got7 yuyeom


この胸に (In This Heart)

Dimensions: 750x1334px / 300dpi / lock screens

I thought it only fair to continue making them for the remaining spoilers too. So here’s the second unit. Youngjae looks sooooo gorgeous twirling in that long coat uff! As always, tell me if you like them, tell me if you hate them <3 

You can find the YugBam ones here and MarkBum here

  • JYP: kay, so JB gotta be crazy af. ooh and have youngjae write a bad word on the wall! Um.. just get Jackson to punch sommit, and we need Bambam to smash up a car. yugyeom, you just peep through a door the whole time ;) and junior we need you to smash up these paintings. oh and cry ;)))))))
  • JYP: asthetic
  • Mark: what about me
  • JYP: just look hot and walk down a corridor
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