate. Smut

You kicked your feet back in forth in the air as you lay on your stomach in Bambam’s room. 

“Y/N-ah! Are you listening?” Bambam asked.

You let out a deep breath turning to face BamBam 

“BamBam Oppa were supposed to be studying for our test in 3 days.” You told him. 

You to were supposed to be studying. That’s what BamBam told you when he invited you over. 

“But I’m bored now we’ve been studying for an hour. Now I want to cuddle.” You smiled at his cuteness.

“No I’ve been studying for an hour, you’ve been distracting me.” You told him.

A smirk drifted on Bambam’s lips as he bit his lip.

“So I distract you?” Bambam asked, his voice low.

You could see the desire growing in those dark brown Irises of his. 

You shook your head standing up.

“Nope no Kunpimook. Don’t start.” You sternly told him.

Bambam chuckled.

“Start what?” he asked innocently tilting his head as he stood up approaching you. 

You backed up until your back hit the dresser. Bambam smiled as he reached up grabbing your butt and pulling you up sitting you on the dresser.

You tried to back up more, but your back hit the wall. 

“No Bambam the guys are next door.” You tried.

Your resolve crumbling as Bambam gave you those bedroom eyes he knew weakened you. Your panties already growing moist and he hadn’t even really touched you yet.

“Than I guess you just have to be quiet.” Bambam teased latching his soft pink lips attaching to your neck.

You sighed in pleasure bringing your head back. Your eyes closed as you let his fingers trail around your body. Bambam grabbed your breast massaging them in his hands.

“bam” you mumbled softly before letting Bam attach his lips to yours.

The kiss was passionate. His lips moving perfectly with yours making your body heat up, and feet curl. Your hand went around his neck trailing your fingers through his soft brunette hair. 

His fingers trailed up your legs squeezing your thighs before going on to where you wanted him most. His fingers rubbed circles around your clit through the fabric of your jeans. You gasped in his mouth gripping his shoulders.

Your hips involuntarily grinding into his fingers. Your panties became wet and the pleasure built making you moan.

“Bambam” You groaned into his mouth. 

He smirked stopping the movement of his fingers making you whine. He pulled back pulling down your jeans. You raised your hips helping him take of the pants.

He pulled them off tossing them on the bed next taking of your panties before going back to you. He opened your legs latching his lips onto one of your nipples and inserting a finger in you. 

You moaned softly trying very very hard to stay quiet. 

“You bastard.” You insulted.

Bambam only grinned inserting a second finger, and picking up his pace. 

“What was that?” he asked. 

You only replied with a moan a bit to loud for comfort. You honestly hated Bambam. The little tease.

“I thought so.” he said wrapping his lips around the nipple he had neglected. 

Your toes curled tighter making your feet ache, but with the amount of pleasure racking your body you didn’t really care. 

“I’m gonna cum.” You told him. 

Bambam bit his lip speeding up his thrust and bringing his thumb to your clit adding enough pleasure for you to orgasm.

“Fuck!” You squealed squeezing the ends of the dresser with your head pressed against the wall, and your eyes squeezed shut. 

Your hips rinded harder into his finger as you rode out your orgasm. Your walls clenched around his fingers making his already hardened member become painful as it pressed against his pants.

He pulled his fingers out of you bringing them to his mouth and sucking your juices of them. 

You bit you lip as you watched him do this. His movements were slow and teasing as your core begged to have him inside of you. He undid his pants and stepped out of them along with his boxers kicking them to the side. 

He walked over to you letting you pull his shirt over his head.

“Ready?” he asked. 

You nodded pressing your lips to his. He pulled you to the edge of the dresser rubbing his member on your lower lips before thrusting all the way inside of you. 

You groaned tossing your head back as he rocked his hips into you. Your sensitive core only making the pleasure more intense. 

Bambam breathed heavily burying his face into your neck. 

“Jagi” He moaned nibbling on your neck. 

You were sure he would leave a hickey, but then you really didn’t care. Your mind was on more important things. Like not moaning loud enough for the all the boys to hear. 

Bambam pulled his hips back until only his tip was in you before slamming back in. 

“Fuck!” You moaned a little to loud hoping no one heard. 

Bambam only chuckled. 

“Such a dirty girl, cursing like that. And keep being so loud the boys will hear.” Bambam teased. 

You groaned becoming highly annoyed and more turned on. This only seemed to excite Bambam as he continued pulling almost all the way out and slamming back into you. His thrust were hard, and fast, and your lip was now bleeding from biting them so hard.

“I hate you Bambam.” You moaned your actions saying something else however as you pulled him closer wrapping your legs around his waist. 

You felt full, full of Bambam who was not at all making being quiet easy. You were sure some of the members were now aware of what was going on in Bambam’s room do to your rogue loud moans. 

“Bambam I’m gonna cum.” You whined locking your arms tighter around Bambam’s neck. 

He nodded latching on to your neck, and speeding up his thrust. His fingers finding your clit, and rubbing in quick circles. Your mind felt hazy, as the pleasure overwhelmed you. 

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, bam…” You whined before letting out loud whimper as you came. You walls clenching around Bambam’s member.

Your mouth remained open stuck in a silent moan as Bambam continued pumping into you chasing your own orgasm, as well as trying to find his own.

“Shit.” bambam cursed as he thrust grew sloppy. 

His breaths were shallow and heavy, and you knew he was about to cum. You ground your hips into his meeting his sloppy quick thrust. Bambam grabbed your hips sinking his fingers into the skin. 

A deep moan fell from his lips as he came inside you. His thrust slowing down as he came off his high before pulling out.

He picked you up falling onto the bed laying his head on your boobs. 

“That was fun. Too bad you can’t keep quiet.” You laughed whacking Bambam on his arm for teasing you.

“Dinner’s ready!” Jinyoung shouted outside of the door.

“And come down dressed.” Yugyeom added with a laugh.

You blushed embarrassingly you to were caught. 

Bambam only laughed. 

“Let’s take a shower, and go for round 2.” Bambam suggested. 

“but dinner’s ready.” you reminded

“It’s okay I have my dinner right here.” He said cupping your womanhood as he lowered himself down.


”What do you mean you don’t think I’m ready?” she immediately snapped back. “You said it’d take months for me to get on to a knife, I did that in two weeks, I’ve been going at a crazy pace, it’s been six months, how much damn longer do you think they’re going to keep waiting before they got bored of waiting huh Luther?!” she was almost offended by how much he didn’t even consider it.

“I got the Solar Plexus thing down, I can get that target every time, you can’t say I’ve not got better I couldn’t even fire a gun three months ago so why not?!” she was angry, too damn right she was angry.She wanted to get her revenge before the century was over but apparently that wasn’t going to happen. “You know what I thinks happened?… I think you’ve gone a little soft for me, and I think you might actually be worried..”

sam and bucky have a super intense game of “let’s be at each others throats constantly but act fine when steve’s around”

they end up playing themselves because steve gets back from a date to find bucky in possession of sam’s prized wings puttering unsteadily above ground as a disgruntled sam tries to take him down with minimal damage to the wings

this method involves wrapping his legs around bucky’s waist and trying to pull him to the floor 

it inevitably leads to bucky deciding it would be a genius idea to kiss him in order to keep their cover as friends intact. 

bucky’s discovery that 21st century kisses involve a lot more biting is almost worth the 400lbs of man and machine landing on top of sam

it is definitely not worth the long years ahead filled with rogers’ and romanoff’s unbearable sense of humor

Honestly Hidan & Kakuzu breathing was more interesting than anything Asuma has ever said or done and t b h having them both die (twice kinda) as some sort of way for Team 10 to avenge Boring Ass Vanilla Teacher Asuma was such a lame excuse for them to die

Also. Century-old Kakuzu should’ve been able to beat a few teenagers. Should’ve been able to kick everyone’s ass. I’m just sayin.

Interference (pt 10)

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Officer!Jimin x Reader AU

(a/n): shit shit SHiT,I fell asleep before I could post ;o;

*Also I wasn’t sure if it was enough or explicitly written to warn you guys about but there’s implied abuse

“Give me a good explanation why you decided to not listen to me again and just go with Yoongi and Hoseok hyung to another crime scene that could have been just as horrifying as the first one?”

Once Yoongi and Hoseok are done checking out the crime scene, you all return to the precinct where Taehyung and Jimin wait for you.

You cringe as Jimin stands above you with his hands on his hips, looking very much like a mother in your eyes. And suddenly you’re saddened at the thought.. The downfall of losing everything about yourself, you don’t even have any idea about your family, your parents, whether you have siblings, there’s nothing. It’s completely random thought, but you’re reminded of the reason why you’re even acquainted with Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung and their unit in the first place.

Jimin notices the way your expression falls and he feels his posture lax and glare soften, he doesn’t touch you but he hesitantly tries to console you verbally, “Hey, uh.. It’s okay.. Um but I told you I’d be right back.. If you didn’t want to be alone so badly, Namjoon and Seokjin-hyung were here to keep you company too….”

He feels himself begin to sweat, afraid you were going to start crying or something again.

“Ah our Jiminie, you’re being a little harsh!” Hoseok chides, clicking his tongue as he drops his arms around the younger’s shoulders, “There’s no way we could have refused the insistent request of a beautiful young woman!”

Jimin feels something inside him twist as he flicks his friend on the forehead.

Hoseok grins, sliding an arm around Jimin, “Come on, calm down a little man!”

“How can I calm down when you two left her in the car alone?!”

“What danger was she in?” Yoongi cuts in irritably, frowning at the younger, “I’m pretty damn sure that the sight today wasn’t any prettier than your case.”

You’re uncomfortably standing in between the two men, both staring each other down until Jimin gives in under the elder.

“You have to give them some credit Jiminie,” Taehyung speaks up, his voice chiding and gentle to keep from setting them off, “At least she’s here now, so let’s just go home, yeah?”

The orange-haired man lets out a sigh and nods, his shoulders lax and he retreats away from the blonde. In turn, you notice how Yoongi tenses up and his eyes squint at something approaching you both.

Or rather, someone.

“I assume this young lady is the amnesiac, the side job.”

Ouch, you wince, first Taehyung and now this guy, who the fuck do they think they were just calling you a “side job” you were a human for fuck’s sakes. Not like you had a name to correct them with anyway.

Jimin twists around to bow slightly to Chief Ahn, his back straightened significantly as he regards the older male with a look of distaste. You’re completely hidden behind Jimin’s broad back, the wall he creates with his body keeping you from being seen by the division chief.

All the other officers in the precinct are silent and very aware of the tension brewing between Jimin and Chief Ahn. However the animosity that rolls off of Jimin’s being when he’s in the presence of the chief is nothing new to their eyes.

“Your assumption is correct, chief,” Jimin spits, voice a growl as he pretty much snarls at the elder, “As much as I’d like for you to meet her, we’re on our way home now.”

“Home? She’s staying with you? Perhaps you’ve grown fond of her then, Mr. Park,” he grins with a quirked eyebrow, “Are you sure you can afford to trust another woman? You wouldn’t want her to be as conniving as the last one.”

You notice how Jimin’s back tenses, his hands balling into tight fists at his sides, and a growl barely erupting from the back of his throat.

“You should be careful, she could be danger, she could be an abusive, lying, bitch.”

You freeze, what did he just call you?

Yoongi and Taehyung slowly cross over to your side, tugging you back to lead you out of the precinct. You let them, Yoongi curling his arm around your head to cover your ears, and Taehyung placing his hand on the small of your back. During the walk to the door, you can feel the the burn of the chief’s eyes searing into the back of your head. Jimin waits until the three of you are out the door and it clicks close.

“She’s a pretty young woman,” Chief Ahn says, “Just like your mother.”

The temperature in the room seemingly drops another few degrees as the other officers watch the inner war that’s waging inside of the orange-haired man. It’s not the first time, nor is it the second, that they’ve witnessed the tense stand-offs between their second youngest and the chief but they always watch with anticipation how the chief seems to push every single one of Jimin’s buttons. Hoseok is quick to take his side and grab his wrist, keeping him grounded in case he decides to pounce.

“Maybe you should introduce her to your mother, Mr. Park, I’m sure she’ll see her soon.”

Jimin snaps, all hell breaking loose as he launches his body forward. Hoseok is quick to grab his other wrist and pull him back with the help of Namjoon.

“You fucking bastard! You can go and shut the fuck up! Don’t you fucking dare talk about her like that!”

“Jimin stop, let’s just go, she’s waiting outside for you,” Namjoon says, his deep voice restrained as he appraises the chief with a look of indignation.

“You better be careful Park Jimin, instead of helping her you might end up hurting her, or… rather someone will beat you to it.”

He snarls at him, baring his teeth like a dog as the chief shoots him one last smirk before turning to re-enter his office. Namjoon and Hoseok haul him out of the precinct, silent as they lead him out to the parking lot where the three are found by his car.

“Are you okay?” you ask as he passes you, but he ignores you and gets in the driver’s seat of the car. The others share looks as Namjoon, Hoseok, and Yoongi leave you to head back to the precinct. Yoongi lingers for a bit, patting your head in the way you’ve gotten used to and it truthfully comforts you.

“Don’t worry too much about that brat,” he whispers, lips curling into a slight smile, “He’s had too many encounters with the devil today, and what chief said about you - don’t listen to that either, just keep doing you.”

“Thanks Yoongi,” you say, offering him a small smile in turn that pleases him as he moves away.

He waves you off, leaving as you get into the car. Jimin eyes you through the reflection of the rear view mirror, his eyebrows furrowed as he shakes it off and pulls out of the parking lot.

Jimin doesn’t speak to you until you all arrive home, not a breath until the door closes and the lock clicks.

“You sure you and Yoongi-hyung don’t have anything going on?” he asks, his voice slightly peeved as he mulls over the times he always sees you and Yoongi off to the side and talking. There’s a certain way he feels when you relax under the comforting weight of the blonde’s hand on top of your head.

“I’ve told you before, it’s nothing that concerns you,” you hum, sitting beside Taehyung on the couch.

“Serious question though,” you say after much thought, the silence back in the car giving you enough time to think, “Do you and Chief Ahn have some kind of beef with each other?”

Both men tense, looking away as you blink in confusion. Maybe you shouldn’t have asked in the first place.

“Hey pervert.”

You straighten at the sound of Jimin’s voice, low and grave as he regards you with a stern look that has you gulping down a lump in your throat.

“Let me warn you, and I swear you better take me fucking seriously or else I’ll kill you,” he pauses, emphasizing his words with a glare that challenged you to speak up against him, and when you don’t he continues, “stay away from Chief Ahn, don’t you dare let him be alone with you.”

“Why?” You can’t help but ask out of pure curiosity.

“Does there have to be some fucking reason why you shouldn’t be near him?” Jimin snaps, the frustration from today building up inside to the point that he just gets up and walks away. His bedroom door slams shut, the walls shaking and echoing the loud noise.

You slump in your seat, defeated, sighing loudly as you regret even testing his patience.

“Don’t worry about him,” Taehyung coos, sliding his arm around your shoulders and squeezing you gently, “You did nothing wrong, Jimin just doesn’t trust chief, okay? Just let him sleep it off, yeah?”

“He’s just looking out for you.”

You smile softly at that, nodding at the brunette in thanks for his kindness. That night you make a small, simple dinner for them, though Jimin stays cooped up in his room. It isn’t until Taehyung has long retreated to his room and you’re sitting at the dinner table alone with a glass of water does he come crawling out.

He stops the second he walks to you, freezing when he sees you.

You’re about to approach him but he flinches and backs away, the distance between you both increasing. You wonder what else Chief Ahn said to him to make him scared of you than he already was. But you’ve already asked him too many questions, if you ask anymore he might snap at you again.

“S-sorry… I err…” he trails off, frowning even more at his own actions.

You wonder if maybe he’s still upset with you for tagging along with Hoseok and Yoongi, or if all along he’s never been comfortable being around you.

“Dinner’s in the fridge,” you say simply, and he nods but instead takes a seat at the dinner table.

“Don’t you have questions to ask?” he asks timidly, looking up at you shyly after a brief moment of silence.

You stare at him, watching how quickly he grows uncomfortable and antsy under your gaze. Looking away, you sigh and nod, “Yeah, what’s up with you and Chief Ahn, you don’t have to answer me, but I just want to know why.”

“I simply don’t trust him,” he says bluntly, sitting back in his chair and looking up at the ceiling, “He’s always getting on my nerves and he talks about shit that should be left private.”

He grimaced as he remembered the very first day he met Ahn Daeyoung.

Curled up into a ball, a young Park Jimin carefully grazes his fingers over the purple and blue splotches that decorate his arms. He winces at the sensitivity of the bruised skin, whimpering when he moves and his side aches.

The front door sounds open and his heart races, he’s quick to shove down his long sleeve and make a run for the closet.

She’s home, he thinks in a panic, and she’s not alone he concludes when he hears a male voice twining with the soprano of her.

It was no secret that she, being a single mother, would go out and try to find another man to replace the previous one she’d called her husband. This had to be the seventh one she’s brought home, and he wonders what any of these men would see in a woman like her.

She’s crazy, he thinks as footsteps approach the stairs, the slippers tapping on the wood as they near his room.

The door knob turns with a squeak and he holds his breath, pushing himself further into his closet.

“Jimin, mommy’s home~”

His face morphs into pure disgust and fear. She’s only ever speaking to him in such a sugary sweet voice when she brings home another man. It’s all a lie, a facade, a front. She’s nothing sweet. She’s not even spicy. She’s rancid, sour, and everything disgusting.

The closet door swings open and she’s there, blood red lips stretched into a wide smile that sickens and twists his stomach. Behind her is a man with slicked back black hair, eyes dark and brows sharp. He smiles at Jimin, but the smile is secretive, dangerous, hiding things he doesn’t want to know of underneath.

“What are you doing hiding in the closet Jimin?” she sings, snatching his wrist and yanking him out. Her manicured nails cut into his wrist through his long sleeve, a yelp flying out of his throat in response. She shoots him an annoyed look at the sound, telling him to shut up and smile.

This is the part where he obeys in fear of getting punished, but the men always noticed how miserable he looks and flee before she can do anything.

“Jimin, meet Ahn Daeyoung!” she smiles, but the expression doesn’t meet her eyes. Her eyes are narrowed, daring him to disobey and make a wrong move.

Daeyoung smiles down at the boy, a smile seemingly devious and conniving in Jimin’s eyes as he sticks out a hand for the young boy to take.

“Nice to meet you Jimin.”

He shivers, shaking his head vigorously to keep the images out of his head.

You watch him wearily, wondering if maybe you should have kept your mouth shut and not say anything.

He notices your frown, and bites his lower lip.

“Chief Ahn was my mother’s boyfriend.”

You blink completely surprised at this revelation, “Wh-what really? So about your moth— ah sorry maybe I shouldn’t ask..”

He waves you off, smiling sadly, guilty, and remorseful. 

“My mother’s dead.”