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E'Dawn not participating in the next comeback because he has a relationship just once again shows how toxic the Kpop world is. Fans need to understand that their idols are the same as you they are just known by more people than you are. But other than that.. they are people who get angry, swear, cry, laugh, deal with hardships, lose people, find new friends, go to school, fall in love etc. When will people finally realize that their idol is just a person? That they are human too and they are their own person. You don’t own them just because you bought all their merch and are their fan. There is nooooo way you will ever get to date them. Most of us won’t even get to see our idol in person. Please let idols be people. Their lives are already messed up once they enter the world of entertainment. Let them be as normal as possible. Treat your idols like you want to be treated yourself. Would you want someone to hate on you just because you are in love? That sounds ridiculous right? Focus on more important stuff please. Give your idol love and encouragement instead of hate. I am so done. Ps: do you think E'Dawn is happy now? His passion is performing and now he can’t even do that because of his ‘fans’.

GOT7 Scandal (read BEFORE you judge)

I could have never said it better than this wow. It’s a combination of ignorance, peer pressure, and innocent decisions that ended up bad ones. Read before you judge, people, don’t start pointing fingers right out the gate.

“I don’t know where to start. I just found out about the situation about an hour ago, and I’ve been monitoring tweets and comments on articles and forums since then. I think I’ve got the basic gist of what’s happened, but feel free to correct me if I’ve missed something.

First off, I’d like to say that I am from Arcadia (but please don’t doxx me). I recognized several people from the pictures and videos, and I know what kind of people they are. I know what circle Mark came from before he was scouted. A small portion of people from Arcadia are ABGs and white-washed, and they could honestly care less about K-Pop and Korean culture. In these past few years especially, more and more underage people have been getting turnt and faded all of the time, and they’ll rave and go to kick-backs starting from freshman year of high school. It’s the sad reality. The N-word is tossed around like it’s nothing, especially because there is virtually no African-American presence in Arcadia. Most of Arcadia is made up of Asian-Americans and elderly Caucasians. We live in a bubble of sorts and most of us have had a very different high school experience from the typical American.

Most students from Arcadia High School don’t engage in this type of behavior, at least not until they enter college, but we’re definitely getting to the point where we are like a typical American high school now, just with a huge emphasis on academia. And I’ll say it outright: people from Arcadia and the San Gabriel Valley care a lot about their popularity, social media presence, and “likes.” So I’m not surprised that Mark’s friends took this grand opportunity to make their presence known to IGOT7s, knowing that their follower counts would instantly skyrocket. Joey and Jessica’s Instagrams are testament to that. As an Arcadian and a friend of Joey’s, I’m ashamed of their actions. They should’ve kept this private party to themselves, but of course they wouldn’t pass up such a goldmine for like-farming.

And apparently, their behavior during the concert was atrocious as well. They do not have experience with K-Pop concerts. For them, concerts are equivalent to raves and music festicals like Hard Summer, Electric Daisy Carnival, Coachella, etc. It’s normal to go these festivals while drunk and/or drugged, and to go completely wild in the audience. Not to mention, wearing minimal clothing is normal as well. So I’m honestly not surprised that they were apparently drunk and acting crazily, because to them, it’s what a normal music festival is like.

With Yugyeom’s situation, it’s tough to judge. Because yes, he was technically drinking as a minor in the United States. But in Korea, he is legal. And he might not have known about the alcohol age limit in America. (Not to mention, there were other underage drinkers at the party). Of course, he should have been informed, but let’s just give him the benefit of the doubt and say he didn’t know. There was likely a lot of peer pressure from Mark’s friends, being that it was a typical college party scene, and they probably told him to relax and take a couple of shots. As a foreigner who likely wanted to fit in with the “cool kids,” he probably took the shots. It’s funny to see your friends drunk, so the girls who SnapChatted him likely wanted to showcase this, forgetting that because Yugyeom is a K-Pop celebrity, things like this are going to heavily impact his and GOT7’s image negatively.

As for Bambam, I’m quite dismayed, but I can understand why he said it. Like I said earlier, Arcadia has a very small percentage of African-Americans living here. We do not know the trials and tribulations that the African-American community has undergone throughout centuries, because of the N-word and other derogatory terms. In pop culture, these racial slurs trend and so, because people want to be “edgy and cool,” they adopt these terms into their vocabulary. I’m almost postive that Mark’s friends were casually using the N-word to address each other and Bambam likely picked it up to fit in. In an environment like that, it’s very easy to be pressured into doing and saying small things like that. But that doesn’t excuse him for saying it whatsoever. As a celebrity with large followings in countries all over the world, it’s important to be aware of other cultures and the sensitive topics that should not be broached. The N-word is one of them. And considering that there have already been several controversies surrounding the N-word within K-Pop, most of these idols should be aware that this word should be immediately black-listed from their vocabulary. He could have used any other word in the English dictionary to address Mark while they were taking pictures, but he chose that one and I am extremely disappointed that he did. I can’t imagine how African-American IGOT7s and Bambam-stans must be feeling, to have this racial slur tossed around by someone they look up to and admire.

I’m not going to talk about Mark’s tattoo, because that’s really nothing in comparison to everything else that happened. And the whole Junior and Jessica thing is kind of unnecessary. I’m really glad Youngjae decided to stay at the hotel, because he also could’ve been easily influenced to drink as a minor in the United States, while being legal in Korea. And I’m extremely glad that JB and Jackson didn’t get caught up in anything either. Not to mention, Jackson’s probably having a hard time already with the whole support-China political issue happening. And no, I’m not going to get into that, because honestly, I am just so emotionally drained right now and that issue is a world of its own. I don’t even think I could write a well-informed post on that, because I don’t personally know the issues felt by those directly affected by this situation. And as a Chinese-American, I know Mainlanders get hated on for a lot of things and they do deserve it a lot of the times. I’m just going to respect the idols for whatever they decide to do, whether they speak up or not, because there might be a lot of things happening behind the scenes that the public is unaware of.

These past three hours have been crazy, with reading all of the articles, comments, and tweets about the Chinese politics and the GOT7 scandals. It’s just really sad that GOT7 has scandals now and that they happened in my city, because of the actions of my peers. I am honestly so done with K-Pop’s 2016.

(i might remove this post later because i really dont wanted to be doxxed, but we’ll see. so if you want this post to stay, please dont try and find out who i am. thank you.)”


I just wanna take the time to thank every writer out there. Poets, fanfic writer, novelists, and just anyone who publishes the fruits of their imagination for the world and/or internet. It’s not easy and the hours and hours of frustration over what to do next really do eat at your soul especially once people start giving you feedback saying they can’t wait to see what happens. It’s amazing yet so freaking daunting hoping you dont let them down. Y'all are so valid and so talented and I’m sorry you get made fun of or disregarded. Your fanfics are brilliant and your imagination and skill is breathtaking. Truly y'all the coolest. Hope to be as awesome as y'all once I finish stress eating over this chapter.

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I’m just here to say please don’t send me anything involving the recent situation GOT7 is in. I’ve just seen to much about it, and have gotten to many asks about it and it’s tiring to be honest. So I’m just going to say my piece and leave it at that.
What BamBam said was not acceptable, but you also have to relize that he didn’t know that. According to koreaboo marks friends told him that the n word meant friend/bro.
Now bambam knows that what he did was wrong and he is learning from it. In a recent video from a concert he was getting ready to take a picture and was asking if certain signs (west side & LA sign) were innapropiate. When told they were he immediately apologized and said “I’m sorry I didn’t know” and “ I’m sorry if I don’t know something.” While I’m not excusing his behavior he is learning from it. But the fact that people are sending him death threats IS NOT OKAY. You have to relize that he is a person too and sending that kindve stuff DOES affect him. You can’t sit here and say you’ve never accidentally said something offensive. So instead if being rude and naive use this as an opportunity to teach bambam that somethings are not acceltable.
On to yugyeom, while there is accusations that he was drunk in the snapchat, there is no solid proof so I’m not going to talk much about this. If he was indeed drunk that was not a very wise decision on his part. But it is natural for teenagers to want to drink, I am not exusing his actions if he was drunk, I’m just saying it’s unlikely he hasn’t had a drink or two before. But besides for the drunk thing, in the snapchat video he was shirtless and netizens are now body shaming him calling him fat and unfit. THAT IS NOT OKAY!! He works so hard all the time and you repay him by calling him fat? Not cool. I hope everyone knows that he does see those comments and they do affect him. If you don’t remember this happened to jimin (of BTS) when lost his abs and do you remember what happend? He starting dieting alot and worked out all the time to make his “fans” happy. Fat shaming is never okay and is never acceptable on any terms.
Now to mark. Regarding his tattoo, I honestly do not see the big deal about it. It is HIS body NOT yours. You can’t get mad at someone for decorating their body they way they want to. I find the tattoo quite pretty and honestly it shouldn’t be this big of a deal. And I understand that tattoos in korea are a bit of a underground thing, but idols like jay park have tattoos and are doing just fine. Please support mark in his decision because it is his body and not yours.
Now onto marks friends, I’m not going to say much but how I see it is, that they are not a good influence on bambam and yugyeom or any of the members. But they are marks friends and I respect that. They may be nice people but recent events involving them has not shone such a good light on them.
Regarding juniors supposed affair with a girl named Jessica (who supposedly has a boyfriend) I don’t know much about that or if it even Is true so I won’t talk about this.
But overall GOT7 has made a few mistakes, as everyone does. And this will probally affect them for a while but I still stan got7 I am just dissapointed in both GOT7 and IGOT7’s. This was an unfortunate situation and I hope we can get over this and carry on.
And I’m going to leave it at that. If you don’t agree that is fine, this is just my opinion. Please no more asks about this.
(P.S. as far as I know jackson and JB weren’t involved in any scandals and youngjae was not present at the time.)

and here i thought the only got7 drama we could possibly get in the future would be jackson accidentally flashing his butt on live television or something

Jackson Wang As Your Boyfriend

🎀 The most playful boyfriend 

🎀 Loves to play fight with you  

🎀 He’ll also randomly tickle you if you ignore him or if you’re getting on his nerves because your laugh is his favorite in the world. 

🎀 Cuddles are his absolute favorite thing in the whole world. 

🎀 He loves when he’s playing a game and you just come and lay on him

🎀 Back hugs 

🎀 Shy from time to time 

🎀 Although he’s a playful and very happy boy, he becomes extremely shy when you flirt with him or when he’s asked by an interviewer about his partner 

🎀 “Oh.. Well, uh.. Th-They are very sweet and I- Uh, next question please?" 

🎀 Confident as all hell when you two are separated but when you come around he’s a mess of giggles and blushing. 

🎀 When he’s talking about how much he loves you to his members, everything is perfectly fine and he can speak a clear sentence but when he’s trying to tell you how he feels towards you, he gets extremely tongue tied and can’t seem to find the proper words to say to you.

🎀 PDA isn’t his type because of scandals on Got7 or JYP Entertainment but loves to hold your hand if the two of you are walking together. 

🎀 A gentleman 

🎀 Holds doors for you 

🎀 If the two of you are walking together on the road, he always makes sure he’s the one closer to the road so you aren’t in any danger 

🎀 With the members, he isn’t shy to be the cutest and softest boyfriend ever.  

🎀 If you want to wear his clothes, he wouldn’t care at all 

🎀 He always tries to build your confidence. 

🎀 He’s the type that makes sure he calls you beautiful every day and is always sure to tell you he loves you just so he knows that you’ll have a good day

🎀 Will 8000% make sure you have a body guard with you if he knows that there will be fans crowding wherever you need to go on your own. 

🎀 "I just want you to be safe so he’s going with you, alright? Don’t give him a hard time he’s only there to protect you from injuries. Take this water with you~" 

🎀 If you want to work out, he’s there with you one hundred percent. 

🎀 If you don’t want to work out, he’s also going to be there one hundred percent (most likely with food and a movie)

🎀  When texting Jackson, you can expect nine million emojis 

🎀 You have to send him emojis back or he’ll call you and screech about how much you hate him 

🎀 I don’t hate you Jackson. Stop being ridiculous.


🎀 He’s literally a puppy

🎀 If you call him he comes running faster than if JYP had called him.

🎀 "I’m on mY WAYYYYYYYY. ”

🎀 Chases you like a lost puppy. 

🎀 If you walk off without him, he’ll come running behind you with the biggest pout on his face. 

🎀 “Y/N~ Waiiiit for meeeeeee." 

🎀 Zoo dates

🎀 He’s mean but nice??

🎀 Jackson is playful and he loves to build your confidence but the two of you have fun with calling one another names 

🎀 So when you’re at the zoo and getting on his nerves he’ll point towards a camel or some shit and say 

🎀 "You smell worse than that." 

🎀 Or 

🎀 "I’d rather be in a relationship with him. He might love me unlike your annoying ass." 

🎀 Of course he doesn’t mean it and he’d make it up to you unless you did it back 

🎀 When you do it back he kinda straightens his back, squints at you and pretends like he’s going to through you over the fence keeping you out. 

🎀 "Since you want him so bad go get him." 

🎀 You have food? Puppy Wang wants a bite but won’t ask for it. 

🎀 Instead he pouts at you and just stares at the food until you offer a bite. 

🎀 "Oh! Thank you." 

🎀 Always offers to study with you if you have some studying to do. 

🎀 He’ll just sneak into the room with you, sit down beside you and look over whatever you’re doing. 

🎀 If you don’t speak Chinese and you want to learn how to say something in his language, he’ll teach you how to say that specific word/statement.  

🎀 If you speak a language he doesn’t know, he’ll ask you for help with learning certain statements/sentences to say to you

🎀 Will lowkey try to learn your language on his own to impress you

🎀 Have I mentioned how much he loves Nicknames???

🎀 Call him "baby” and he’ll d i e 

🎀 What are you doing baby? “I-I’m um.. What’d you call me?”

🎀 Lowkey shy with nicknames but loves them so much he can’t stand it. 

🎀 Treats you like absolute royalty. 

🎀 To him, you are above everything else in his life (besides mom and dad of course)

🎀 Jackson would L O V E  to take you to meet his parents 

🎀 “They’ll love you so much Y/N! Oh my gosh, they’re going to die when they meet you! I’m so excited~”

🎀 Always asks you to travel with Got7 and if JYP won’t buy you the ticket, he will. 

🎀 “This doesn’t concern them. You’re with me, fuck em." 

🎀 Loves to give you gifts but always makes sure they’re meaningful like a bracelet that would mean something to your background or something that could be seen as a ‘vintage’ item 

🎀 You’re always his screensaver on his phone

🎀 cRInGE 

🎀 Makes you wear matching clothes with him

🎀 Even if it’s ugly, you’re wearing it with him.

🎀 "I look stupid? Well you do too, we’ll look stupid together. Stop whining." 

🎀 Always there if you need someone to talk to after a rough day 

🎀 You do the same for him and he’s so appreciative for that. He can’t thank you enough 

🎀 Jackson loves to bring you flowers 

🎀 If you’re allergic to real flowers, he’ll bring you a cute little surprise and maybe a fake flower or two. 

🎀 "I know they aren’t real but I wanted to get you a flower and I know you’re allergic so I improvised. Do you like it?" 

🎀 Won’t buy something if you don’t like it 

🎀 Like if he needs new shoes, he’ll take you with him and if you don’t like the shoes he picks out he will put them back and get a new pair. 

🎀 "Do they look good? No? Okay, we’ll find a new pair.”

🎀 Spoils you with everything tbh

🎀 Want a bracelet? Done. Want food? Done. New shirt? Done. 

🎀 You don’t have to want anything because if you ask or show a liking towards something it’s yours already

🎀 You guys have a child

🎀 And he’s a cute little puppy

🎀 If he doesn’t feel good, he’ll just kinda snuggle into you and become the little spoon

🎀 Selfies are required. 

🎀 If you two are separated, he requires 800 selfies an hour to survive. 

🎀 Reacts to them in the cutest way ever


🎀 Clingy sometimes 

🎀 Will absolutely have a sass battle with you

🎀 But he wins because he’s extra as fuxk 

🎀  Protective. 

🎀  Always runs to your defense if someone is trying to put you down 

🎀  “You know that’s not true. Don’t listen to assholes like that, you know how I feel about you. I love you and always will, alright?”

🎀 Over all super cute and cuddly and you’re his entire world.

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I hate that they had to say this I feel so bad about the outcome. They worked so hard for this album and they honestly deserve to be appreciated more THEY DESERVE THE WHOLE DAMN WORLD. I wish there was more I could do for them but there’s only so much I could do I love them so much and I seriously hope they don’t beat themselves up over the outcome honestly I blame jyp for the unecessary ass dating scandal 😑

Looks like international fans gathered to make a witch hunt on GOT7 while other idols actually make really more serious things. Honestly the only scandal that GOT7 had that actually deserved to be criticized was Jackson’s blackface photo. Just don’t act like you are defenders of morals and good customs, you all are just hypocrathes.

is this what being a kpop stan is like? i’ve been a fan for literally a month now and i’ve experienced debut upon comeback upon mixtape upon comeback upon “scandal” upon debut 😭 how can it be possible to experience so much in a short period of time?? is this what i’ve been missing??? i’m honestly so shook, like when will western music ever.