170518 Cultwo Show

eyewitness account: “around last november, near my house where the children play, this tall and handsome young man in a simple hoodie outfit, read books with the children, peeled mandarins, and played well with them - and it was VIXX’s Leo. I was surprised when I realized. It seemed like he really likes children. Is that somewhere you go often? It was pretty to see (you) laughing and playing with the children.

dj: was there a nephew you knew there? peeling mandarins for them isn’t something easy 
leo: that… at a orphanage… went to play (with them)
dj: you went?
leo: yes yes
dj: ohhhhh 
dj: do you go there often?
leo: yes when time allows

(cr. @yuu-jin​ / @leochaa )






FMラジオから、サマンサの「emotion」や シックスペンス・ノン・ザ・リッチャーの「kiss me」の流れる、長閑な日曜日の出来事でした♪


Every year for Mother’s Day I give my wife a “faux-album” of Harper’s greatest songs from the previous year (she normally sings these songs in the bath and I write them all down). So here is Harper Grace’s 3rd studio (bathroom) album: “Who Moved the Ranch Sauce out of my Bedroom?”

Track List:

1. Rocket A**hole (She was instantly yelled at for this one)

2. You forgot that I never forget

3. Cabbage and Fire

4. You think I’m trouble… But I’m not so bad

5. You can blame me, but I never got some love

6. Thor Thor Thor, welcome to the kidnap store

7. Let’s get crazy enough to forget our language

8. Who moved the ranch sauce out of my bedroom?

9. Smoochely Smoochely Smooch!

10. I just can’t resist that stinky smell on your face

11. I stepped in sleeping pancakes yesterday! You said it’s gonna hurt me less some day

12. Airport cool farm

13. I love that I have to hate you

14. On a dark river with… nobody

15. I probably saw you on the radio

16. I was just put in prison for 50 years for falling in love with a stranger i hardly knew

17. Your brain turns me into a monster… a love monster

18. I’ll sell your apartment, I’ll make you all the money, I’ll make all your dreams come true

19. Magic Princess Aliens of the land of God and Earth

20. You make me want to throw myself away

21. I’m a girl with a brain and I like to save the day!