got7: yugyeom


IM SCREAMINGGGG 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 he is My Spirit Animal

“So when u need rest you need to control it yourself and tell someone like your manager and GET REST and if they don’t know I will personally Go there and SMACK EM MYSELF ”

Also lets not ignore “is great to be popular and busy yet but what’s more important is your health ” and Jackson liked 😊

if they win tomorrow Jinyoung gets to hand GOT7 the award and Jackson will be able to receive the award for the first time this comeback! come on guys we can do this! it’d be an amazing milestone for the Never Ever era!!!!! WE CAN DO THIS!!!!! STREAM NEVER EVER!!!!!

Got7 Reaction To Finding Your Tumblr Blog About Them

Jackson: Jackson would have already known that you were a huge fan of Got7 before you started dating, so him finding your old blog dedicated to him wouldn’t be that much of a surprise. Of course he may be a little taken aback by some of the content you posted or re-blogged, but overall he would be pretty laid back about it all.

“Well of course you had a blog dedicated to me, Jagi-yah. I mean, what GOT7 fan doesn’t?”

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Mark: At first Mark would be really shocked when finding your blog, it just wasn’t something he would have ever expected you to have. But the moment he scrolled through it and seen all the amazing and sweet things you said about him and his members he would be in love, even going as far as asking you if you would ever consider restarting it again.

“Aww, babe, you’re so cute. Why don’t you ever say these things to me in person?”

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JB: JB would be more conscious than anything. Of course he wouldn’t hate that you had a blog, and he wouldn’t be mad at you for it, but he would be a little wary of some of the things you posted or re-blogged. He just wouldn’t want you to get in trouble at school or work if anyone were to find out the kind of stuff you were posting. It was just his natural instinct as a leader.

“I’m glad that you thought I was hot enough to write an entire post about how I’d be in bed, but I’m not so sure your boss would appreciate it….or your school….or your parents.”

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Youngjae: Youngjae would be in shock. Finding your blog dedicated to him is the last thing he would have ever expected to happen and the whole concept of it in general would be completely foreign to him. He wouldn’t really know what to say or how to react. He would just kind of sit there, looking at your post and wondering if there was anything else he didn’t know about you.

 “You don’t have one of these for the other members, do you?”

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Jinyoung: The moment Jinyoung found your old blog dedicated to him he would have a blast. He would spend hours scrolling through your imagines and scenarios and reactions and would take the time to playfully tease you about every single one of them. He would find the fact that you have a blog about him super adorable and amusing and he would love messing with you about it every chance he got.

“Aww, babe, I didn’t know you liked me that much. I may be able to spare you and your friends an autograph, if you’d like.”

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BamBam: BamBam would be super into it. He would love the fact that people made blogs dedicated to him and he would want to know every little thing about it. He would make you teach him all the lingo, the rules, and would read every single thing you, and most other fan blogs, posted about him. By the end of the night he would be so equipped in the land of K-Pop blogging that he would be qualified enough to start doing it himself if he wanted to.

“Okay, so wait, what’s the difference between an imagine and scenario again?”

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Yugyeom: Like Jackson, Yugyeom would have already known about your intense love for him and Got7 before you started dating, so he really wouldn’t be that surprised. He would find the fact that you had a blog dedicated to him super adorable and would have the best time looking through your post and making fun of all the cute little hashtags you used.

“#YugyeomIsBae. Seriously? You used the word bae? Do we need to have a talk about this, because I’m slightly worried about your health?”

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