got7: yugyeom

Oh, Noona

Summary: Just some pure smut between Yugyeom and his Noona.
Members: Yugyeom x Reader
Type: Smut
Length: 802

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ย โ€œJagi,โ€ Yugyeom whispered as he pulled you close to him.

You couldnโ€™t look him in the eyes yet, not ready to give him what he wanted.ย 

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ok I’m gonna assume that in this scenario, you’re dating them, but if you want something else, I’ll write it, just ask!!


 Mark would be so touched when he noticed that he was your lock screen, even if it was a bad (meme) picture of him. He’d just be overjoyed that he was a big enough part of your life that you decided to have something to remember him by every time you used your phone. He’d probably be really smiley around you for an hour or so and you’d wonder what was up, but he wouldn’t say anything. That said, he’s probably going to set his lock screen to a picture of you (if he hadn’t already), but it would be an absolutely horrendous picture and you’d beg him to change it to anything else 


Jaebum wouldn’t say anything to you about it, but would feel really touched that you considered him important/liked him enough to want to see him whenever you used your phone. He’d probably sneak up on you and pull you into a tight hug for a bit, saying “Just because,” when you asked why. He’d definitely set his lock screen and home screen to a picture of you that he took while on a date and you weren’t looking. And sometimes he would unlock his phone just to look at it with this little smile on his face and it’s cute very very cute


What have you done. Jackson would be elated when he realized he was your lock screen, probably screeching and jumping around a bit. He’d either compliment your choice of lock screen, saying he looks sexy, or he’d complain that he looks ridiculous and would make you take photos of him as he posed in various places to replace your lock screen. Jackson probably already had a selfie of the two of you set as his, but would feel really touched by your simple  action even if he was annoying as hell about it


With Jinyoung, it depends on what the lock screen picture is. If it’s a sweet candid you took when he didn’t know, he’d feel nice knowing that you liked him enough to make such a small, but meaningful, gesture. If it was something embarrassing, he’d cringe and probably ask why you had decided on that particular picture because it’s wonderful that’s why. I think he’d see this as a milestone in your relationship, marking the point where you two liked each other  enough to want to see each other all the time 


a/n: can we talk about how they move their heads at the same time in this gif cause it’s kinda trippy

Youngjae would love that he was your lock screen, and would show you his lock screen, which would be a picture of you when you were sleeping or something. You would probably say you looked bad in the photo, but he would refuse to change it, so you’d set yours to a worse picture of him, which would launch a lock screen war. Each of you would try to find the worst possible photo of the other to set as your lock/home screen. It’d be really cute, with both of you laughing at the absolutely horrendous photos you managed to find before eventually taking a thousand couple selfies and deciding to use one of those


BamBam would tease you relentlessly, saying you must love him a lot to want to look at him all the time. Of course, he can’t blame you, he’s gorgeous. Unless it was a meme picture of him, he’d probably remark on how sexy he looked. if it was a meme photo it should be he’d find an equally meme picture of you to set as his lock screen and would be so proud of how dank you two were, truly the greatest couple on the planet. That said, I definitely think BamBam is the the type to love couple selfies, so he’d probably change his lock screen to a new selfie of the two of you every other week and make you do it, too little shit


Yugyeom would tease you, too, but wouldn’t do it for very long. He’d find it absolutely adorable that you had him as your lock screen and would be all happy and smiley for a while. He’d show you his lock screen, which was of you eating ice cream or something similar and say that he loves the picture because he remembers that date every time he opens his phone. Then, he’d probably make himself cringe from saying such a cheesy thing but hey he really likes you so