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lmao I think this gif perfectly exemplifies how one is delicate and gentle while the other is just.. not. 66. media. tumblr. com/1987b1c9def898e2d3337d9b292ece1c/tumblr_nx41mfMFr71tswsbuo2_250. gif

harry just goes for the typical “idc i’m just gonna wipe my sweaty face on my shirt” AND THEN LOUIS!!! HIS HANDS!!! HIS WRISTS!!! DELICATE AND DAINTY, GENTLY SWIPES THE TIPS OF HIS FINGERS ON HIS FACE!!! GOOD AND PURE!!

  • SM:Johnny will be performing at Spectrum. Prepare yourselves
  • *at Spectrum*
  • SM:he's gonna DJ. Surprise bitch

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AAAA I CANT DECIDE... I'd like to hear the chibita one tho lol I know that ones gonna be funny. Who else could perfectly fit Chibita's personality better than himself?

Okay so when we were talking about the brothers bein in Chibitas bodies we had like three things we all had them deal with: waking up bein alone/Chibita bc holy shit,how they run the stand if they decide to run it at all,and havin to deal with Kara showin up later tryina get more extra food and bein a flirty garbage sack.

Anyways so for Oso we decided:

- Out of all the brothers,he’d probably be the one the most scared to wake up alone with NO ONE around. And he’d probably just be super irritated that out of all people this weirdass thing had to happen with it was Chibita and not like. Totoko. Or a model. Or anyone else. With hair.

- He wouldn’t fuckin run the stand at all. He’d stay at home all day and eat all of Chibitas food,drink all his beer and watch TV on his flatscreen all day. He’d have a fun time.

- He didn’t leave the fuckin house and doesnt have to deal with flirty Karamatsu movin on

For Karamatsu:

- I don’t think wakin up in Chibitas place would weird him out too much?? He’d just be like AH YES. ONE OF THOSE NIGHTS. But he’d get freaked out when he can’t find Chibita OR his perfect fashion anywhere,and then get even more freaked out when he figured out he doesn’t have hair because OH NO IT WAS ONE OF THOSE NIGHTS. It’d take him till like 11 to figure out he was Chibita and that Chibita didn’t just take him on another wild cooking lesson and then ditch him.

- Me n my friend thought he’d do a pretty okay job? He already knows how to cook and kind of half learned how to make the stuff once. He’s prolly burn his hands a lot but other than that he’d do okay. DEFINITELY get edible glitter and shove that in it though. That’s a must.

-WELL I MEAN KARA WOULD BE IN CHIBIS BODY BUT ITD ALSO BE VICE VERSA SO GAY AS EVER AM I RIGHT also prolly a lotta awkward backwards complimentin too uou

Fooor Choro:

-He’d be very startled and honestly I think the thing that would tip him off to it being Chibitas house and body and not just a great dream where he’s finally living on his own would be the Oden Girls poster. It ain’t Nyaa-chan so clearly somethin ain’t right.

-HE’D TRY TO RUN THE STAND THE WAY YOU’D RUN A BUISNESS AND ITD BE TERRIBLE. He’d also try to put off making food as long as possible because he knows he can’t make SHIT. Someone comes up to the stand and is like ey whaddup can I get some food and hes just like “Yeah we can get that to you in like 2-3 business days would that be okay?”

-Karamatsu wouldn’t fuckin show up because there’s no food and thats like 1/3rd of the reason he shows up. He’d shoot him like a wink or two when all the brothers show up together and Choro would be DISGUSTED.

for ichimatsu th matsu:

-HED PROBABLY BE ANOTHER ONE OF THE BROTHERS WHO JUST IMMIDIATELY PANICS BC WHERE IS EVERYONE but also a lotta strays probably hang around chibitas place so its a win and a loss

- second bro to not run the stand at all because fuckin cats man

fooor Jyush the juice:


For Todomatsu:

- I feel like if any of the brothers were to scream over this,he’d scream the loudest. He’d be terrified and screaming but on the bright side Chibi has a buncha makeup and wigs so. He could play with those,but hes not leaving the house nO WAY IN HELL.

-half of yall didnt even try to run the place what kina irresponsibility

TG:re 95 Spoiler

***In order to minimize exposure to unwanted attention and potential arrest for spoiler providers, I am posting descriptions of AND links to the spoiler images INSTEAD OF reposting them.***

SPOILER IMAGE: Amon and the Giant Peach…I mean…um this appears to be Amon bound by Mutsuki’s kagune before the other spoiler image in which he looks angry as he breaks out from it.

I’ve gotten so many good D.Va plays that I was actually able to make a collage out of them. This is the adorable result.

The two junker skins are the best skins and I will fight anyone who says they’re ugly. FIGHT THEM.

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The hitch in Bernie’s breath at the end of the kiss, how her mouth hovers, light, over Serena’s, her lips reflexively seeking out just one last touch.