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Connverse Thought: Connie isn't allowed to bring Steven to prom because he doesn't go to school, so instead of going alone she decides not to go. Steven surprises her by decorating his room with strings of lights and crepe paper streamers and other "prom" things he looked up online. They spend the whole night dancing as Stevonnie. (TBH this idea popped into my head when I saw the "ambiance" of his restaurant room.)

AAaaa. I would love if they spent time apart though. they just talk and enjoy it(like slow dancing). maybe later on they fuse. 


“I showed up at your cubicle and you changed everything…”


OKAYYYYY! I’ve seen spoilers I know what happened, all I need is to watch it! But now my little theory to calm some of you down a little…First, yes looks like Bea got stabbed, laying on the ground in pile of blood we all think right she’s dead for sure, then Allie wakes up (I believe in last seconds of the episode). Think clearly and logically, what Allie will do without Bea (who’s the majorly main character in the show)? Allie without Bea is nothing and thinking in other way she might end up with suicide coz without Bea - no reason for her to live, especially when she’s so in love and loves her so damn much! Second, chill the fuck down guys…Don’t you think the beautiful Danielle Cormack on her twitter would sound so hella excited about Season 5 if her character died? And clearly in this newspaper it says she’s gonna continue the roll of Bea Smith next season…Soooo?? Why shitting your pants? Yes the episode to me looks like am gonna cry my eyes out thru my ass, but I know everything is gonna be just fine - Bea will survive death, Allie (as we all know) alive and well…Ballie to continue in May 2017!!

Peace out!