39 cities. 43 shows. a hell of a long time.

getting stuck on a bus for hours on end sucked, but at least there was fun music about travelling and being with your best friend to pass the time.

ft. the doodles and commentary of two very bored guys stuck in a bus. i’ll let them tell you what happened. (click for hd!! this took hours!!)

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*Spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk*

I am so excited for Girl Meets IDF/Goodbye. For all the BMW characters, all the reunions between them! To see both Morgans, Mr. Turner/Shawn reunion! Feeny and Eric!
For all the GMW characters, Corpanga, Augva and Rilaya are so endgame; beautiful and amazing Rucas moment (yes they are still very much alive, no type of sign they are ending any time soon), a little bit of Joshaya, really lovely Riarkle moment, sweet and cute Markle moment *muah*, Smarkle is still so amazing and very much together (well duh, Sweet Sixteen shows their relationship at its best); Zay there too! Funny and amazing as always. Farkle and Belgium 1831 and the most important thing, the CORE SIX is definitely the best thing ever. Like legit goals. I really need this episode right now.

Everybody Knows (It Sucks to Grow Up)

Oh man, here we are again with Saitama’s parents! And this time, they’re meeting another new hero and learning a little more about Rikki’s past. Cut for length, not for content. Enjoy!

Part of the ‘When We Talk About Family, We Mean…’ series. Also a sequel to this fic in which Zenko has taken up being a hero as well.

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Zenko dropped her backpack on top of her pink, flower-printed suitcase, crossing her arms as she sat on the bench at the bus station. She didn’t even want to be here, but what else was she supposed to do? Stupid Badd. Stupid Hero Association. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

As she sat and waited for her bus to arrive, a man and a woman wandered over from the inbound lane. Zenko couldn’t help watching the huge older guy lugging what seemed to be five suitcases on his shoulders, and he towered over his partner, who had her hand on her hip. Her long, thick hair hung most of the way down her back, and she was fingering one of the lush ringlets framing her stern face. “Where is he? He said he was going to be here as soon as we arrived.”

“Perhaps we should have rented a car, my temperate egg roll,” the giant said, setting the bags on the ground.

“Nah, I hate driving around this prefecture.” The woman turned her head to look at Zenko, and she quickly looked away, conscious that she had been staring. “Tarou, will you get me a Coke, love? I saw a vending machine near the terminal that had them.”

“OF COURSE. ANYTHING FOR YOU, MY HEART.” Zenko flinched when the man yelled this and then headed back from where they had come.

Zenko glanced at her phone. Two more hours. There were about a billion texts from Badd and even a few from Garou, but she didn’t care. She deleted them all with furious swipes of her thumb.

“May I sit here?”

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Xhaka Xhaka eh eh


MODERN THRONES: Margaery Tyrell
↳ “I want to be the queen.”