swv Dallas recap

- ok 1. getting this outta the way they all Gods or something literally theyre so attractive irl it’s truly overwhelming but like what’s new
- key told a story about how his stylist burned his Gucci outfit after the Vancouver concert on accident bc she put it on some lighting machine and they smelled it burning and couldn’t figure out what it was…. lol he seemed to be in mourning
- at one point the camera was on Minho and he didn’t know what to say he was just standing smiling and the crowd went wild like ppl were LOVINg Minho just standing there bc honestly it was cute.
- jjongs fanboy was there omg at the beginning he SCREAMED (as he does) I LVOE YOU JONGHYUN and jjong stopped and sent him one of these looks 😏 and key was like ITS U AGAIn and I think jjong was like I knew you would be here or something like that
- jinki fell during ready or not bc he got so dizzy he was so cute the whole night and also important side note dat boy got mad thighs
- taemin was p quiet today but super cute as always, said his now iconic “next song is prism” line and also said something like “I hope meet again” he was squishy I lvoe him
- key was talking about the outfits they wear during rdd and how when he saw them lying out he said out loud “I hate these outfits” while his mic was still on in the back. he was like “ I designed these but like… I hate them lol” bc the fabric was too stiff. he touched minhos outfit and was like HEY bc his was soft and then Minho copied him and said “it’s soft. I like this costume” it was SO cute
- Minho rly is full of energy he was BOUNCING he was so excited to be there he was so so so cute idk like so cute
- jjong kept talking about how we all had a lot of passion and it was so nice
- taemin was trying to tell a story but he kept fumbling, as he does bc he cute, and then key brought up his burnt Gucci again and taem kept saying “I’m not talking about that” but key wasnt listening I was living tbh
- jinki was trying to use some metaphor about the concert being like two hands coming together and jjong in a non fake deep moment was like “…. what are u talking about lol”

that’s all I can remember rn but I’m sure more will come back to me but wow y'all…. wow

I know we always see McCree comforting Hanzo, but imo there isn’t quite enough of the other way around

because McCree’s done some fucked-up things, probably still does a few that are morally dubious just by nature of being a vigilante

and we think of him having that PTSD, the nightmares, the things he just can’t shake ten, fifteen, twenty years later

and Hanzo’s–bad at words, bad at a lot of things when it comes to emotions, but he at least understands; he can’t offer the kinds of words or reassurance that McCree often gives him, but damned if he’ll let the man who’s helped him get so far suffer without so much as an attempt

so all he can do, really, is be physically present–take his hand, maybe walk him through panic exercises, hold him if McCree’ll allow it this time, hug McCree against his chest and run his fingers through his hair, things that don’t always help Hanzo but will cut through McCree’s distress and ground him again

they fall asleep like that sometimes, I think

Hanzo often feels inadequate, because all he can do is sit and act like a wall when McCree’s upset, but he has no idea just how much McCree needs that from him