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requested: root and shaw + their endless list of skills (▰˘◡˘▰)

oc prompts: high school edition

which oc…

1) is always late to class, running in with toast in their mouth in true anime fashion?

2) always turns in their homework on time, scores A’s on all of their tests, is basically the perfect student?

3) actually really loves doing the required reading?

4) does their homework in the few minutes before class starts?

5) is the one who says, “you know, if the teacher doesn’t come in 15 minutes, we can leave”?

6) is the ultimate procrastinator?

7) is the hot foreign exchange student?  (maybe borrow someone else’s oc…?)

8) is that one teacher who everyone initially thinks is actually a student?

9) is the poor frazzled substitute teacher?

10) has the best school lunches?

11) is a total band geek?

12) is the asshole teacher’s pet?

13) is a part of like 20 different clubs and is the president of at least half of them?

14) already planned out the next 10 years of their life?

15) is always found napping in odd locations on campus?

16) is literally running on caffeine?

17) is making out with someone in front of the lockers?

18) is the poor oc just trying push past them to get to said lockers?

19) makes friends with the entire office staff?

20) can bs a great essay in 30 minutes, but can’t do math to save their life?

21) can do complicated theorems but can’t write a coherent essay?

22) couldn’t care less about school?

23) always gets in trouble, but somehow hasn’t been expelled yet?

24) would genuinely miss their friends after graduation?

25) takes aesthetically pleasing, instagram worthy notes?

26) literally never studies for any of their classes? (how well they actually do is up to you)

27) wears sweatpants or pajama bottoms to class every day?

28) somehow manages to look flawless, healthy, and not stressed the entire school year?

29) runs on less than 6 hours of sleep a night?

30) can’t wait to graduate?

INKTOBER DAY 1: Bearded Vulture

Well diddly-darn damnit if it isnt Inktober once again
I actually didnt think about joining but then…then BIRDS happened.
I love birds
So expect to see a lot of birds this months. If I manage to pULL THROUGH FOR ONCE…And maybe even learn stuff. WE’LL SEE.
((Drawn with Copic Multiliner and slightly shaded in Photoshop CS6))

Bearded Vultures are AWESOME. These neat looking birds have a wingspan of  2,30–2,83 m and a body length of  0,94–1,25 m. Bearded Vultures are especially famous for their diet: They are the ONLY living bird species that mainly feeds on bone marrow. They will clean up after the predators and devour the remaining bones of the cadaver, throwing the bones from great heights to crack them into smaller pieces.
Sadly the Bearded Vulture, like many other Vultures, is an endangered species. There are a lot of projects dedicated to save them and resettle them after almost going extinct in the 20th Century. While in Eurasia the species seems to be stable, the Vulture has been reintroduced to Europa  and the WWF is currently focusing on resettling them in the Alps.

You can find a VULTURE-SAVING MASTERPOST right here [X]
Or go for a quick google search for other projects or WWFs article on the Bearded Vulture [X]

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canthre  asked:

Hi! Maybe it has been answered before, but do the handmaidens have some kind of political status on Naboo? As in, can they be candidates for future queens? I know they are decoys/bodyguards rather than servants but I'm interested if there are other aspects.

Hi @canthre​, this is a really great question!! Almost all the information I’m pulling from to answer this, is from the Star Wars tabletop RPG guide book “Secrets of Naboo”. I recommend it if you’re really into the lore of Naboo (ps it’s CHEAP. I’m talking $0.01 cheap lmao). However it is now considered “Legends”/non-canon. BUT it’s the most in depth text I’m aware of about this planet and it’s culture specifically. So to me, it’s still canon until proved otherwise (i.e. Thrawn). Here’s what it says about their elected officials/monarchs:

  • “The ruler holds the throne by popular vote rather than by birthright”
  • The first Queen of Naboo “decreed that the people would choose the wisest among them to rule after she died. Ever since then the Naboo have utilized a system of meritocratic democracy to select their rulers at all levels of government" who “govern by the will of the people. All have limited terms of office, including the monarch, who rules for a maximum of two four-year terms.”
  • “There is no chronological age requirement for holding a leadership position”

So based on their belief in popular vote and (at least within the humans on the planet) idealizing equal opportunity for all, (in theory) selecting leaders on the basis of their ability rather than privilege or wealth…. I don’t see why handmaidens wouldn’t be able to run for public office should they want to.

It also states that publicly “very little is known about who the handmaidens are” besides acting wardrobe/hair/makeup assistants, and that the general population, aren’t even aware, (though some speculate), that they are bodyguards and decoys.

This anonymity is really interesting to me. They are gaining a wealth of inside information on the politics and current situations by constantly shadowing the queen, yet to the general public their identity is very purposefully hidden or limited. (I’m guessing that’s in the best interest of both their own and the Queen’s security/safety… And it makes me think their names are most likely pseudonyms but that’s a whole other post lmao). 

Anyway, within the realm of the Palace and surrounding their Queen they have this immediate political power of information and even influence to their monarch, yet to the general public, their identity only matters by association, “I serve the Queen, The Queen has sent me to…, The Queen asks…, etc”. If a handmaiden later decided to run for office though, I feel like it could be her choice whether or not to reveal that previous work information in her campaign (Though I would guess some of those who work at the palace would recognize her though). I suppose it could depend on how she wants to be viewed by the public. I imagine because the Naboo really respect their political systems and monarchs, stating you served under one (especially a popular one like Amidala) would work to your advantage, but maybe others would want to run under a different platform or downplay it. Depends on context I suppose.

Even if you disregard all of what “Secrets of Naboo” has to say because it’s now “Legends”, George designed Naboo as an idyllic democracy** to contrast all the political corruption in the prequels, and so in that case, anyone who would want to run for office would be able to, and then the people would decide.

So long story short (I always do this lmao I’m talking too much)… “Can handmaidens be future candidates for Queens?” 

Thanks for your message, let me know if you have any others!! If anyone else wants to chime in about this topic, please do!

(** = though tbh they got their problems. I have the reciepts!!! :P I think the Naboo want to think they’re v pure though lmao)