got7 if you do

Les Chevaliers…


our tiny smol has arrived at the jungle 😣💓💓💓

Them: Why are you so obsessed with Kpop?

Me: Because it’s good music

What I want to say: Not to sound dramatic, but this goes far beyond music. I’m invested in not only the artistry but the people behind it. I’m not just learning their names and a little about their culture; I’m learning about what they sacrificed to be where they are today. I feel like by supporting them I’m helping them to be where they are today. I’m gaining more and learning more about myself by just being a fan and seeing their hard work. I don’t expect you to understand but I do.

Them: But you don’t even know what they are saying…

Idols don’t owe ya’ll anything. They don’t owe you a picture, they don’t owe you an autograph, they don’t owe you permission to touch them. They. Owe. You. Nothing. Idols have emotions and struggles just like anyone else. Idols are human beings. The fact that idols have to deal with crazy fans hitting them, touching them without permission, and throwing things at them on a day to day basis is honestly depressing.