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As Fareeha cooks, Mercy does dishes and simple tasks as assigned. 

Mercy cleans the bathroom and living room meticulously but her office is a mess. She wants to make sure Fareeha has something clean and peaceful to come home to, she doesn’t actually care if the house is clean for herself. 

Fareeha walks the dogs, but Angela scoops the litter box. 

Ana comes over at least once a month so they can make dinner together. She always ends up talking with Angela more but Fareeha sits and chimes in with personal stories when she feels needful. She’s happy to have the women in her life safe and happy for a moment: 

Angela talks too much when she’s nervous or upset, Fareeha is nonverbal in the same situation. 

They both curse, Angela indiscriminately mixing French, German, as English. Her English curses are actually just stand in words like frick. Fareeha curses in every language she knows, she loves the word fuck but uses curses more sparingly. 

Fareeha is a quadruple amputee. At each base of her limbs she has implants that either plug into prosthetics or the raptora. 

Mercy has a spinal implant allowing her to move and heal as she does. It’s exactly the one in her Valkyrie suit. 

Angela’s experiments and trauma have warped her sense of life and death as well as ethics and reality. She sometimes asks Fareeha to make sure if something is right or wrong or real or fake. Even littler thins like brushing her teeth is sometimes outside of reality if she’s having a bad dissociation episode. 

Fareehas ptsd is severe; she frequently wakes up screaming or sleepwalks or has horrific night terrors. Mercy took masters level classes in psychology specifically relating to trauma so she could better help. Most of the time though all Fareeha wants is to cry and be held and taken care of until it passes. 

Fareeha signed a DNR. No extraordinary measures. 

Angela used to date Genji. After his resurrection they weren’t able to look at eachother the same way. That love was one of summer and giggling and puns.It was what Angela needed then. After some urging from Zenyatta, Genji and Angie reconcile and become close friends.  

Fareeha boxes and rides a motorcycle and draws. Angela knits and likes coloring. Sometimes Fareeha will let her color whatever doodles she’s made. 

Mercy can’t drive. 

Fareeha couldn’t snap her fingers before the amputation. Her doctors programmed a snapping sound into her prosthetics. 

Fareeha knows more about world history and archeology and anthropology than Angela. Angela knows more about chemistry and biology and medicine. 

anonymous asked:

How did you learn to draw? What steps did you take? I keep trying to change up my art, improve, make it more expressive, etc but it seems I don't know what artists mean when they say "practice"! Like, practice what?? Drawing shapes and people and stuff like that hasn't been working..

Ok Here it goes, there is a reason why they all say practice and that’s because that is what you have to do, but there are different ways of practicing

1. Draw a lot, especially skecthing!! That is what works best for me! Ive gotten this new habit of taking a big A3 paper and just Draw a bunch of different stuff on it, for a long time, i now try to make sure that i get between 3-4 hours of drawing per day! But you do not have to do that!
I found this guy(Sycra)which explains a good methode to just learn how to recognize the better drawing, and get it into your system, by drawing the same drawing again and again, and try to point out which drawings you like the most and why!

2. References!! Do not just try to guess what the thing you are drawing looks like, ive been saying this to pretty much every one who asks, USE REFS, U are blessed with a ton of places where you can find good references for anything, google, pinterest, even tumblr?? Unless you are drawing out of your imagination, try to figure out how a, house, car, snake, shark, chair looks like! Try sketching from different pictures and then try to draw them from how you remember it!

3. Get the heck outta that comfort zone! Ò0Ó)/ Force yourself out of that cozy little corner of your most secure art style! If you normally draw pretty things, try making them ugly, if they’re all young make them at least 50! if you draw mostly humans, try drawing cars,animals,buildings, plants,if you draw realistic try to draw tooney! Etc. Draw things you have never drawn before! Make 30 lizards or boats!

4. Then there’s all the classical stuff, like drawing a bunch of croquis! It really helps! Just a couple of hours a day! (I say hours because of personal experience, some days it just takes you really long to get into “The Mode” and for me it can take over an hour sometimes..) Or just sit in the park, and draw all the different people who passes you! Notice how unique and different they all are! It is hardest convert the pictures of a three dimensional world down into the 2 dimensional world on your paper, but the harder it is the better it will make you!
BUT If you can’t go outside, there’s a good Croquis YouTube channel, with a bunch of different models, and remeber, do not pause the video! even though you only have 1 minute to draw the whole figure, try to get the whole body down on the paper as quickly as possible! That way you will learn to get all of the body down on the paper quickly and then you go into details later!

Drawing is just as much about exploring, it’s scary to leave home for the first time! But you have to do this if you want to grow !

Do not give up if this is what you really want to do! i am rooting for YOU! O0O)/

(Woa i do not think i have ever had such a long rant in an ask before but i hope this somehow will give you an idea of the things you can do to improve)

the snow queen & the ice man (we’re killing strangers so we don’t kill the ones that we love). was it ever any question that finland carries a makarov pb 

the world belongs to you an eastern promises mafia au series

  • 707:Knock Knock
  • Zen:Who's there? Lol
  • 707:Daisy
  • Zen:Daisy who? Is that the name of a cute lady?
  • Zen:
  • Zen:We can't be seen together anymore.