Just Jin Young Things 🍑
  • Happy Belated Birthday to my Jirongie 🍑
  • Park Jin Young, 박진영
  • 22.09.94, Virgo
  • Member of JJP 
  • Formerly known as Jr (call him Jr now & he’ll call you out 😏)
  • Became a JYP trainee in 2009 & was tied in first place with Jaebum 
  • Acted in a lot of dramas & a movie (Anyone watched Dream High 2, I actually prefer Dream Knight) 
  • DREAM KNIGHT (I loved it & OMG JY was like wow ok wow 😏) 
  • People assume he’s the calm one in GOT7 but let’s be real no one is calm 
  • Even Ahgases aren’t calm 😂
  • Mom of the group
  • He’s so beautiful 

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  • Loves to spank the GOT7 members
  • “My friend told me you, you look like Emma Watson”
  • Takes JB’s money & conspires to keep it while blaming it all on Yugyeom 
  • Yugyeom’s personal bully 😂
  • “Don’t kill Yugyeom? I’ll kill Yuygeom” 
  • He was so excited to do the wine bottle prank on him 
  • Judges everyone, especially Yugyeom 
  • So done with YugBam like 96.84% of the time 
  • Grabbed YG by the ears when he made fun of him during a Vlive
  • Tells on Jackson (to JB) 😂
  • When he judged & disapproved of the photographer who pushed a female Ahgase 
  • *Bambam chokes & starts coughing* JY: *waves* See you 
  • He’s gonna be the President one day
  • Prince Jinyoung 
  • He’s my life coach & my life consultant 
  • He says the most profound & simplest things but they have so much meaning & truth 
  • The way he comforts us & offers us inside on how he tackles things or life in general
  • Or the inspirational talks he gives us, he’s really such a warm & sweet person 
  • “Some days things go wrong & you want to give up. When that’s the case, give yourself some rest. You can start over. You can try again after 3 days. Starting again is what matters, so don’t criticize yourself. I hope you value yourself more. You deserve to be loved so don’t be too hard on yourself.” 
  • Watch: What if GOT7 JinYoung Comforted You At A Coffee Shop?
  • Wrote/Co-wrote & composed SO many songs, especially relatable, comforting & uplifting songs for Ahgases & anyone listening to it
  1. Firework: Sounds like you’ve come a long way. Far away…Cause you’re like a firework 🎶
  2. 고마워: I’m so lucky that you were there. You are my spring. Thank you so much 🎵
  3. Tomorrow, Today: Again today, there are questions I don’t know. I’m trying to answer but. I’m not confident. Is it this way or that way? 🎧
  • OMG all those clips of him dancing to work, grinding on the floor, taking off his coat (Like damn boi) 
  • When an Ahgase said JY oppa annyeong. YJ: What is “JY oppa annyeong. Jinyoung Oppa annyeonghaseYO” 
  • He looks good in anything & everything but BRUHS 
  • King of English 
  • He studied English so hard so he can communicate with international Ahgases (like WTF I was smiling away when I watched clips of him from Eyes On You Tour 😭they love us so much) 
  • “I love Ahgase in the world, in the Earth.”  😭😍💚
  • He loves to read & watch movies during his free time 
  • He wanted to be a Pre-School teacher when he was younger 😍
  • He said he’s really great with kids so he’s gonna be a great Dad
  • OMG that babysitting Real GOT7 episode please my heart melted 
  • That time when he dressed up like Bambam 
  • Done with GOT7 like 90% of the time 
  • The way he covers his face when he laughs or is flustered 
  • His smile that’s brighter than the sun & the way his eyes crinkle up 
  • If the members are distracted, he makes sure to bring them back
  • “I wanna do the sexy concept or rock.” (What he talking about? I thought he has been doing the sexy concept all this while 😏)
  • That cute moment on M!Countdown with Namjoon, Jimin & Taehyung
  • Tae & Jimin kept rubbing his peach head 😂cuties 
  • He has experienced one-side love as well 
  • Sexiest body part of women for him is the nape 
  • Wonpil is one of his closest friends 
  • Honestly, his relationship with every single GOT7 member is so precious & you can see how much he cherishes each of them 
  • Complains about GOT7 touching his butt (Mark: Soft & squishy)
  • Omg he praises Mark so much & Mark’s little ways of showing affection
  • Like touching his butt or hugging him & lifting him up 
  • Whenever JY does something cute & Mark instantly just smiles & looks over 
  • “Mark Hyung is really, he has a charm that makes/influences people to be nicer/kinder.” 
  • Consoles Markie when he cries 
  • He & JB are such close friends & they have great chemistry 
  • JB is so soft for him

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  • JINSON, Wang Gae Park Gae 
  • Omg these two flirt so much, Jackson being so flirty & clingy 
  • So much of straddling 😂
  • Jinyoung just accepting it, encouraging him & just being such a softie 
  • Omg I can watch them interact the whole day & not get bored 
  • Youngjae is his baby but he still teases him from time to time 
  • Omg he judges the shit out of YugBam 
  • But if they dabble or try something, he’s such a supportive Hyung 💚
  • Always encouraging them & taking care of GOT7 

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A/N: He’s such a talented & special person & such a gentleman, he deserves so much love & support. I hope we get to see & know Park Jin Young the person more 💚Hope you guys liked it. Please like, reblog & comment 💜

P.S I’ll try posting a BTS reaction in an hour or so, hopefully tumblr do not mess up the tags. 😱 


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just because

→ member: im jaebum
genre: fluff | domestic!au
category: drabble
i had a customer stop by the bakery i work at to buy a cake for his wife. he told me he does that once a month (+ buy her flowers) to show her how much he loves and appreciates her being in his life, proceeding to give a speech about love and expressing appreciation for your significant other on your own accord and i honestly cried ;; (he also asked me to frost ‘just because’ on the cake too) thus birthing this cheesy, nonsensical drabble. enjoy!

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Jackson reads the list again. He’s sure about what he’s doing but he can’t help but doubt his wife’s mental state. His beloved is down with a flu so Jackson volunteered to get their groceries instead. He grabbed their one-year-old prince to accompany him, saying that it’s their chance to bond. His wife gave him a list of things to buy and ONLY to buy. The words ‘DO NOT BUY HIM CANDY’ is clearly written at the top of the paper.

But Jackson is confused about the rest of the list. It says here that they only need one tray of egg but also seven chilis. He doesn’t eat spicy food so why would his wife want so many? And what’s with the five packs of sugar? Why is candy not allowed but they’re storing this much sugar?

“Da!” his baby suddenly exclaims while pointing at the lollies.

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Casual Part 5

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14

Pairing: Jinyoung x Reader

Warnings: Smut, mentions of anxiety, bad language

Word Count: 5001

Song Rec: The Moments of Happiness from Cats

Jinyoung and you were seated beneath the dining room table. The storm had knocked out the power lines and sent half the city into a blackout, including JB and Jinyoung’s apartment. Your head was resting on his shoulder and you were still gripping his shirt pretty firmly. Both your clothes were soaked through from the rain, and neither of you made an effort to change out of them. Jinyoung knew he needed to do something.

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DETAILS: Inspired by Paloma Faith’s ‘Crybaby’ 

Blotchy skin, red eyes and wet cheeks. That was the Jaebum you came face to face with as he answered your Skype call. He sniffled before lifting his hands up to pull his black hoodie over his eyes. 

“Sorry for looking like this, I just…” His voice trailed off as he hiccupped lightly before biting his lip. The pure sight of your boyfriend in such distress while in a place so far from you made your heart absolutely ache

“Jaebum, don’t apologise for crying. It’s okay, honey.” You boyfriend sniffled once more before letting out a long breath, tilting his head back. 

“I just can’t stop. I feel like I’ve finally reached the limit, Y/N.” He explained, “The album, the promotions, the world tour. Everything’s going at full speed all at once and I’m their leader. I can’t not know what to do at any moment and I have to balance everything to keep it easy and bearable for the others.” 

Jaebum’s struggle had forever been unknown to you. Ever since you’d met him, not once had he told you of his bad days or the moments that were too hard to carry. He always remained either happy or neutral, never had you seen or heard him complain about the workload he received or the level of difficulty of their choreography. Jaebum was always standing tall, even when a dark grey cloud was pouring down on him. 

“Babe, you know you can’t carry everyone forever. The boys are older now, Bambam and Yugyeom aren’t little kids anymore and Mark is older than you for god’s sake! You’re hurting yourself by doing this, Jaebum, and you know it.” 

It was silent and you didn’t mind Jaebum’s lack of response. He hiccuped once more and then gasped, trying to catch his breath. Never had you seen him this emotional. You wanted to be there with him. You wanted to hold him tight and tell him it was okay to cry. It was okay. 

“I know, but I can’t help it, you know? There’s people on my back constantly, watching me, criticising me. I just want everyone to g-go away sometimes.” Your frown deepened at your boyfriend’s words. 

“I can’t say I know how you feel, Bummie, because I really don’t. But you’re the strongest person I have ever met in my life. You’re always doing the most for everyone and always picking everyone up. Now it’s out turn to do the same for you, okay?” 

Only sniffles came in response and you bit your lip. 

“Where are you at the moment?” At that, Jaebum peered up from over his knees which were hugged to his chest. 

“I’m at the hotel room. We’re in uh… Toronto. Why?” You smiled, standing from your seat. 

“I’m coming to see you. My Jaebum needs all the hugs in the world, even if he denies it.” 

The Type Of Relationship You Would Have With Got7


  • Hot AF couple™
  • Hot/cute mirror selfies 
  • grabs your butt a lot
  • Shy around other people but not you
  • Jackson gets jealous a lot Markson
  • but you guys act silly as well
  • like ugly photos and a lot of pranks on Yugyeom 
  • He takes random photos of you without you knowing
  • and he posts them to twitter a lot
  • saying ‘hot’ or ‘ew’
  • depending on the picture
  • but you knew he was joking most of the time
  • Papa Tuan would always leave a witty comment
  • He would kiss and hug you a lot
  • not wanting to let go
  • Because he misses you a lot 

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  • Healthy couple™
  • gym together
  • couple goals
  • cute gym pics
  • as well as ‘healthy’ drink pics
  • when in reality
  • so many cheat days
  • like
  • every Saturday you order pizza
  • and watch tv or movies
  • with endless cuddling
  • and kisses ;)

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  • Major Couple Goals™
  • he’s always taking cute pics
  • showers you with random kisses
  • always talks about you
  • to the boys
  • on radio
  • interviews, everything
  • cute surprises
  • like a cute dinner on the rooftop
  • Han River walks whilst holding hands
  • convenient store dates 2Jae

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  • Sensible Couple™
  • walks everywhere holding hands
  • sneaky kisses when he thought no-one was watching
  • but there was
  • Jackson and Mark would say ew a lot
  • but all the boys loved you just as much
  • because you were the first girl Jinyoung would talk about
  • and smile for no reason
  • you made him so happy
  • you guys would buy a dog
  • move in together
  • all the couple stuff

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  • Cutest Couple OMG™
  • and like when he posts the to his Insta
  • they stay there
  • like forever
  • because he would never want you to leave
  • clingy™
  • walks with Coco
  • cute family selfies with him and Coco
  • try and kiss you in public
  • but get so shy
  • until you kissed him
  • and Jackson fangirled
  • tight cuddles in bed
  • because he’s afraid of losing you
  • asks members for advice a lot

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  • The Hip Couple™
  • dabs
  • he would SPOIL you
  • because he loves you
  • some would say too much
  • talks about you too much
  • the boys eventually tell him to shut up
  • plans over the top dates
  • like dinner on the beach
  • flying to Thailand just to eat at his fav restaurant
  • morning kisses, and dabs I dab every morning when I wake up

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  • Silly But Cute Couple™
  • his Instagram is either you or him dancing
  • you’re camera shy
  • but he always finds a way ;)
  • tries to teach you how to dance
  • protective AF™
  • always has one arm around you
  • whether it’s your shoulders or waist
  • random ‘ILY <3′ texts
  • meme group chat with him and Bam
  • Bam loves your memes
  • Yugyeom gets jealous
  • but forgets when you fall asleep on him watching a drama series
  • carries you to bed
  • watches you for a good minute
  • “I can’t believe she’s mine”

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longer compilation of yugyeom laughing because 40 seconds of this cutie is not enough ♥️💚💙💕💜💛💚💙♥️💕💛💜♥️💙💙💚💕💛💛💜💚💕💛💙💚💚💕♥️♥️💛💕💚💙♥️

Jaebum Stands For:


After GOT7 i’ll probably move to a farm and live in solitude

Everyone knows Jinyoung is my husband 

B-boying 4 lyfe

Underappreciated leadernim tbfh

My cats are better than yours

// mark

»if by chance

↳ soulmate au | college au

⇢ pairing: mark tuan | reader

⇢ genre:  fluff + soft angst 

⇢ word count: 8.825

author’s note: uh, so it turns out i’m a sucker for soulmate aus. thanks anon for requesting! hope this is as fluffy as you wanted!!

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GOT7 as Rihanna


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Which Rihanna are you?

GOT7 as Spongebob GIFS


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