Silence of the Night (One-shot)

Smut/Angst/Fluff, Werewolf!au | JB x Reader | 10.2k

Requested by: @inyournightmares97 (hope you come back soon to find this! 😘) and @jaesusbeom (no need to send asks anymore!)

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Note: This is my longest one-shot fic and it’s barely edited because I’m still adjusting to my new phone. I just wanted to share it asap because I would hate it soon enough. Hope you guys enjoy it! It’s like a graduation gift to myself, lol.


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Attention Seeking Mark 

  • You weren’t intentionally ignoring mark but everything on your phone was just REALLY interesting
  • Mark would toss around in bed a million times trying to get your attention on him
  • He would pull all the covers off of you
  • Wrap himself up in the covers
  • Turn into a burrito
  • He would be rolling over and over again
  • Kicking his feet 
  • Would definitely slump down off the bed and onto the floor
  • Peering up at you from the floor with sparkling eyes
  • Eventually he would make way back onto the bed but he wouldn’t be ready to give up
  • Your attention is a game and a reward within itself
  • He would hover over you for a minute getting lost in your face being illuminated by your phone
  • He hold himself up with one arm and quickly take your phone with the other throwing it across the room tossing it to the other side of the bed
  • *plop*
  • He would collapse right on top of you
  • He’d place both hands on your cheeks and squish them around in circles
  • “Look at me!!”
  • The room would be filled with beautiful laughter
  • His arms would wrap around you and you both would be a tangled mess
  • Perfect opportunity to kiss his forehead
  • The covers are still on the floor

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Little red

Little late but OOO 31 13/31

Sorry, completely forgot i was doing this, ill start posting the others that i missed soom. Had to take a break.

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Jackson wang

“Red did always look lovely on you, mistress.” The wolf growled into your ear, finger tips grasping the corset of your lingerie. A somewhat mischievous tone in his voice as he nibbled at your earlobe; though, jackson always did have some sort of sinister tone in his voice whenever he spoke to you; almost as if he was suggesting an ungodly activity. After all, he was the big bad wolf, a sly and cruel trickster with no heart. “No Jackson, not tonight. Im tired.” You mumbled, pushing his head away with your palm. A small whimper was heard, followed my a growl and a another stubbornly action. “I say no…” you repeated, this time with more authority. To which he ignored and kept gripping your boob while nibbling on all your sensitive spots, in the hopes that you’ll budge. And you did. “Fine. But if we’re gonna play, we’re gonna play by my rules, got that?” You said while getting up and straddled him on the bed. His eyes widening in anticipation as he slowly nodded his head. His long fluffy tail wrapping around your waist as his hands went to grip at your hips, all while bucking himself impatiently against you. “Yes, mistress…j-just please st-art mo-ving.” A smirk had began to form on your lips as you slowly grinded onto him, earning lots of cries and his tail to tighten around your waist. The oh’ so’ big bad wolf, submitting himself to little red. What a sight to behold. The way tears began to form in the corners of his eyes as he relentlessly tried to control little reds movements. It was almost sickening. This was far different from the cunning wolf that the village people have comed to know as evil. Much different from the said ‘alpha’ that terrorized innocent by passers. In your eyes he was merely a pup that needed to be loved tamed. You were going to love and tame him, again, and again, and again, till the only thing he knows how to do is obey. You were going to fuck him till he broke. Make him howl louder to the moon as he came inside you. Make sure he knew who he belonged to. Make sure how much you truly loved him. After all, what’s little red without her big bad wolf.