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Of all their switched roles in songs this is my fave 😻

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can you do a got7 demon au? i really love your work by the way! <3

it’s about to be jinyoungs birthday so here is a demon!jinyoung
(this slightly resembles twilight and i only realized after i finished writing it rip) 

  • nightmare demon whose ability is to enter someones dreams and manifest into their fear to turn it into a nightmare
  • high-ranking, sort of like a duke in the demon realm because his family has been around for centuries
  • the park demon siblings are not to be messed with, apparently his sisters are known for causing extremely bloody nightmares while jinyoung is more of a psychological nightmare bringer who likes to dig and pry at peoples insecurities 
  • am i thinking park jinyoung with cool twisted horns? yeah i am 
  • OH and he’d definitely be opulent like gold rimmed glasses and velvet capes, candlelight dinner and wine kinda demon but the dinner is just the amount of fear he’s accumulated through nightmares condescended in red wine or something like that 
  • tldr; jinyoung is a Fancy Demon who tortures your mind
  • and demons are able to roam the world during the day, hiding their horns and glowing eyes for normal, but usually incredibly handsome, human disguise
  • and that’s how you come across park jinyoung, the intelligent cold hearted college student that everyone - and i legit mean everyone - has a crush on
  • who does’t even take notes in class but can solve an organic chemistry problem in his head 
  • while it takes you at least two weeks to get down the concepts,,,,
  • and like anyone else, you’re entranced by him
  • tall, beautiful, smart and yet,,,,,,,so detached from everyone but his two older sisters and another mysterious student named jaebum
  • and you think you must be delusional when you catch him staring at you, dark eyes making his gaze feel heavy,,,,,,hungry,,,,
  • that night, as you toss and turn in your dorm you see flashes of jinyoung’s face
  • the profile you see in class, the flickering of something almost red in his empty eyes, for a moment you think you can see sharp horns protruding from his thick, dark hair
  • you wake up breathless, a word stuck in your head: demon, demon, demon
  • but you brush it off, stress causes nightmares - that’s what webmd said when you checked it
  • but it happens the next night
  • jinyoung’s profile is closer, he smiles - teeth like a vampires - aura like heavy mist
  • demon, demon, demon, demon, run away! 
  • you turn harshly in your sleep, groaning in slight pain till you wake up breathless again
  • it goes on for a week, your roommate gets worried, you get too scared to sleep
  • and each time,,,,,jinyoung moves his seat closer and closer in class
  • till one afternoon he’s sitting beside you. you can smell his cologne, see the curve of his lips, “are you -” you start, barely a whisper
  • jinyoung turns his head and for the first time, you see him smile
  • “i couldn’t see the board. ill sit here from now on.”
  • that night you see jinyoung’s full body in your dreams. he isn’t wearing what he does on campus, he’s wearing what looks like something from the 18th century. somehow, he’s more handsome than before
  • he puts his hands on your waist and you feel how tight his grasp is but you don’t ask him to loosen it
  • actually, you don’t think you can ask him
  • it’s like he’s put a spell on you, you can only follow his lead as he moves from side to side in what you assume is some kind of dance
  • “well, tell me”
  • he spins you around and catches you in the same tight grip
  • “what are you afraid of - i can’t see it, tell me.”
  • you can’t move your lips, so you can’t answer him. his features, even the ash black horns and eyes rimmed with red, have you frozen
  • absolutely terrified and yet completely enamored 
  • jinyoung repeats his question, but you just look at him with what you assume must be eyes that give him his answer
  • but jinyoung doesn’t seem to get it - that in every way you have a gut fear of him, you keep making it up with curiosity and pure want
  • you and jinyoung keep dancing, till you wake up to your roommate’s alarm clock
  • you get to class before jinyoung is there, and sitting in your seat you briefly consider moving to the back
  • but before you can finish your thought jinyoung is beside you
  • he catches your gaze, one arm propped on the desk and under his chin
  • “what are you afraid of?”
  • he whispers so the rest of the class can’t hear
  • your mouth dries up and jinyoung reaches out to touch your cheek, cold fingers against your blushing skin
  • “are you afraid of me or -”
  • his eyes linger on your lips
  • “are you afraid of falling in love?”
  • you gasp, jinyoung’s hand falls from your cheek just in time for the professor to walk in 
  • you sit for the entire class, unmoving, watching jinyoung from the corner of your eye
  • when it’s time to go he puts his hand on your textbook and smiles, his teeth are slightly sharp like in your dreams
  • “ill see you tonight, love” and with that he turns around and you hear that chanting in your head demon, demon,,,,,,,,,demon
  • but the beating of your excited heart drowns it out 
GOT7 reaction to you baking something and bringing it to the studio

Anon said:  Hey! Can I request a got7/Astro Reaction to their s/o baking something for them and bringing it to the studio for the band to eat? (Do you get what I mean?) I hope you have a wonderful day!

- HIII! HOPE YOU ENJOOOY and you haveee a wonderful day too my love ^^

Jackson: “Who brought food?…. Y/NNNNN” *gif*

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Mark: “MmmMmmM! Yesssssss” *excited af*

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Jaebum: *already eating* “It’s amazing Y/N. Thank you” *gif*

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Youngjae: “FOOOD!” *smiles*

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Bambam: “OOoOOOOOO” *smells da food*

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Jinyoung: “You are the best person ever oh my GOD!” 

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Yugyeom: *so happy he starts dancing*

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How Would Got7 React to Another Idol Flirting With Their S/O

Annonymous requested: HELLO! Can you pretty please do a GOT7 reaction to another famous idol flirting with their s/o despite their s/o making it clear they aren’t interested. Thanks a million!


Mark would be pissed, even though he tried to remain polite. Neither Got7 or Monsta X knew about your relationship. But seeing Changkyun shamelessly flirting with you after you told him no, made his blood boil. You got up from the clamped couch but your hair was stuck in Changkyun’s bracelet and you let out a surprised yelp as you were pulled back into the couch by the bracelet. Mark was in front of Changkyun in seconds, and he ripped his hand away from you ( of course he ripped a chunk of your hair out ) “What the hell are you doing?” He yelled while pulling Changkyun from the couch. Shownu and Jackson quickly pulled Mark off of him. After he finds out that your hair just got stuck he’d be very embarrassed and apologetic, but he lowkey thinks he deserves it after he kept flirting after you told him no. Of course, he exposed your relationship to both Got7 and Monsta X.

”Get your filthy hands off of her”

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Jaebum never had an issue with Jay Park but seeing him sitting beside you to j.y.p’s birthday with an arm around your shoulder and a confident smirk plastered on his face made him clench his fists. Apparently, Jay didn’t hear the news about the two of you dating. Jay leaned in and whispered something in your ear, your eyes got wide as you shot up from your seat. Jaebum could see that you were about to yell in his face, so before you could say anything, Jaebum got up from his seat and wrapped a comforting arm around your waist. “wanna switch seats?” he whispered into your ear and you nodded as you sat down between Jaebum and BamBam. Jaebum sat down and shot Jay Park a poisonous glare.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t even look at Y/N ever again.”

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You were excited to go to China with Jackson for the first time. You were going to meet some of the people Jackson trained with when he was a trainee in China. They were all very fun to be around and their Korean was really good so you could easily understand them. You guys decided to eat at a cafe and as soon as you got there you met some people that Jackson’s friend knew so you joined them. You sat down beside Jackson and when you looked to see the person beside you, you were shocked, it was Luhan! After he saw your surprised face he got really confident and he started flirting. You told him that you already had a boyfriend and you were just about to say that it was Jackson when Luhan cut you off “Well he doesn’t need to know if anything happens here? I bet he’s not with you” Jackson then shot up from his seat and started yelling at Luhan in Chinese, you actually thought that he was going to punch him. After a good 10 minutes of Jackson yelling and Luhan looking shook you decided to drag him out of there before his head exploded from all that yelling.

“He better not show his face around you again, I’ll make sure it’s the last thing he’ll do!”

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Jinyoung walked around the JYP building trying to find you. You had gotten lost trying to find the bathroom and now you weren’t answering your phone. He walked around the hallways trying to find you and then you answered your phone. He was about to talk to you when he heard a familiar voice. He recognized it as Jae from Day6. He was making small talk with you, and that’s when Jinyoung realized that you had no idea that you had answered his call. He listened to Jae talking about Day6 and his guitar, and his songwriting. You asked Jae for directions to the room that you last saw Jinyoung in, but he kept avoiding the question. “Probably trying to make her stay so he can keep flirting,” Jinyoung said and walked towards Day6′s studio. He kept listening and Jae insisted on showing you the studio and being the polite person you are you accepted. Jinyoung could hear that you were uncomfortable and just as you reached the studio, so did Jinyoung. He walked in and grabbed your hand, from Jae that was holding onto your sleeve. Jinyoung stopped in his tracks and gave Jae a long “imma kill you in your sleep” look before looking at you saying. “ I finally found you, babe” and dragged you out of there. You could see Jae’s face turn pale as he realized that Jinyoung probably was going to kill him in his sleep.

“Y/N, you’re too polite, you should’ve said that you’re my girlfriend.”

(Imagine Y/N instead of Mark)

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Youngjae was sitting beside a tipsy Namjoon in the middle of BTS’s dorm. Got7 had been over for dinner and now everyone was more or less tipsy. Youngjae wasn’t drunk be he definitely wasn’t sober either. He was talking with Namjoon about a new song he was writing but his eyes were focused on Taehyung and Jungkook running around the living room. Taehyung was obviously drunk and soon he landed on the couch beside you. He hugged you tightly and nuzzled his face into your neck. “Y/N always smell soooo goood” he said with a dazed look in his eyes. You tried to push him off of you, “Tae, I think you’ve had too much to drink.” you said, but he just threw his body on top of yours and rested his head on your chest. “Y/N’s so soft,” he said as he closed his eyes. Youngjae shot up from his seat and pulled Taehyung off you. “I think it’s time for bed now, hyung” Youngjae said as he dragged the now passed out Taehyung. He tried not to get mad at Taehyung, he knew he was just drunk. When he got back to the livingroom Youngjae got kind of clingy. He needed to kind of show the other drunk men that you weren’t up for grabs.

“He’s just drunk, right?..”

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BamBam was in a bad mood as Got7 just lost the 400 m sprint at the ISAC. To Johnny from NCT. BamBam was pouty. Especially since to was the first time you were here with your newly debuted girl group. BamBam was talking to the rest of Got7 when he noticed Johnny walking over to you with a confident smile. He started making small talk with you. BamBam slowly made his way over to your group and started talking with your band members. Your and BamBam’s relationship wasn’t public so BamBam tried not to look too much like a jealous boyfriend even though he very much was. BamBam tried to talk to you but Johnny kept sending BamBam dirty looks and butting into the conversation. Johnny put a hand on your shoulder, and you calmy brushed it away. Making Johnny blush from embarrassment. BamBam then put an arm around you and all you could do was smile. Johnny then walked away. Johnny tried talking to you all day and by the end, when all the paparazzi went home BamBam walked over to Johnny and with the most satisfied look said, “please stop flirting with my girlfriend.” As on cue, you walked over beside him and he put an arm around your shoulder before walking away. The story would be told countless times to everyone BamBam knows.

“Well, you could just learn to take a hint and see that she was obviously not interested.”

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Yugyeom was looking at you through the huge makeup mirror. You were talking to Ken from Vixx. Your co-host for the day at Music Bank. You were nervous and you had decided to go meet him. Ken had started talking to you right away. He started talking about how much he admired your group, and your songs. You couldn’t help but giggle and blush, as you were not used to these kinds of compliments. Yugyeom who was performing on Music Bank was clenching his jaw looking at you. When his makeup is done he walks over to the two of you, he hears the two of you talking about you already having a boyfriend. Yugyeom wished the two of you good luck before joining the rest of Got7. Yugyeom was horrified to see Ken keep saying flirtatious lines on air, and you looking really uncomfortable. When you had a break during a performance, Yugyeom walked over to Ken. “I thought she told you she had a boyfriend,” he said through clenched teeth, both you and Ken were horrified. Yugyeom didn’t even use formal language. “It’s in the script.” You said quietly and Yugyeom blushed really hard while apologizing over and over again to Ken.

“Well, how was I supposed to know! He enjoyed it way too much anyway…”

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I just want to say real quick: I don’t think any of the idols I wrote about would have kept flirting with a girl after she said she wasn’t interested! I tried to make all of them look like misunderstandings because I couldn’t think of any idol that’d actually do that… Other than that, I hope you enjoyed it!

-Admin Satansoo


Happy birthday to our adorable, beautiful, charming, charismatic and wonderful leader! Thank you for being the amazing person you are; Thank you for loving and taking such good care of your group and LOVES. You, Kim Jonghyun, always will be the best leader for us! Hope you have a great birthday! We will always be with you. Happy Birthday Agumon ♥ #JUNIORROYALDAY

Nu'est's reaction when you tell them you love them

hey there (:

JR: aww you’re cute. i love you too *smiles*

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Aron:  love you too dear *winks and makes a heart*

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Baekho:  *gets shy* love you too

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Minhyun: *happy dance and shows you a heart* goes back

Ren: i … love you too *looks a little embarrassed down*

hope you like it (: