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Master list update! (Havnt been updating this and im sorry)

*Master list* -made July-27-2016 •always updating!

Jackson fluff:
—————————————————–– _Taes love_ part 3: —————————————————––
Tae Fluff:
—————————————————–– Bambam fluff: —————————————————––
Yugyeom fluff:
Mark short fluff:
Suga fluff:
Jin fluff:

Markjin smut:
Markson smut:
—————————————————–– Vmin (Taehyung and Jimin) —————————————————––
Jungkook smut:
& —————————————————–– Youngjae smut:
2jae smut:

~~~~~~~~~~~Fake text~~~~~~~~~~~~
Suga being amazing;
Got7 as your besties:
Dom jungkook smut:
—————————————————–– _Tae’s Love_ Part 1: —————————————————–– _Tae’s Love_ part2: —————————————————––
Jungkook group chat prank:
Yoongi sending a sexy pic to group chat by accident:
Sexting Yoongi:
Sexting Tae:
Sexting Jimin:
Sexting Kookie daddy af:
Sexting Jin:
Sexting Namjoon:
Sexting Jhope;
—————————————————–– “Underrated” BTS members when your sick: —————————————————–– Late night talks Jackson: —————————————————–– Lazy day x White x Kookie: —————————————————–– Everyday texts with Yuggie: —————————————————–– Jihoon/woozi cute: —————————————————––
BTS fuck boy texts:

Suga lazy day:
—————————————————–– Lazy day with Kookie x White: —————————————————–– Jeonghan X Harley Quinn: —————————————————––
G dragon x red x fashion: —————————————————–– Jimin coffee date:
—————————————————–– Cozy winter Hoshi: —————————————————––
Namjoon daddy kink:
—————————————————–– Jackson taking your relationship to the next level: —————————————————–– Movies with Tae: —————————————————–– —————————————————–– Late night walks with Jimin: —————————————————–– Cute Dinner date w/ Jin: —————————————————–– Sugakookie x Couple things: —————————————————–– Cute couples things with Woozi: —————————————————–– Youngjae Fireworks; —————————————————–– Cute couple things with mark:

~~~~~~~~~~Fake Snaps~~~~~~~~~~~~
Yoongi boyfriend snaps:

—————————————————–– Best friends kook 1 (need to find) —————————————————–– Best friends with Kook 2: —————————————————–– Namjoon sweet boyfriend: —————————————————–– Playful boyfriend Mark: —————————————————–– Tae Having a crush on you: —————————————————–– Jackson and you flirting: —————————————————–– Boyfriend chimchim: —————————————————–– Sexy daddy snaps Jaebum: —————————————————–– Boyfriend Hobi (Jhope): —————————————————–– Sweet coups: —————————————————–– YugBam as your besties: —————————————————–– Coco x Mark and Youngjae: —————————————————–– Yoongi x Kitten kink: —————————————————–– Jin x Daddy (very smutty pictures!: —————————————————––
"Backstage Heat" Got7 YoungJae x Reader

Backstage heat

YoungJae x Reader

Plot: YoungJae watched you dance on stage. It made him so hard and he couldn’t help himself.

You are becoming a bigger singer everyday. You have your bestfriend Jaebum to thank for that. He brought you to JYP and they loved you. You made your appearance about 5 months ago. You were surprised of the amount of people who liked you.

You were staying with Got7 for now until JYP could find you a place. You didn’t mind you loved the boys and you grew close to all of them. They all were so sweet and always flirty with you. It didn’t bother you unless it was YoungJae, you had one of the biggest crushes on him. JB always tease you about it and you kinda thought it was obvious so you thought YoungJae new.

Got7 and you were at Mama’s a big award show. You did your performance and watched got7’s from backstage, YoungJae looked so good! They boys were done for now and come off stage to where you were standing. They teased you and said how sexy you looked on stage. You laughed it off until YoungJae said you looked really good. He had something different about him. His eyes were darker and he wouldn’t stop staring at you.

The boys were busy watching the next performance, YoungJae pulled you to him and whispered in your ear “dance for me like you did on stage.” His voice was a kinda growl it sent shiver down your spine it was so sexy.

You smiled and did grinding up on him he grabbed your hips and softly kissed your neck. You bit your lip not trying to moan. You felt how hard he was witch turned you on even more. You turned so you faced him and before you knew it he had put his sweet soft lips to yours. He kissed you! You couldn’t tell if you were dreaming or not you had to be this wasn’t YoungJae.

He took your hand and said to follow him and you did. He brought you to a room with no one in it. You pushed you to one of the chairs and started to kiss you. He took your pants off quickly he couldn’t wait he wanted you so badly. He looked at you seriously “we have to be quiet.” You nodded and he proceeded to kiss your thigh. He started to suck on your thigh leaving a hickey. He left a few over your legs and stomach.

You had to put a sweatshirt over your face so your wouldn’t moan. You finally started to lick your folds driving you crazy because he was going so slow. “Fuck YoungJae” you said softly looking down at him. He smiled up at you. You never thought he could be like this but you loved it. He hummed into you the vibrations near your core made you arch your back. You couldn’t help leave out a moan.

He stopped and came up to you “I need to feel you” he said sexily. “I wanna feel you inside me” you replied moaning. He locked his lips to your as he slowly slid himself deep inside of you. He didn’t move for a few seconds it felt so good for him and you. You slowly moved your hips trying to get him to move. “I thought I heard someone.” He looked at you. Your face went red “be quiet” and with that he thrusted fast in and out of you. He hit your G spot instantly.

You grabbed him barring your face into his shoulder you bit down a little and he left out a grown. “You keep that up I’m gonna cum faster” he smirked. You grinned and as he picked up speed you dug your nails into his back “Jae” you were able to make come out. You couldn’t stop yourself and left out a load moan.

“Fuck y/n I’m gonna cum!” He thrusted faster and deeper. You grunted his member so deep inside of you. “I’m- im cumming!” You moaned loudly. “Me to!” He pulled out and went all over the floor. He huffed, he grabbed you and pulled you close. “Y/n.. Don’t tell JB..” His face red. He was back to normal and you giggle “promise” you kissed his nose witch made him redder.

“We have to do this more though.” you whispered and he giggled and nodded. You got dressed and headed back out. JB greeted you and hugged you “we’re have you two been.” YoungJae laughed nervously “I bit my lip and YoungJae helped me get it to stop.” JB smiled “good!” He put his arms around both of you “let’s go sit!” You both nodded and followed him Youngjaes face still beat red.

GOT7's Jackson Explains Why He Voted For Lee Dae Hwi On "Produce 101 Season 2"

GOT7’s Jackson Explains Why He Voted For Lee Dae Hwi On “Produce 101 Season 2”

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On November 3, Mnet aired the first episode of Wanna One’s new reality show “Wanna One Go: ZERO BASE,” which in part followed the group during their first overseas performance at KCON LA 2017.

The episode showed members Lee Dae Hwi and Hwang Min Hyun hanging out with GOT7’s Jackson backstage, where Jackson explained that he was friends with them.

Lee Dae Hwi said that Jackson was a good senior…

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When GOT7 starts liking you backstage at a concert

Gifs are not mine. Credit to all owners.

I changed it just a bit:) Instead of you both liking each other, I just did the boy liking you!

Jackson:  *skips the introductions and goes straight for the kiss* (you’re JB)

Jaebum: *gets your attention by working out his hot muscles right in front of you*

Jaebum: *sees you look over at him and immediately gets up and makes sure you get a good look at his abs*

Jinyoung: Y/N, is your mic belt on correctly? *proceeds to roughly check if your mic is in the right position like the sneaky raunchy boy he is*

Mark: *you are right next to him so he can’t give up the opportunity to hold your hand*

Bambam: *does what any hormonal teenage boy does: acts but doesn’t think* but i am not complaining

Youngjae: *doesn’t want to get too close to you, but sends his love and hearts from far away*

Yugyeom: *walks up to you and introduces himself* Hi, I’m Yugyeom.

Y/N: I know :)

Yugyeom: *gets super shy but suuuuuuper adorable*

Hope you enjoyed!! xx Thanks vtaekim for the suggestion:)

Ask me for scenarios and such :)

no offense but imagine a broken hearted, sorrowful and teary-eyed got7 backstage with their injured leader telling them how much they love him and miss him and don’t want him to leave. imagine them giving him hugs and being careful not to hug him too tight in order to not cause him any more pain. imagine jackson asking jaebum if he’s okay every five minutes, imagine poor little youngjae not even giving him a hug because he’s too scared. imagine jaebum talking to them all and trying to cheer them up because he hates to see them sad. imagine mark doing that little lip biting thing he does when he’s trying to keep his tears in. imagine a crying bambam or yugyeom. imagine jaebum crying because he feels bad for not being with them. wow i need a fucking moment


MAMA 2015 Backstage: GOT7 + BTS Collab. Rehearsal