Norway to switch off FM radio.

Norway’s Minister of Culture has announced that the country will be the first in the world to switch off FM radio, beginning in 2017. Data shows the country has 22 national channels on Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) radio, and only 5 on FM radio.


Hozier Interview with Z90.3 at Coachella

I’m going to be doing a radio show live. If you want to listen in, just click my link or type in and click the ‘Stream Live’ option on the front page. If you want to call in, you can use the number (802)-728-1515 – I’ll be DJ Agrippa. I go live in 9 minutes!

You may not know it but most of today’s smartphones have FM radios inside of them. But the FM chip is not activated on two-thirds of devices. That’s because mobile makers have the FM capability switched off.

The National Association of Broadcasters has been asking mobile makers to change this. But the mobile industry, which profits from selling data to smartphone users, says that with the consumer’s move toward mobile streaming apps, the demand for radio simply isn’t there.


Demi Lovato discusses being a Disney role model and overcoming her struggles

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This isn’t quite tarot, but it’s great for lovers of stories, theatre, dark humor and the occult. My wonderful friend Luke, who is really on the forefront of honest, amazing, wild, geeky and non-pretentious theatre in New York, has teamed together with his co-conspirator Sara to create The Undeadly Podcast Network - a podcast full of creative, unique shows that challenge the expectations of your normal network. His IndieGoGo only has TWO WHOLE DAYS LEFT for funding. While they decided to try Flexible Funding, I have been informed that they have received enough to cover equipment and are looking good to pay the rest out of pocket. The network IS happening, so your money will NOT go to waste if you elect to help them cover some more of their expenses. 

Luke is the mastermind behind The World Domination Hour, an evil-themed podcast that will be seeing a revival on this network. He has also fundraised, produced and directed several successful short films and stage productions. If you are curious about his production credentials, he has a Theatre degree from Emerson College, and if you are skeptical about his nerd cred, I met him back in 2008 while he was cosplaying Kristoph Gavin from Ace Attorney. I’ve personally read some of his plays and I sincerely think Luke has written some of the freshest and most interesting pieces of theatre to come out of NYC to date. 

Included in his works is Revenant, a ghost story live performance that I contributed to. Revenant is the inspiration for the show Dark Rides, which I will also be contributing to on the network. If you’ve been enjoying Tarotpocalypse and want to hear more of my work, or if you just like good radio, eerie stories, villainous music, fun wordplay and great comedy, this is the crew to check out. 


So the Calgary Expo CALLED THE POLICE  on Honey Badger Radio for having a meet-up in a PUBLIC PARK.  Seriously, sue the shit out of this crappy convention.  Can someone explain to me when Canada became a communist police state?  These people didn’t do anything other than politely disagree about feminism during a panel about fucking comic books and put up a GamerGate logo on a booth they spent $10,000 to get that they were forced to take down hours later with no refund.  Fucking scary shit.