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episode 2: laser light canon

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in and of itself, still a pretty good episode. i loved the gloopy bobbing steven does in the car with greg and how much you can see steven loves and idolizes his dad. if im being honest, this is when things start getting janky, since the red eye was supposed to be investigating for gems despite almost crashing into beach city, majoras mask style, and how it messes up the storyline of greg meeting rose slightly. 

fixing the red eye issue: theres a number of ways to go about this.

  • the red eye could almost crash into the beach, and the gems shoot the laser, only for it to miss. it seems like all is hopeless and everyones gonna die until the red eye just. stops. it scans the beach, beeps five times (for each gem), and disappears like the ruby ship in “hit the diamond”. the problem with this ending is that its a little hollow and very reminiscent of cheeseburger backpack where steven messes up (but it doesnt matter because who cares everything is fine~), but it helps to create a feeling of vague uneasiness that foreshadows the idea of a bigger threat looming in the shadows. might be too early to introduce that, since its only the second episode.
  • everything goes exactly the same as the original, but at some other point another roaming eye does what the first one was supposed to do: scan for active (un-corrupted) gems. maybe it happens randomly during another episode and goes mostly unacknowledged by the gems, or steven is the only one who notices and brushes it off.
  • everything is exactly the same, except peridot says “so thats why my red eye never reported back!” in marble madness instead of “but the red eye never reported any gems on this planet!”

in regards to gregs picture with rose, it would make more sense if he had more hair on his head and less facial hair. if they didnt want to show how greg looks in flashbacks yet, they could have used a lens flare to discretely hide his full head of hair.