amusement park [got7]

going to an amusement park with the boys

first ever scenario what’s good


  • you’re dragging him everywhere 
  • he’s not scared of the rollercoasters
  • this fucker probably still looks good after that 245 ft. drop
  • lookin all cHiC anD SeXy
  • “you’re hair is sticking up”
  • “jaebum i’m about to punch you”
  • all the girls are looking at him
  • “i’m about to punch them”
  • “come on y/n, they know i won’t leave my girl for them”
  • sWOON
  • he’s that guy to kiss you in line to piss a guy who’s staring off
  • pretty chill about the whole experience


  • mark is an adrenaline boi
  • once he’s riled up, he’s riled up
  • probably yelled eskeit at the peak of the ride
  • holds your hand on rides
  • laughs when you scream
  • probably starts conversation going up the slope
  • “so y/n, what do you think of this ride?”
  • “mark i stg”
  • will buy you a stuffed animal
  • and a funnel cake
  • takes a picture of you with powdered sugar on your nose


  • i’m ready for this boy
  • okay so
  • he is not getting on that big ass rollercoaster
  • absolutely not
  • oh look we’re walking to the rollercoaster
  • oh look it’s the drop
  • oh wow your hearing is gone
  • his legs are shaking after that one
  • he comes to the park looking so tough
  • everyone looks at him
  • but then surprises them by acting like a five year old
  • “jackson baby, don’t waste your money on that ga- where did he go”
  • wins the bear and comes to you running
  • your heart is gone


  • will let you drag him anywhere
  • swoons at how cute your excited look is
  • says he won’t ride that one coaster and will not ride that coaster
  • “come on, just one riiide”
  • “fine but if something happens, you owe me”
  • goes on that ride again because why not tf
  • looks at line cutters with so much hate 
  • they actually go back 
  • “jinyoung, you scared them”
  • “we’re almost to the front! they are NOT getting on it first”
  • aW he would kiss you on top of that ferris wheel


  • paranoid baby on rides
  • “is my seatbelt tight enough?! y/n check please!”
  • “i don’t want to fall out!”
  • “are you sure we’re safe?!”
  • “i love you, y/n” as the ride begins
  • really prefers the games
  • laughs when he wins or loses 
  • everyone laughs with him
  • so happy to be there though
  • has his arm around you when you two are walking


  • both of you are screaming your lungs out
  • yells eskeit for sure on every ride
  • kisses you before the ride plunges down the slope
  • holds your hand and pulls it up
  • makes a dumb face when the cameras go off
  • “ew my face looks disgus- bambam what did you do”
  • “shhh y/n, appreciate art”
  • does buy a souvenir after every ride


  • similar to bambam
  • more of an adrenaline junkie than mark
  • manages to get you on every ride
  • probably tries to scare you as a way of teasing
  • “oooo y/n we about to drop”
  • “oooo it’s dark”
  • “yugyeom sHUT UP”
  • plays games with you in line
  • “what’s red and adorable?”
  • “idk what”
  • “your face”
GOT7 Angst Prompts

Since Little Things and Little Kings are about to end, I’m starting a new drabble series! This time, let’s do angst!

Send me requests! (Drabble number + member + whatever details you might want to add)

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Who You Are

A/N: (Another old request) Sorry anon for super long wait! This was inspired by the K-drama “Kill Me, Heal Me”

Date: March 7, 2018
Patient: Im Jaebum
Diagnosis: Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality disorder 

Observations of the Personalities
1. Im Jaebum (The main original personality)
A normal 24 year-old young man who is caring, warm-hearted, active, and emotional. He just wants to be a filial son, good friend, and live out his dreams.
Interests: Music, hanging out with friends and family, composing, playing sports, and joking around
Note: Due to the fact that the manager of GOT7 didn’t want Jaebum to know that he had hired a private personal nurse for his disorder, I haven’t met him yet. My contract clearly stated that I had to keep my distance from him whenever he returns to his normal state and to only approach him if one of his other personalities came out. He usually feels a sharp pain in his head like a migraine before the personalities come out.

2. JB (The bad boy)
Makes himself known as the “charismatic leader of GOT7” but is actually quite stubborn, has a bad temper, is strong-minded, impatient, doesn’t listen to others, the MOST PROBLEMATIC ONE, and is quite selfish.
HOW HE WAS CREATED: I suspect that “JB” was born when Jaebum hurt his ankle and couldn’t dance on stage with the other members. He was quite frustrated with himself as he felt that he was letting down his fans and the members. As a the leader and a dancer he wanted to always give it his all on stage, but his injury was preventing him from doing so. The stress had become too overwhelming for him to handle therefore JB was created to help him through tough situations and bear through the pain.
INTERESTS: Getting what he wants, singing, dancing, flirting with girls, being in the spotlight, and going to nightclubs.
NOTE: He wasn’t very thrilled at first when he found out that GOT7’s manager hired a personal nurse and refuses to listen to me AT ALL. CAN BE SUCH A PAIN IN THE BUTT sometimes. He’s always causing trouble and just does whatever he wishes to do. Sometimes the way he looks at me makes me feel very uncomfortable… He keeps on winking at me and saying “You’ll fall for me one day Muffin~.” He’s also been showing up a lot these days…I wonder why?

3. Seo Mijoon (The Actor)
Possibly JB’s “older brother” but whenever I ask him or JB about it, they both deny it profusely. Thinks he’s a worldwide star and assumes that everybody is his fan. Very arrogant, snotty, rude, but is very serious when acting.
HOW HE WAS CREATED: After receiving some recognition for his role in Dream High 2, Jaebum began to feel pressured when he got another offer for the drama “When a Man Falls in Love.” I suspect that he studied the script VERY VERY diligently and eventually the lack of sleep and stress got to him causing alter ego Mijoon to be born. It’s quite likely that’s what happened considering this personality adopted Jaebum’s character’s name from the drama.
INTERESTS: Being the center of attention, acting, memorizing scripts, fashion, magazines, coffee, signing autographs, modeling, and taking selcas.
NOTE: He didn’t care that GOT7’s manager hired a personal nurse at all. To him, I was someone he could order around to do stuff. He treats me like an intern by making me get him coffee, walking his cat(???), driving him to places, buying him magazines, dusting off lint from his clothes with a lint roller, and taking endless pictures of him. Since Jaebum isn’t focused on acting these days, whenever Mijoon comes out I would always catch him stealing Jr.’s scripts and practicing lines in his room.  

4. JYP
A dorky fun loving ahjussi who is health conscience and is starting to feel his age but still wants to enjoy life to the fullest. Though he exercises and can move around quite well, his knees occasionally go weak and he experiences gastric problems often.
HOW HE WAS CREATED: It’s pretty obvious that this personality is based off the CEO of Jaebum’s company. He must be really grateful to Mr. Park Jinyoung for all that he’s done and admire him as an artist as well.
INTERESTS: Organic herbal drinks, working out, drinking, partying, dancing, giving people life advice, composing music, playing piano, and wearing glasses.
NOTE: He’s a pretty nice ahjussi when he’s not drunk or giving me long lectures about how it’s better to sing with half air half sound and why it’s good to always be honest. Whenever music starts playing, JYP gets into a dancing groove.

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Summary - when your stuck with your drunk ex all night.

Genre - normalverse au

A/N - this is a one time thing that I write for another group (maybe) this is dedicated to my best friend @granpajb enjoy!! btw idk if I like the ending lololol I gave up. (You can tell)

main masterlist

“Thank you so much Y/N, we’re so sorry, we’ll make it up to you.” Mark quickly apologized as he stared back at his drunken leader passed out on the passenger seat. “We hope he doesn’t give you too much trouble he only drank a bit.” You smiled back at him.

“It’s really fine, I’ll drop him off at the dorms.” Mark quickly nodded his head before returning to the other members. You stared back at the male sprawled across the chair. It was a good thing he was asleep. Jaebum and you didn’t really have a good relationship, him being your ex and all. You were a bit surprised when the guys told you they needed you to pick him up when they had an appointment with the manager. I mean, after your bad-breakup with Jaebum you hadn’t really contacted them.

Your head turned when Jaebum slowly stirred in his sleep. His eyes slowly opened, he stared at you amazed before smiling brightly.

“Babe.” He muttered in a sleepy-whisper like tone. Your mind instantly went crazy. He was drunk, this was not good at all. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to have agreed to this. You looked above the road seeing dozens of cars lined up. Oh no. Just your luck, it was a 2am why the hell was there so much traffic?

“Y/N” Jaebum whined stirring a bit more harshly. “I’m hungry, and my head hurts.” Godamn why was he acting so cute? You looked through the compartment next to you seeing if you had anymore leftover snacks. Pulling out some gummy bears from yesterday you held it out to him.

“Here.” He looked down at them before shaking his head cutely.

“I don’t want that, I want ramen.”

“Well I don’t have ramen, and when I drop you off at the dorms it’s going to be pretty late.” His eyes instantly widened.

“Your gonna leave me?” He pouted. “Again?” He sighed. This time it was your turn to widen your eyes, how did he remember while he was drunk. Your heart was beating so fast you could barely think.

“Well I have to bring you home, your drunk and I can’t trust that you won’t try something.” You could see through your peripheral vision the hurt that flashed by his face.

“Do you really think that lowly of me?” You felt bad about this, leaving him because of a fight, having him watch you walk away. But The next words that spilled out his mouth truly filled you with guilt. “Ever since the breakup you’ve ignored me like crazy, am I really that bad, to have the best thing in my life suddenly taken from me?” He was right, you had left him during the hardest time in his life, his comeback, You were beyond selfish, he wasn’t giving you attention so you thought that entitled you too leaving. But you were so wrong.

“Jaebum, your drunk, maybe I should just drop you off at-“ he quickly cut you off, grabbing your wrist that lied on the armrest.

“I wanna go home.” You looked at him confused.

“The dorms are really far from here.”

“No not the dorms, I wanna go to our home, where we were happy, where I could actually wake up and find you next to me, where we used to be a couple. I want that back, please take me-us back home.” Desperation clouded his brown eyes, was this wrong? You were selfish to him, he didn’t deserve you, yet he was right you did miss your home a lot. If this was wrong then screw it.

  • Monbebe: Looks like we’re on to Plan B.
  • Carat: Technically, this would be Plan G.
  • igot7: How many plans do we have? Is there like, a Plan M?
  • nctzen: Yeah, but Army dies in Plan M.
  • Exo-l: I like Plan M.

Bambam calling Yugyeom after the military drawing



OT5: so ?!

Yugyeom: Betch he is coming back !

  • Professor: In English, a double negative forms a positive. In some languages, such as Russian, a double negative is still a negative. However, there is no language wherein a double positive can form a negative.
  • Jackson, from the back of the room: Yeah, right.
  • Namjoon: [high-fives Jackson]

Do not TELL ME JYP artists don’t look alike cause

  • Nctzen: Self control is waiting until a movie starts to eat your popcorn
  • Igot7: Why would a movie eat my popcorn?
  • Nctzen:
  • Igot7:
  • Igot7: nevermind I got it

When will I stop calling men who are years older than me “my babies” or “cuties.” 

GOT7 as some of my favorite tumblr text posts

Jaebum: a concept: me, eating strawberries and peaches on a hillside where I am far away from everything and everyone I know

Mark: l’m a big fan of space, both outer and personal

Jinyoung: sometimes I wish I was an octopus so I could slap 8 people at once

Jackson: I’ll get over it I just gotta be dramatic first

Youngjae: when I see a dog from across the street: I’m glad you exist but I wish you existed closer to me 

BamBam: make sure all of the letters on my gravestone are lowercase so i can remain cool and casual even in death

Yugyeom: that horrifying moment when you look around for an adult and realize you are one