Donald Glover Cast as Young Lando Calrissian in Upcoming Han Solo Star Wars Stand-Alone Film |
The smooth-talking smuggler is coming back to the big screen.


This is incredible.  Y’all are incredible.  The Kickstarter for Check, Please Volume 2 is done.  We, as a group, love this comic so much that we dropped $398,520 to get personal copies of a comic we’ve already read.  Did anyone check up on Ngozi recently?  Let’s make sure she’s still breathing.

Let’s put this into perspective, okay?  Check, Please! ranks — #5 — as the Most Funded Comic project in Kickstarter history.


We have a comic about queer hockey players gaining as much attention as mainstream legacy comics.  We’re talking about a comic that’s barely 3 years old getting as much funding as comics that have been around for 10-15 years.  Check, Please! is a baby.  A big ol’ hockey toddler, written by a woman of color, with LGBT+ characters as leads in what I can only call the happiest, healthiest relationship I’ve ever seen in any media.  I couldn’t be more proud.

And who knew?  Who could have guessed that writing a comic like this would raise this much money. That not only can we say representation matters, but representation is successful!  We all wanted to prove it, and now we can say it’s true.

So let this inspire you.  Let this prove to you that your story, your characters, your art, your music, your whatever can speak to others on an unfathomable scale.  Let this show that our stories have grown beyond a niche.

And please, someone get Ngozi a coffee.  She’s gonna need a lot of it.