Les Chevaliers…

Could you imagine Prince Adam, in his Beast form, actually telling you his name? Like, that’s never really addressed, and I think it would happen so cutely? Slay me.

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It starts off just like any day, and the two of you are eating breakfast across from each other at the table. There are stolen glances between the two of you and he just so happens to get caught looking at you more often than you get caught looking at him. And every time he looks at you and gets caught in the act of doing so, he gives you a rather bashful smile, bends his head down and pretends to be invested in the wood of the table. He wonders for a moment if you were really looking at him or not? Something sets off inside of him, as if he were burning from the inside out. He had never felt like this before.

Setting down your spoon, you laugh quietly and pat your mouth clean with your napkin. His blue eyes watch you rather intensely for a few seconds before he manages to murmur out a small, “Thank you for joining me for breakfast.”

This catches you off guard but you accept the gratitude and smile at him with a gentle, “My pleasure…” You trailed off. “Sir.” Mentally slapping yourself silly at calling him that, you stood up, ready to flee the room before he had the chance to ask you what you had just called him.


Your eyebrows furrowed together. Had you just heard what you thought? Turning around, you faced him and gave him a look of skepticism. He looked back at you, his eyes now averting themselves from making any sort of contact with yours. His mouth moved as if he was rehearsing what he wanted to say to you next. “I’m sorry, what did you just…?” You started but got interrupted. 

“I’ve got so many people addressing me so properly,” He pursed his lips. He truly believed he didn’t deserve that sort of respect. He didn’t demand it, didn’t need it anymore. “It’d be nice—” He found himself fumbling for words. “Nice to hear you… yes, you… Say my actual name. I’ve thought him to be dead, when this curse took over my life but you’ve somehow… brought him back to life. So please, call me by my name.”

You could feel your heart swell at the pure kindness of his words and the meager fact that he wasn’t sure if they were coming out as perfectly as they sounded in side of his head. “And that’s…”

“Adam.” He didn’t want to be a prince in this moment. He wanted you to look at him as if he were like anyone else. And you were one of the few who actually did such a thing. He swallowed softly and looked up at you finally. His eyes were full of childish innocence. It was obvious that he hadn’t heard his name in years as it slipped from his mouth with a bit of remorse.

Nodding, you breathed out shakily and smiled sweetly at him, “Adam.” You whispered, the sound of your voice carrying into his senses. 

Yes, he liked the way that sounded. No, wait. Liked was a very understated way of putting it. He loved it.



Not only was BTS on an American talk show, but look at all this attention they got in America. They were noticed by IHeartRadio , Music Choice, Billboard and Kehlani all in one day. Charlie and Kehlani both tweeted about them! BTS is at #8 of Worlds Album on Billboard at the moment, Oh my god and do you see what Hitman said? BTS IS THE FIRST KPOP GROUP TO REACH THE US ITUNES TOP 10. Bangtan is sold out in America just as fast as they were sold out in Korea. For the Kpop Agency Album Sales Ranking, BigHit came in 2nd WITH JUST BTS. Not trying to shade or anything but that is pretty damn good because all these other companies depending on subunits and what not while BigHit over here with low staff and one active group so that’s a really strong company to be honest. So what if SM is #1 , they need help from like 20 subunits just get there tf :/ no shade though really. I’m just making a point about how talented Bangtan is and bring in all the money for BigHit. They work just as hard as any other KPop group there is and earn just as much respect. So in conclusion to this and the reason I made this, before SM come attacking and picking a fight once again just remind them that EXO said bye bye from Top 50 songs while Bangtan went up. They might get mad that I even made this but I don’t even care like what they gonna do? Probably make another subunit called ’ NCT For Life ’ or something just to boost up their ego. They need to boost up on the charts not their egos 😔

Ooh, gun.

A .22 cal rifle.

My new pride and joy.

The new cleaning kit.

My distress when I realized the major part of the cleaning kit I got wouldn’t fit into the chamber. I ended up going back to Wal-Mart to get a BoreSnake instead.


There you go.

Classic pose.

Ooh, gurl, work it.

“Safe-aim” behind invisible barrier.


I can’t wait until I can go to the range and shoot!

struggling w/ wanting to plan an animation project but not having a good song to go with it @-@