BamBam: When I first came to Korea, I was so lonely. But now that we have become a team like this… I sometimes think, “Ah, I’ve got another family here.”

i kno got7 was busy as hell backstage gettin ready 4 the golden disc awards but they still found the time to do a v live n talk to us like??? They had to get on stage 10 mins later and they had no obligation or reason 2 go on v live but they did it anyway just to see us n see how we were doing. They r the cutest the bestest the most loving n fun ass ppl, the camera was literally shifting n shaking the whole ass time n they were just doing  silly filters n chillin. Like nothing even happened really but just that simple gesture of makin time to talk 2 us no matter whats going on is one of the sweetest, heart warmin, personable thoughtful things ever?? anyways i love them w all my heart 

When GOT7 starts liking you backstage at a concert

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I changed it just a bit:) Instead of you both liking each other, I just did the boy liking you!

Jackson:  *skips the introductions and goes straight for the kiss* (you’re JB)

Jaebum: *gets your attention by working out his hot muscles right in front of you*

Jaebum: *sees you look over at him and immediately gets up and makes sure you get a good look at his abs*

Jinyoung: Y/N, is your mic belt on correctly? *proceeds to roughly check if your mic is in the right position like the sneaky raunchy boy he is*

Mark: *you are right next to him so he can’t give up the opportunity to hold your hand*

Bambam: *does what any hormonal teenage boy does: acts but doesn’t think* but i am not complaining

Youngjae: *doesn’t want to get too close to you, but sends his love and hearts from far away*

Yugyeom: *walks up to you and introduces himself* Hi, I’m Yugyeom.

Y/N: I know :)

Yugyeom: *gets super shy but suuuuuuper adorable*

Hope you enjoyed!! xx Thanks vtaekim for the suggestion:)

Ask me for scenarios and such :)

no offense but imagine a broken hearted, sorrowful and teary-eyed got7 backstage with their injured leader telling them how much they love him and miss him and don’t want him to leave. imagine them giving him hugs and being careful not to hug him too tight in order to not cause him any more pain. imagine jackson asking jaebum if he’s okay every five minutes, imagine poor little youngjae not even giving him a hug because he’s too scared. imagine jaebum talking to them all and trying to cheer them up because he hates to see them sad. imagine mark doing that little lip biting thing he does when he’s trying to keep his tears in. imagine a crying bambam or yugyeom. imagine jaebum crying because he feels bad for not being with them. wow i need a fucking moment


MAMA 2015 Backstage: GOT7 + BTS’ Blossoming Bromance