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Halloween has been over for some time already, but it’s never too late for a cute pumpkin head! I’ve been drawing this from time to time when taking a break from other animations I’m working on. 24fps, some ~35 drawn frames in total. The teeth of the pumpkin almost drove me crazy!

Let Tim lighten up your dark, dark November!

happy holidays \o/

this was apart of the @christmas-shou exchange for @lilpea !

Some mornings you wake up and feel in control of your life. On others we all need a little spark, something to light the way, a tip to remind us it can be done. What are your “I’ve got this” moments when dealing with your daily care routine? Share with us on our submission page to help other CFers take on the day.

Not really feelin’ it today :/ I hope y’all still like this though!

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