Where do I even begin? Yugyeom dropped his jacket like he was fucking born for sexy dance. Bambam losing his shit in the back is me. Jaebum ran from a mile away because he instinctively knew what came next. Jaebum and Jackson dead ass sat on Yugyeom to stop him from humping the floor. Jackson calling for security is also also me. I still want an encore.

cr: @viriri1212


[INFO] Bambam will be in a SBS drama, Jealousy Incarnate. Watch his first cameo here.


twelve & two. | part seven
[bts x got7 x reader]
genre: sibling!au / angst

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part seven: big brothers always know best.

authors note: omfg HI I’m so excited and happy that I’m finally able to update more frequently HEHE YAY anywayssss I hope you guys enjoy this part and as always feedback is appreciated!! LOVE YOUUUU 

Please don’t ever feel bad for wanting to know Korean because of your favorite Kpop group. My mom, who is fluent in both English and Spanish, told me that the main reason she learned Spanish when she was a teen was because of a popular Latin band in the 70’s and now she gets paid more for knowing another language that she uses everyday. So don’t ever think that learning a new language because of something you like is a terrible thing to do. Whether you stop liking Kpop at some point or not, you still have this skill that will benefit you in the end and help you enjoy a different culture.