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  • Oswald: Make sure you get him in the shot.
  • Photographer: I don't think it's a good idea to use a frozen human body to promote your club. People might think it's horrifying.
  • Oswald: Yes, you're right...
  • Photographer: Thank god--
  • Oswald: I want them to <i>know</i> it's horrifying. Let's have me gesturing to it, dramatically, in the photo.
‘Dream Daddy is Problematic™ bc...’ drinking game

One shot

  • “This character doesn’t fit exactly the mold I envisioned for them and it’s stereotyping/erasure”
  • “This character fits ONE stereotype so that must be a blanket statement the creators are making for ALL GAYS”
  • Anything criticizing the Game Grumps as if they had creative input on the game instead of just lending advertising to it

Two shots

  • “It doesn’t matter if the developers are LGBT+ because…”
  • “It’s bad for gay male representation because WOMEN will be playing it!!!”
  • Alternatively: “The game is misogynistic bc…”

Four shots

  • Bringing up Jontron in any capacity

I really hope space azula is Keith’s sister, because despite how young she looks it makes sense. Especially if she’s somehow like Keith’s twin or a little younger.

I mean Keith was pretty much the golden boy at what? 16?

And considering how ruthless the galra are they probably train soldiers young like some spartan shit at like age 8-9.

And if she’s like Keith she would’ve shined brighter than the others in her rank, therefore rising through said ranks using her learned or natural skills (Since she’s obviously more galran she’s got more of the natural working for her)

And if lord of the onion rings picked her specifically as his generals there really wouldn’t be any need to doubt his judgement.