Accidentally Telling the Members You Guys Are Dating (Hyung Line)

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GOT7 Kinks/ Turn Ons/ How they are in bed?

A/N: These are my personal opinions and don’t mean to offend anyone. It’s solely written for entertainment.

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  • He loves it when you wear outfits that emphasize your breast and hips
  • I personally think he’s more of a boob guy than an ass guy
  • He just loves to lay down and fondle with your boobs, massage them and twitch your nipples between the pad of his thumb and forefinger
  • I think he’s a switch, but leaning more towards a dom
  • There are days when he’s feeling the heat and just loves taking things in his hand
  • “Babygirl, I think you’ve been a bad girl these days, wearing revealing clothes while the boys are here.”
  • “I guess you deserve a punishment.”
  • But then, his hectic schedule tires him as well and he wants time to make up with you with some fun time
  • “Ride me, babygirl. Use me till as long as you want.”
  • He loves when you mark him (no pun intended) He’s very much into playful bites and kisses and hickeys
  • Not a fan of BDSM, but wouldn’t mind light bondage such as cuffing your hands to the bedpost or blindfold you


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  • Very much turned on when you’re passionate about something (since he’s an artist, he’s appreciative of such things)
  • More of an ass guy than boob
  • He loves to spank them, kneed the flesh between the surface of his palm
  • He’s a daddy dom and no one can convince me otherwise
  • Call him daddy and he’ll bust a nut to that one syllable
  • If you’re being bratty, he’ll deny your orgasm until you beg him about a thousand time
  • “Daddy, I-I’ll be a go-good girl for you. Please l-let me come”
  • Even if he lets you ride him, he’ll still be dominant af
  • Like, he’d have his hands on your waist, set the pace and thrust himself harder until your legs are shaking
  • Idk why but I see him liking it when your body just spasms due to the intensity of your orgasm hitting you
  • He loves it when you moan his name than when you scream it. Something about moaning seems so musical/melodic? to him
  • He’ll love to click photos of you in the morning, either naked or in his shirt so that he can see them when he’s on tour (they’re such a motivation for him)


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  • He loves a confident partner (because we often see him cheering others when they feel down)
  • Not gonna label him as a dom, sub or a switch but just say that he’s 100% a passionate lover
  • He loves to treat his partner, make it about them more than about him
  • E A T S Y O U O U T L I K E I T S T H E E N D O F T H E F U C K I N G W O R L D
  • Body worship
  • He loves praising you a lot and receiving it as well
  • Be it in the form of affectionate touches or the sounds you make
  • But I also see him as someone who has daddy kink?
  • I think the idea appeals to him since this kink is also about taking care of your partner
  • He’s very experimental; he’ll love to try out both of your kinks, fantasies
  • I see him being very affectionate during sex, touch you, kiss you and leave behind hickeys and marks
  • Very much into thigh riding
  • He’ll probably enjoy the thrill he gets from getting caught, so a little bit into public teasing (but no sex)


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  • Let me tell this out loud for the people in the back: He’s a fucking tease and a dom (no one can convince me otherwise)
  • He has a great peach himself and hence he’s an ass loving man that loves to touch yours a lot
  • I see him loving morning sex more than doing it at night since he loves feeling refreshed before draining his energy
  • Lingerie is a big turn on for him; he loves the aesthetic of it
  • Your moans are his biggest motivation
  • Receiving oral> giving; not that he doesn’t like pleasing you in bed but since he is tired most of the time because of his schedule, he love when you help him release his stress
  • Has daddy kink and is totally into spanking (like a lot)
  • “Has my baby being a bad girl lately?”
  • “Are you begging me to spank you by doing that?”
  • He maybe loves to have you lay down on the marble counter and eat you out good
  • And then bend you over and show you how much of a bad girl you’ve been
  • But he’s such a gentleman who loves to pamper you after the session is over
  • Aftercare is a must for him


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(He’s such a bub, it honestly melts my heart)

  • I won’t say he’s a dom or a sub, but he’s more into being equals with his partner in the sexual relationship
  • He loves it a lot when you ride him, letting him enjoy the view
  • Hold you, grab you, kiss you and mark you all he wants
  • A very touchy partner
  • He is a giver, pampering his partner is like his sole duty when it comes to sex
  • Very much into face riding, it gives a great view of your breasts, he’s able to pleasure you and hence an win-win situation for him
  • He’ll be a moaning mess tbh, I see him as someone who’s loud in bed
  • Has a secret obsession with you boobs, he just loves to fondle with them
  • Loves it when you’re the one to initiate the first move and secretly loves it when you tease him
  • He prefers slow and passionate sex over rough and fast sex
  • He’s into bondage, both giving and receiving
  • Even blindfolding


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  • Loves to dominate but also gives you the opportunity to have control over him
  • Probably the only one I see being into roleplay
  • Even if it has been a tiring day, he’ll come home and take the initiative of doing something creative
  • Gift you expensive lingerie, toys just for you to use them when he’s around
  • Love to hear you call him ‘Sir’ or 'Daddy’
  • He would love to shoot the both of you, create an atmosphere for the aesthetic appeal (candles and lights)
  • Food play? Maybe
  • Praise kink, loves to shower you with compliments cheering you up and also enjoys receiving it
  • Enjoys the view of you in something very revealing but you’re only allowed to wear it round him
  • Into sexual massages; he’s all in for aesthetic things and massages are something that he loves to receive to release his stress and the sexual part is an added bonus


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  • Being treated as the fragile, young member, his dominating yet caring side will be evident in his sex life
  • He’s is a romantic bub and I see him being very affectionate to his partner
  • He makes things about you when it comes to sex
  • A giver more than a receiver but wouldn’t say no to an amazing head
  • Has a thing for ass (loves to touch his members, loves to touch yours too)
  • Bathtub sex? Bathtub is what I picture as his favourite place to have sex
  • With the warm water to enjoy beneath and you above him, riding him towards both of your orgasms
  • He is very experimental, so he would try out new things to spice up the sex
  • He lovesss when he is balls deep into you and you have your legs wrapped around his waist
  • Scratches? Love them
  • Hickeys? More like gems around his and your body that he loves to look at
Movie Night

Request: “Your jaebum sweater one was just sooooo cuteee! I was wondering if you could do the same concept but with Jackson from got7″

Length: 233 words

Note: Not to toot my own horn but these are hekka cute lol,, send more !! 


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It had been weeks since you and Jackson had a night in with just the two of you. You both had a crazy week that once Friday night came around you agreed to just stay home and have a movie night. And much to your surprise when you got home Jackson was already busy in the kitchen.

You dropped your stuff off before heading towards him. “What’s all this,” you asked.

Jackson smiled and gathered you in a hug. “Just wanted to spoil you a bit since we’re staying in,” he kissed the top of your head. “I need you to go shower and get comfy while I finish up.” Before you could protest he spun you around and lightly smacked your butt before sending you on your way.

You quickly showered, not wanting to spend another minute from Jackson’s side. You dressed in one of Jackson’s’ hoodies before walking back.

The living room was all set up with blankets and pillows, and the tv was ready to go with a movie you and Jackson had been wanting to see. You plopped down on the couch across from Jackson. That didn’t last long because Jackson quickly gathered you in his arms to have you almost sitting in his lap.

He leaned down to lightly kiss your neck. “Is this my jacket?”

“Maybe,” you smiled.

“I think it looks better on you,” he smiled.

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anon said: I was wondering since requests are open could you do a best friend with Bambam/Yugyeom one please. Also I love your work and you’re really funny so keep the great work

all members: mark, jb, jackson, jinyoung, youngjae, bambam, [current: yugyeom]

all writing, bts masterlist, got7 masterlist

look at how cute my bb boy is. i dropped all of my uwus.

  • i don’t think that you would ever get sleep around yugyeom
  • he’s so high energy and always has stuff that he wants to do so like
  • you would always be out and about
  • and he would want to take you wherever he goes
  • he honestly doesn’t care if rumors come out about the two of you
  • he just eggs on the media more, no matter how much trouble he gets into
  • your favorite things to do together are creative based
  • he’d rather go bowling or putt putt golfing over going to the movies
  • you are constantly his source of encouragement for working out
  • which is why you (stupidly) agreed to go jogging with him in the mornings
  • and now he’s encouraged to do it just because he wants to laugh at you almost passing out bc you literally never exercise 
  • you’re constantly teasing each other
  • and playing pranks on each other
  • he’s always jumping out of closets to try and scare you
  • it’s to the point that when you show up at the dorms and the other guys tell you he’s not there, you just wait for him to pop out somewhere
  • but he does actually ditch you a lot
  • he’s just soooooo popular that he forgets that he made plans
  • it’s fine cause there’s always another member available that will hang out with you
  • he always asks you for opinions on his dancing and you always tell him that he sucks
  • and then he pulls you to the center of the dance floor and is like
  • “well, since you know so much, show me what you can do”
  • and it’s always embarrassing so you have to admit that he’s the “best dancer of our generation” to make him stop teasing you
  • you’re always begging him to hang out with his other idol friends and he always tells you no but then catches you off guard by inviting you places when they’re just…….right there
  • and then he laughs at how flustered he gets
  • curve balls all your relationships for some reason
  • he’s really just like an annoying younger brother
  • but there are times where he’s really sweet and lets his shy side show
  • like when you get him presents or bring him food or compliment him
  • he suddenly goes quiet and blushes and looks to the floor
  • you have a power over him, but you just never get to know because he masks it so well
  • he always gets deadly serious as soon as you say you have something to talk about
  • he also almost always thinks that he did something wrong
  • he thinks back to all the times he teased you last and wonders if he took one of them too far or something like that
  • but you rarely are ever genuinely mad at him
  • it’s one of the benefits of bickering 24/7
  • it lets you take out all your problems with him in, like, a day
  • the two of you never say that you love each other for some reason
  • you do cuddle sometimes, but it usually ends in wrestling
  • like i said, the two of you are like siblings
  • always quarreling about something stupid
  • and honestly i think that’s the cutest thing in the world

looking real good🍊