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[Mark] Teacher’s Pet (Chapter 108)

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We take off the next day in the middle of the night in order to arrive in the early morning in New York, so Mark can kick off his day at work at 9. I sleep a little in the plane, and wake up around six am only to find out that Mark has spent the most part of the flight working, and that he has been watching me sleep for a while.

When I see his hands joined in his lap and his blank gaze staring out the window, I realize it’s the first time in a long time I catch him not doing anything. He can’t hide behind his work load at this moment.

“It would be nice if we could go out while we’re in New York.” I tell him, hoping I’ll start a long and normal conversation, without monosyllabics and without the mention of Liam or the police.

“I would love to go see a show on a Broadway stage.” I murmur. “We had fun last time.”


His eyes move to me, his eyebrow raised. He wasn’t listening. My heart sinks a little, but I won’t hold it against him. Even though this trip is a way for me to relax, we are still aware of the danger. I may be trying to relax, but he is not. He will be nervous every day.

“What are you thinking about?” I ask him.

“Nothing, why?”

“I’ve been talking to you for ten minutes.”

Even though he’s busted, he keeps his composure.

“I’m sorry.” He says before clearing his throat and leaning on his forearms on the table between our seats, giving me all of his attention. "I’m listening.“

"Can we go out sometime? Go for a walk or go shopping?” I ask him again.



“Abby, please.” He whines, sitting back against his seat.

“You said he wouldn’t-”

“I do not want to push my luck.” He cuts me off.

“You said I could take my mind off things during our stay.” I remind him. I was counting on this trip; I was looking forward having a good time away from LA.

“I never said you’d be going out.” He retorts.

“And how to do you expect me to have a great time if I do exactly what I do in LA?” I counter. He doesn’t answer me.

“You could come with me.” I propose.

“I won’t have time.”

“Then I’ll take Jacob with me.”

“What if he fails protect you?” He asks. I open my mouth to reply, but no sound comes out of my mouth.

“You’re carrying our baby, Abigail. You can’t be so reckless.” He mutters.

“I’m very aware of this baby, thank you.” I grumble. 

“Then why do you want to put it in danger so much?” He snaps.

“I don’t!” I utter, shocked. “How can you say that?”

He sighs deeply, and I stare at him, shocked he thinks I want to hurt our baby.

“Abigail, just leave it okay? There are plenty of things to do without going out. Why are so difficult?” He says.

“Because I hate this!” I exclaim. When I see Jacob’s head rise from the corner of my eye, I decide to tone it down a little.

“Because my best friend hates me and my husband is always working and avoiding me on purpose.” I explain. When I say this, Mark frowns as if I was inventing things.

“Abigail-” He starts to protest.

“Look at me and dare tell me I’m being crazy.” I cut him off. I know he’s going to deny it, and I honestly will flip if he does. I know he’s worried, I know he’s stressed out, I’ve kept my mouth shut until now, but I won’t if he is dishonest.

His phone lights up and starts to ring before he can answer me. He reaches out, but I’m quicker than him. I grab it and hold it up, staring at him.

He looks up at me, his voice calm.

“It’s important.” He says quietly showing me his palm. I ignore him, his phone vibrating in my hand.

“All you do is giving me orders while you hide behind your work, but you never really talk to me anymore.” I say to him, reproachfully. I’m not really reproaching him for it though, it hurts me, but I know it’s because he’s worried and anxious, and it’s my fault if Olivia and Liam are after us.

“My phone, Abigail.” He repeats impatiently. Really, Mark?

“Now you’re just being an asshole, Mark.” I mutter. He doesn’t care. He takes the phone from my hand, and I let him do. He chose his work over me.

“We’ll continue this discussion later.” He says, rising from his seat. I watch, dumbfounded, as he leaves and goes to the back of the plane to take the call.

I can’t help the tears that burn my eyes at that moment. For the first time after weeks of supporting his bad mood, I tried to express my feelings, and he just doesn’t care. I don’t like this Mark at all, the one who hurts me and isn’t even sorry, the heartless asshole who wants to control every aspect of my life.

I lock myself in the toilet and cry for a while. I think I hate him at this point. He’s just so hurtful to me, and it’s like it enjoys it. Between Bea and him, I don’t have the strength to keep all these emotions to myself. I feel so lonely now that I don’t work anymore, now that Bea hates me, now that I can’t go out, and Mark isn’t even there for me anymore.

And I don’t know how long I’ll have to deal with this. It could take months before they catch Liam, and Bea and I may never talk to each other again.

I wish I didn’t tell Thany about Liam. He would have gone on with his lie, and Mark and I would be happy. How long has it been since I’ve truly felt happy in my life?

The pilot announces the imminent landing of the plane, so I’m forced to get out of my hiding place. I dry my tears and walk back to my seat, slipping my shades on so my puffy red eyes don’t show. I bet he’ll understand I’ve cried, but he won’t say anything. And that’s what happens. He comes back and sits in front of me without a word, the train lands in silence, and we get out of it without talking to each other.

When I touch down, Mark tries to put his hand around my nape to lead me to the car, but I am not about that life. I brush his hand off and show him I know how to walk alone. I don’t let him open the door for me either. The ride to our apartment is silent as well.

I won’t talk to him until he realizes he can’t treat me like shit just because e I’ve messed up and put us in this situation. I mean he can, I know I did wrong, but there are limits to everything.

Our apartment in New York is smaller than what we have in LA, because most of the time he comes here alone, for short stays. I’ve been there around 10 times since he bought it. Jacob has an apart for himself right below ours that Mark paid for.

Once we’re there, I get out of the car by myself and slam the door closed. Inside the apartment, I grab a book and go lay down, not in our room but in the guest room, so I don’t have to see Mark, but he follows me in there.

I pretend to read while he sits on the edge of the bed.

“Are you going to sulk all day?” He asks me. He doesn’t look like he’s about to apologize. I glare at him.

“You’re giving me the silent treatment?” He asks. I turn a page.

“If feel like you’re eighteen again.” He sighs. I bite my tongue in order to not cuss him out. I don’t care how immature I am being, I decided that I won’t let him treat me however he wants and order me around anymore.

“I have to go to work now.” He says, rising to his feet. Good. Go. “I’ll see you tonight.” He says before exiting the room. I watch his back as he retreats, and when he closes the door, I grab a pillow and throw it at it.

I miss it completely, and it hits the wall next to the door. I bump against a picture frame of the both of us. The frame flips, falling from the hook, and falls to the ground, breaking into pieces. I gasp, hoping Mark didn’t hear the noise.

I freeze and listen to see if he’s coming back here. After a beat of silence, I understand he didn’t hear that. I get out of the bed and walk over the crime scene, the frame is completely broken. Nothing super glue can fix. We don’t even have superglue.

The picture is one of Mark and I during one of our rare vacations. We went to Taiwan with his family. On the picture, Mark has his arms around me, and he’s kissing my temple while we sit in a hammock on the beach. We both had golden tans at that time.

I need another frame.

That’s a good excuse to go out, isn’t it?

When I hear Mark leave the apartment, I grab a vacuum and clean the scene. Then I wait. I know Jacob is driving him to work, so I can’t call him now because he’ll be with Mark.

I also know that when I call Jacob, he will say no, because Mark told him not to drive me anywhere.

But, I he learns I’m already outside, he’ll have to come and get me. So, I wait an hour and a half, until I feel like Jacob might be alone, ten I call him.

“Mrs. Tuan?” He says as he picks up.

“You know you can call me Abigail when Mark isn’t around.” I tell him, to make sure Mark is working.

“Yes. Sorry.” He mumbles.

“I need you to drive me to the closest mall, please Jacob.” I tell him.


“I need- “

“Sorry, Abigail. I understood; but I cannot do that.” He answers.

“Mark told you not to, I know.” I say. “I thought you might do me this favor, but it’s okay, I’ll walk.” I lie.

“Abigail, you’re not supposed to go out.” He reminds me. This actually is funny. I’m making him as crazy as I can make Mark. Soon he’ll start smacking his tongue and running his hands through his hair.

I open the closest window and lean out, so the microphone of my phone can record the traffic noise outside.

“I’m already outside. I’ll see you later Jacob.”

“Abigail!” He screams down the phone. This is going just as I planned.

“Yes?” I pipe up.

“I’ll drive you, wait for me.” He mutters. I know he’s not happy about that, but I got what I wanted.

“Oh, you’re so kind. Thank you.” I reply sweetly, closing the window.

“You did this on purpose, didn’t you?” He grinds out. I giggle.

“I’ll be waiting.” I pipe up before hanging up.

I wait inside for twenty minutes, then put my shoes on and go wait for him in the lobby. I don’t want him to come up to the apartment. He could lock me in. When I see the car pull up in front of the building through that glasses of the doors, I get out to meet him.

Jacob gets out of the car, and I can tell he’s frustrated with me. He almost slams the driver’s door closed.

“You tricked me.” He declares.

“I really need to go to the mall.” I retort, walking towards the car.

“I have orders.” He counters.

“I do not care, Jacob.” I sing, reaching out and grabbing the handle of the door. It’s locked. I turn around and shoot Jacob a glare. He raises his eyebrows in a challenging manner.

“You don’t want to drive me? Fine. But I’m sure he didn’t forbid going for a walk.” I declare, before turning o my heels and walking down the street aimlessly, just to make him panic.

I hear Jacob swear from behind me. He quickly catches up with me.

“Technically, he did not.” He admits. “But I’m going to lose my Job, Abigail.”

“I’ll hire you back.”

“Abigail, this is not reasonable.” He complains.

“I often hear you complain about your husband’s disproportionate reactions, but you know how to push his buttons.” He remarks. I actually laugh, because I can’t believe Jacob is siding with Mark.

“You know very well how he’ll react.” He says. I turn around and decide to lash out, because I don’t need him to be like Mark at all, and he has no right to judge me, because he doesn’t know how I feel.

“Do you know how I’m reacting? Does anybody care?” I ask him. He stops dead in his tracks, his eyes widening. “I know all of this is my fault, the accident, Liam, Olivia, I know it. And it looks like everyone is trying to make me pay for it.” I tell him.

“And I probably deserve to be treated like this.” I admit.

“But no one cares about how I’m feeling. My husband is distant, he barely talks to me anymore, my best friend hates me, I don’t work, I’m pregnant and I spend my days alone.” I complain openly. I have never complained ever since we came home from the hospital, I always kept my mouth shut and stayed home. But I can’t do this anymore.

“I’m not asking anyone to care… I don’t need your sympathy. I do not need your advice or discipline, Jacob.” I tell him. “All I want is to go shopping.”

His mouth hangs a little open, and his eyebrows are furrowed. He gapes at me for a moment, before clearing his throat.

“Okay.” He agrees. Thank god!

He leads me to the car and I get in in the back.

“I didn’t know you felt that way, Abigail.” Jacob says to me as I fasten my belt.

“I know. That’s because I didn’t want to talk about it, Jacob.” I reply, and he starts the engine before driving off.

The weather outside is hot, very sent, the sky is cloudless, but there is a soft, fresh breeze. The few steps I take outside the car to the mall feel like walking on the moon. There are loads of people outside, everything is so busy and loud. I haven’t been in such an environment for a while. I clutch my bag and Jacob escorts me inside. I get distracted by everything. I observe and look around. I feel ridiculous. I find it ridiculous that it feels so new to me.

After successfully buying another frame for the picture, I wander inside another baby store. They all seem to attract me. I’m so excited for peanut to come out, and buying things for him or her makes it even more real to me. I know it’s useless t buy too much clothes, because babies grow out of them so quickly, but it’s adorable to look at those tiny things.

Jacob follow me in the aisles, quietly. I try to ask his opinion sometimes but he’s not very enthusiastic. I know he’s dreading the moment Mark will learn that he let me go outside.

As I look around the shoe section, Jacob’s phone starts to buzz. I turn around and hear him sigh as he looks at the caller’s ID.

“Mr. Tuan.” He says as he takes the call, bringing his phone to his ear. I turn around and pretend not to mind, but I try to listen carefully.

“I’m with your wife in a store.” He says to him. I hear Mark yell, but I don’t distinguish the words. I’m not surprised by his anger. I’m going to get it when he comes home, but then he’s been such an ass lately that I think I’m immune to him.

“She is…shopping.” Jacob admits. Mark screams again, and Jacob sighs. When I look back at him, he’s putting his phone back in his pocket.

“He’s coming.” He declares. I think he hates me.

Well, Mark is coming to join us, but I don’t really feel like shopping anymore. I pay for my items, and wander into another store aimlessly. I’m just waiting for Mark at this point.

I’m a little bit sad. I’m sad because this pregnancy isn’t the happiest moment right now. It was during the first months, but now I feel like I only have peanut on my side. I’m sad that Mark doesn’t understand why I want to go out so much. And I hate the fact that he thinks I’m putting peanut in danger on purpose.

I don’t like us at the moment. I know it’ll pass when Liam and Olivia are arrested, but it’s still hard to live. I don’t feel like he loves me right now.

I should just stop. Let him being an ass to me and not try to take my mind off it. Just take it all and the stay home and relive it again and again until he stops.

I’m trying to keep my spirits up, but what is the point? It’s making it worse.

As I think about that, a few tears start to roll down my face, in the middle of the onesies section. I decide I’ve had enough. I feel ridiculous, crying in the middle of baby stuff I go back to Jacob who was waiting for me in front of the store.

“I’m done Jacob, where is Mark?” I ask. I hope he can’t see I’ve cried.

“Mr. Tuan said I had to take home. He can’t come here.” He explains. His face is hard; I know he’s mad at me too. I’m making everyone mad trying to make myself a little bit happier.

“Okay.” I mumble, before following him out of the mall.

In the car, Jacob keeps glance at me insistently through the top mirror. When I catch him watching me, he turns his head and plunges in deep thoughts, forgetting about green lights.

“What’s wrong, Jacob?” I ask finally. As we stop again.

“I don’t think Mr. Tuan doesn’t care about your feelings.” He says to me. I stare at him. Where is this coming from? Now he wants to be a couple therapist?

“I think he doesn’t want to acknowledge them. He hates seeing you sad.” He explains. He doesn’t seem to know if he should be telling me this or not.

“I don’t get it, Jacob.” I reply, frowning.

“He was there.” He says. “He was there, at the mall, and he was mad. He was furious.”

He was there? He came and didn’t walk over to me to yell at me?

“He was going to go find you, but he stopped when he saw you crying.” He explains.


“He stood there, staring at you.” He says. “And he left. He looked shaken.”

I stay silent, perplex. I didn’t know me crying would calm him down. He saw I had cried in the plane this morning, and it didn’t deter him from being an asshole.

I know he doesn’t like to see me cry; he would comfort me usually. I don’t know if this means he’s not mad at me, or if it means he’s so mad at me he doesn’t care about seeing me cry.

“He couldn’t bring himself to acknowledge and deal with your feelings.” Jacob says quietly.

I don’t know what that even means. Or maybe he’s saying Mark doesn’t like to see me cry, and he’s already stressed out so he doesn’t want to deal with me?

I’m confused.

“Thank you Jacob. The light is green.” I tell him. His eyes go back to the front, and he starts driving again.


Mark comes home late that day, which leaves me time to ponder about everything that happened earlier.

I think Jacob is right. He’s very quiet and observant, he must know how Mark is feeling these days. It already happened once.

Mark told me he couldn’t’ bother thinking about my feelings, because he was depressive.

I wonder if all this is happening because he’s depressive. Liam and Olivia ae out in the nature, trying to hurt me, and he has no control of them, he doesn’t know where they are.

I think that would be more than enough for him to fall into depression again, considering what first brought him there. The idea makes my heart sink. He was just starting to recover.

But maybe it’s not depression, just stress. Maybe that’s why he can’t be as present a she usually is.

I eat dinner alone, watch TV for a bit, then around nine in the evening, I shower the day off and slip into a night dress. I come out of the bathroom with a towel on my head and sit in front of the dressing table. I dry my hair energetically, before taking the towel of. When I look up in the mirror, I see Mark standing in the doorway of our bedroom, leaning against the frame of the door. I turn around to check if its’ real.

Mark looks tired. His hair is slightly ruffled, his tie gone and the top two buttons of his shirt undone. He looks yummy.

“How long have you been watching me?” I ask him.

“A little while.” He says. He doesn’t look angry.

“Are you going to stand there and stare at me?” I ask.


“You don’t want to yell at me?” I’m surprised. I was prepared for a thermonuclear explosion.

“What’s the point? You never listen to me.” He shrugs. I’d like to say that that is not true, but it is. I watch him for a moment, and he stares at me with soft eyes. He moves, pushes himself off the wall and starts walking towards me.

“You’re right, Abigail.” He admits. Oh, I know I’m right. I didn’t know he would admit it so quickly though. Maybe that’s why he is coming home late.

“Everything you said in the jet.” He says quietly. I drop my towel on the table and look up at him as he stands in front of me, his hands in his pockets.

“I probably don’t show it, but Liam being out there make me nervous to a point you can’t imagine.” He murmurs in a way of explanation.

“I know that, Mark. I know you’re beyond worried.” I reply softly, standing up so I can get closer to him. "And that’s why you can’t take care of me anymore. I know that, and it’s my fault if it’s happening-“

When I say that, he frowns deeply.

"No, I’m not getting revenge because of the accident-”

“Well, I feel like I probably deserve it.” I cut him off. He looks a little bit pained.

“Don’t say that.” He says, his tone scolding.  I sigh, putting my hands flat on the lapels of his jacket.

“I don’t want to push you, Mark. I can leave you alone, if you let me occupy myself so I don’t get sad.” I tell him.

“You want to go out.”


His eyes search on my face, and I hold his gaze, waiting for his answer. He shakes his head.

“I can’t let you, Abigail. I don’t like it.” He whispers quietly. Before I can sigh in disappointment, he takes my hands in his.

“But I have a deal.” He explains.

“You behave this week and we’ll go out together.” He proposes, arousing my interest.

“Where to?” I ask him.

“The gala Ros invited me to.” He replies. So that’s why he wanted me to pick out an outfit for him. He had planned to go to a gala alone?

“You were going to go alone? Will Ellie be there as well?” I ask.

“I was about to cancel, and I don’t know if she’ll be there.”

“I don’t have a dress.”

“We’ll go shopping the afternoon before that.” He proposes. I grin, and his eyes widen.

“Yes?” He asks.

“One more thing.” I say. “I want to have some time alone with you, just you and me.”

He doesn’t seem to understand. I slip my hands out of his and wrap my arms around his neck. His hands come up my back.

“We can watch a movie, or just have dinner together. No work, no cellphone, no Liam.” I explain. I miss my husband. And I know he’s willing to make some effort. he’s not totally gone yet.

“Okay. I’ll free myself.” He agrees.


"Yes.” He says before pressing his lips onto mine. He kisses me tenderly and lovingly, the softest he has ever been these days. I kiss him back, my tongue meeting his in slow licks.

At this very moment, I know %ark is okay, deep down there, he’s still making progress despite Liam and Olivia.


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Group & Member(s): Got7

Genre: angst


A/N: How would the boys be during a fight with you?


Jackson would try his hardest not to lose his temper with you. He never wants to hurt a lady, and you being one of the most important women in his life (next to his mom) he never wants to yell at you badly. He would cut you off a lot as you were arguing though, and try to get you to see his point, regardless of your point. He would never want to end a night/day fighting. You would sit down and work it out regardless of the time. You never went to bed angry at each other and on the rare occasions you did, you always ended up cuddling each other in your sleep anyways. 

Originally posted by pakjinyoung


If JB were mad at you about something, he would hint that he’s mad until you finally call him out on being mad. Once you did, he’d erupt. So used to leading and being the one whose voice is the most heard, he would be infuriated if you tried to interrupt him or convince him of his wrongs. It would take a long conversation for him to see reason, but once he does, he is apologetic. He would tell you he’s sorry…but deep down he would still be thinking hes right. 

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Jinyoung would try his hardest to understand your opinions or point of view. But, if he got frustrated enough, he would get cold and short. He would just let you get all of your stuff out, but when it came time for him to talk, he would keep his feelings to himself. On the off occasions that he does let his feelings loose, he is screaming and crying, emotional. He would never want to make you feel sad or belittle you, and so he would resolve things as quickly as possible. He would be the one to say he’s wrong if it meant that he could just hug you and forget you were even fighting in the first place. 

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He’d be a lot like Junior, Except when he is mad or upset, he’d clam up. He would let you yell and scream, zoning off as you do. He would give you the cold shoulder if he were pissed off enough. If you were angry or mad, he would refuse to talk to you until you’ve calmed down. He does not like yelling. He would want to calmly talk things out. He would express his feelings quietly, and timid, and if he felt like he was getting too emotional, he would just bottle it up again. On some occasions, he is so overwhelmed, he cries. He would get bored with fighting though, wanting to be spending his time with you doing anything but. He would employ the Lily and Marshall method from How I Met Your Mother where they “pause” a fight  and forget about arguing for a period of time before “unpausing” and dealing with it. 

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You would have to spell out the exact reasons why you’re mad or upset with him. It would take a while for him to realize that he’s done something wrong, just because he is so focused on making you happy, he doesn’t understand the concept of doing something that would warrant you being unhappy. If you ended up fighting about something, he would listen to you, but he wouldn’t believe what you’re saying, thinking that what he has done was not that bad, or worthy of an argument. Regardless of how he felt about he argument, he would try and rectify it as fast as he can. He would make you a mix tape with songs on it that express how he is feeling because he feels he can better communicate through music. 

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Yugyeom would love a good argument. He would stay up for hours, yelling back and forth. He was just so stubborn, he would rarely give in. Depending on the kind of argument, he would either be rage yelling with anger, or cry yelling. He would be exhausted after some time though, and the only thing he would want is you. He would then employ his looks, trying to get you to forgive him by being cute and trying to forget the fight even happened at all. 

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Bambam would taunt you during a fight, trying to cut as low as possible. He would pull out all the receipts, determined to prove you wrong, even when you weren’t. He would be relentless in his views, regardless of yours. He would be the one to storm out, angry and leave you, not returning or for a while. And when he does return, he would still want to rehash everything. He would be the biggest guilt tripper ever, trying to make you feel bad, turning the argument around to make you the bad guy. When he got bored with arguing, he would result in trying to joke about it all. 

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Other Got7 Scenarios:


It's Time [ANGST] Pt. 1

Pairing: Mark Tuan x Reader

Genre: Angst ;;

Summary: When Mark realizes it’s time….

Word count: 961


“I’d rather see you smile than see you hurting. Even if it pains me.” He hummed, cupping your cheek as his thumb gently caresses it. “I don’t know, Mark. I like you. I really do but I don’t know the reason why I can’t accept you.” You replied, looking away to avoid his gaze. Mark has been courting you for years now but you believed that it was just wrong to accept him. It has been two years from now since your last break up and it really did tore you apart. It was not your fault but the guy made you believe that you were the reason why he broke up with you. You swore that you will just enjoy your life. No love… No more… During your recovery, Mark was there at your side. He would always run to your house if ever you were having anxieties. He would stay there until you’re sleeping. He would go to you if you were hurting. Mark is pained, seeing you like this but he would pull you out of your misery. He tried to court you, asking for multiple times if you’d give him a chance but he always get the same answer, ‘no’. You tried to push him away but he would be there and stay for you. It went to a point that you were ignoring him for days but he would just follow you around. Sneaking to help you even if you’re trying to push him away.

Your heart would contract and your body would be weak if you see him around but it was your desire to go away as well. You were confused, you don’t know what to do. On the other hand, Mark was hurting. Seeing you walking away from his hold. It was as if his life depends on you. He also knew why you became like this. He’s well aware that it’s his fault.

Mark had a girl before you started to become an unstable wreck. You guessed that everyone would want to have the relationship he had. But you know that their relationship wasn’t healthy at all. The girl cheated numerous times and played with Mark’s feelings, whilst he loved her for too much and grew attached to her. Mark was more afraid of being left behind by the girl, rather than being cheated. This was his downfall. Mark would keep quiet to all of his friends about what really is behind their relationship except for you. He has been with you since childhood and he would always go to you if he was in trouble. Little did he know, he was slowly falling for you.


I was staring outside the window when I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I tried to smile when I looked up to see Jackson. “Hey man. Are you okay?” He asked while we do our usual handshake. Aside from (Y/N), Jackson is also my closest friend here in the university. I guess he’s really good at reading my mind that he clicked his tongue then looks at where I was looking. “Is it (Y/N)?” “Guessed right.” He hums then covers the window with a paper, turning my gaze to him with a slightly furrowed brows. “How do you feel when you don’t see her?” I looked down then pursed my lips while I fiddle with my fingers. “Hurt…” “Then what about now?” He asked, removing the paper from the window. A small smile went to my lips, seeing (Y/N)’s small figure at the field. I thought my smile would hold on for a really long time but then it slowly faded away. It turned into the opposite and everything felt heavier. I remembered every word she said to me. All those bittersweet memory, it came back but I felt deeply hurt. So I looked at Jackson before looking down as I felt tears forming at the brim of my eyes. “More hurt than before…” Jackson sighed deeply before smiling. “It’s time to think before it’s too late. Is it still love or is it just attachment now?” He chuckled softly then ruffled my hair before fixing it. “You are handsome and you have a good heart. It’s time for you to let her go and realize things on her own.” He said before standing up then went back to his chair. It got me into thinking if I am ready to let her go or no. Should I or should I not? A soft sigh went past my lips before I messed with my hair then rested my head against my arms.


It was dismissal and I immediately took my phone out to send a message to (Y/N). My hands were trembling and I kept on biting my lower lip. I held on to the fabric of the pocket of my pants as I waited at the park in front of our university. I looked up at the sky before a soft voice called my name. “Mark?” “Hey there, (Y/N).” I said, testing out her name one last time with my lips. “You said we’ll talk? What’s up?” She asked. Her tone sounds different. It’s really cold, sad, and  one thing is for sure. She knows something is up. “I’m here to say goodbye.” I muttered, just enough for her to hear. “What? Is this like a drama for you? The line 'it’s not you, it’s me’ is already overused. Where’s your originality?” I took a deep breath and released a soft sigh. “Say whatever you want…” She’s crying. Small sobs went past her lips and tears were streaming down her cheeks. Oh how much I wanted to pull her into my arms and hug her tightly but no. It’s time to say goodbye…

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Christmas Drabbles


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Christmas Drabbles

ALL WORKS WRITTEN BY:  Kendal from passionate-noona (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧