got7 cute

When he confesses to you

Characters: Yugyeom / OC
Genre: Fluff, smut
Word count: 3,488

Panting heavily you fell back against the mattress, staring up at the ceiling. All different kinds of emotions crashed into your like waves, thinking about what you had just done. You weren’t drunk, and neither was he. The both of you had been completely and totally aware of what you’d been doing, had definitely been able to put this to halt and stop yourselves. But you hadn’t, and neither had he. Your mind was running in circles as you realized you’d just had some amazing and incredible sex with your best friend. The sound of his fast breathing came from beside you, but somehow you couldn’t bring yourself to look at him. It was almost as if you were numb, as if you were living in some kind of shock and you didn’t know what to do with yourself, with your thoughts. 

So instead it was as if your body had shut down, refusing to listen to any of your commands. It seemed like he was feeling the exact same way, because even after he was done catching this breath, he remained completely silent. To say that this was awkward was an understatement. This was not good, this wasn’t good at all. You couldn’t believe you had crossed such a big line. For so long you had been in love with him, crushing on him secretly. You had never told a single soul, not his friends, not yours. No one knew how you truly felt about him and it had supposed to stay that was. Why? Because you hadn’t wanted things to change. Yugyeom was one of the best people you had inside of your life. You’d been friends with him for as long as you could remember, he was the one person you told everything to, the one person who understood you better than you did yourself.

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GOT7 is love, GOT7 is life

I just need GOT7 appreaciation post in my life. So I am making it!
They deservee all da love

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