[On the left, a mermaid speaks enthusiastically into a radio station microphone.  On the right, a piece of station equipment has addition and subtraction problems on the buttons.] 

Mermaid Morgan is a radio hostess!  Do you want to help her run the station? 

Mq. & Mrs. is a queer/trans coloring book in progress that only uses real people as models!  It’s meant to be kid-friendly and really fun.  New pages from the book are published every Sunday at noon. Interested in modeling for a page? Model applications are now open. See our site or FAQ for more info. 

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Hanazawa Kana Teased by Sawashiro Miyuki

Radio show: Durarara!! Radio (episode 21)
Personalities: Hanazawa Kana and Sawashiro Miyuki
Air date: December 10, 2010

Nowadays, it’s mostly HanaKana fantasizing about her kouhai (ie: YuiKaori). But it used to be that everyone else teased her. DRRR!! radio is full of gems like this one.

Sawashiro Miyuki: I actually like you more than I first thought, Hanazawa-san ❤

Hanazawa Kana: #%$&%()!@#$(%$!!!!! **laughs*

*they both laugh*

Miyuki: She’s covering her face with her hands… She’s so embarassed right now that she’s covering her face using both her hands!

Kana: *THUD* Ouch! *laughs*

Miyuki: [says that Kana smacked herself against something]

Kana: I… actually really like Sawashiro-san… *laughs*

Miyuki: *laughs*


[Eng Sub Full] 140110 Jang Yoonju’s Rooftop EXO Kai & Chanyeol

The Only Person in the World Who Had Ohno Satoshi's New Phone Number

Arashi’s leader Ohno Satoshi has always been seen as a rather mysterious figure. Few know about how he is off-camera, and one of those privileged few is NEWS’s Kato Shigeaki. Both of them enjoy fishing, and their friendship have gone beyond just the typical Johnny’s senior-junior relationship.

On his own radio program “Sorashige Book” (FM Yokohama), Kato described a personally shocking episode related to Ohno that occurred last year on November 26, Ohno’s birthday. When he sent Ohno a “happy birthday” message, it wouldn’t go through. He tried again with a shorter message and it still didn’t go through. Because he really wanted to send the message, Kato decided to pull some tricks. (the ridiculously funny episode was mentioned previously by Ninomiya and Ohno himself)

He said, “Who do you think would definitely know Ohno-kun’s phone number? There is only one person. The owner of the ship. The owner of the ship that the two of us take to go fishing. The owner must know!”

The owner of the ship is the person who’s taken care of the two idols when they go on fishing. He often sends information on fishing seasons to the two of them. Kato though, “Ohno-kun definitely wants the fishing information, so he will definitely tell the ship owner his new phone number.” and so he sent a message to the owner asking for Ohno’s new phone number and sent Ohno the birthday message, “I couldn’t send you a message because you changed your phone number so I asked the owner for it. Happy birthday! Sorry I went to ask for your number.” and instead Ohno apologized profusely.

However, as a Johnny’s who has even stayed over at Ohno’s house, Kato felt sad that he even lost to the ship owner in terms of how close a friend he is to Ohno.

And now Kato has a brand new problem: He is currently costarring in “Shitsuren Chocolatier with Matsumoto Jun but he still doesn’t have his number. He is still deciding when the best time to get his number.

Long time, no see folks! I’ve been scheming a few things with Frank recently and felt a little bad that this place has gotten so dusty. So I whipped something up! And then it turned into more than whipping something up as I spent most of the night working on this oops.

Either way, I hope y'all enjoy it and I hope I can share some more stuff in the near future! And let’s hope Frank can get to a safe spot before that door fully opens and the turret can get him…