Got7 reaction when they smell like your perfume

When you are their secret girlfriend and they smell like your perfume and the interviewer asks about it.

Jaebum: Oh the others thought It would be a funny prank to put perfume all over my clothes. *other members look at him wondering when that happened*

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Jackson: I hate you Eric! *He stands up and starts running around the set screaming*

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Mark: Jackson did it.*Jackson starts screaming that he didn’t do anything*

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Bambam: Oh no it’s actually a mens perfume*Interviewer looks at his questioning his choice in scent*

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Youngjae: *Smiles akwardly* Me not very good engrish

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Yugyeom: Why would I smell like perfume, I am the maknae*Sweats nervously*

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Junior: A fan hugged me before this *no one belives him*

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GOT7 reaction to seeing their girlfriend sleeping half naked.

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:
Can I get a reaction for got7 when they come home after practice and see their s/o sleeping half naked since it’s summer and it’s hot. Please and thank you!!

here you go sweetie, i hope you like it.
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there maybe not be any reaction over the weekend, ill try and get some out, but I’m not sure of the schedule. 
~ahgase Omma 


at first he just smiles at you sleeping there, but then before he knows it he’s eyes are trailing up and spotting your underwear showing slightly, not enough to first notice, he’s smile grows larger. he would love to come home to this view everyday.


he’s eyes are instantly on your bare skin, he smiles at you sleeping there with the blanket splayed allover the bed. he wonders how you’ve even managed it, but he can’t stop thinking about how soft your skin is right now


he smirks at how unbelievably cute you are right now! he loves these hot days so much for this one thing alone. you being half naked sprawled out on his bed, he just what he needs at the end of a long day.


as much as he loves he, he has to make sure your ok, not too hot, he gets the thinnest blanket in the dorm and places it over you. he gets water and places on the bedside table. once he’s happy that your comfortable, he then takes the time to enjoy the look of you peacefully resting.


Deep down he absolutely loves it! he can’t stop smiling, as hard as he tries not to show it, it just breaks through. he would cover his mouth in a way to ‘silence’ he’s smile, he doesn’t want to wake you up, he wants to sit, stare and get inspired.


What a surprising turn of events, one minute he’s tried from training, now he couldn’t feel more alive! he finds it so sexy and adorable all at the same time. he tiptoes around the room trying not to trip over, he gently slides into bed. its literally the quickest he’s ever gotten changed.


he can’t help but smirk at the way you sleep when its hot, the outfit choice he loves, your starfishing all over his bed is the funniest thing in the world, how could someone so small take up 90% of his bed! however he's favourite thing is having to man handle you out the way so he can get into bed and smother you in kisses.

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Got7 as school stereotypes

Jaebum: emo that everyone forgets about

Jackson: bad boy that everyone wants to have but never approaches him

Jinyoung: teachers pet that always gets special attention first in his class

Youngjae: good kid but when he gets with his friends he acts like a child on laughing had

Mark: average kid who hangs out the with the gang of weird people

Yugyeom: kid who sits in the back that flirts with the girl a but never stays loyal to one

BamBam: class clown who surprisingly passes classes with good grades

-admin unicorn

Got7 as students

anonymous asked:

um…Ik in your description you don’t do this..but i was wondering if you could do a thing like what kind of “whatever” this band would be…if you know what I mean?. If you can, can you do got7 as types of students.

OK so I’m going to do this a little different like add how would their dialogue would be. Hope you like it still. *REMEMBER THIS IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT DON’T TAKE ANYTHING SERIOUS* Also pretend if the members wasn’t close like they are in reality, they are just peers to each other in this text.

Jackson-Type of student: Class clown

JB-Type of student: Serious student

Jr-Type of student: Quiet student, laughs and smiles from time to time.

Mark-Type of student: Student who doesn’t pay attention to his surroundings and have to ask what’s going on most of the time.

Youngjae-Type of student: Does really weird things out of nowhere for no reason at all. Sometimes the stuff he does can first be taken out of context.

BamBam-Type of student: The second class clown, right hand man to the original class clown.

Yugyeom-Type of student: In their own world, just plain crazy.

Interactions in the classroom.

BamBam and Jackson fooling around

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JB: “Can you guys stop it, your distracting me I’m trying to focus”

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Jackson: “Boy if you don’t getcho yo I’m tryna focus lookin ass” (Don’t mind Mark in the back)

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 *Dies of laughter*

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*Looks up from his work because of BamBam*

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*Sees BamBam* Mark: “What is he doing?”

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*Eye contact with Jackson*

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*Eye contact with Youngjae first, then looks at teacher*

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*Teacher looks at him*

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*Vibing in his seat*

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*Teacher yells his name*

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arranged // part four

En Garde!

blurb: an affectionate morning comes a heated afternoon and not in the way you may think. 

word count: 3,218

genre: romantic comedy 

a/n: I hope you guys like this chapter. I’m deciding if I should post two times a week rather than once. It really depends how long it takes me to edit these parts. If you think I should, or have anything you need to say about the story just inbox me! I love getting feedback from you guys. ^.^ i read this over five times and there are probably so many typos oh my goodness. i apologize if there are.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  

You may had an easy time falling asleep, but Jackson is struggling and it’s mostly your fault. One reason for his struggle is the foreign feeling of him sharing a bed with another person. Usually he’d sleep in the middle, with his shirt off and limbs sprawled out all over the place. However, you being next to him isn’t the entirety of the problem. The problem is how much of a restless sleeper you are. He’s attempted to fall asleep several times tonight but was woken up by a stray hand that flopped on his face, or a hard kick to his leg or back. He is trying to keep patience, telling himself you’ll stop moving eventually. But it doesn’t seem like you will as you make another unconscious attack. Turning over and flinging your leg over his. He lifts up his leg, removing yours and grumbles. Annoyed and feeling defeated, he sits up and dramatically sighs. He looks over you angrily.

There you are, unsettled as you twist and turn looking to find some sort of comfort. Your face scrunches up in displeasure and Jackson head tilts to the side.

Maybe she’s having a bad dream?

His expression becomes softer, even though you’re depriving him of sleep, he wants to make sure you’re sleeping well. You shift from your side to your back, arm limp and straight. Plopping down right on top of Jackson’s manhood. He groans in pain, retracting into fetal position.

This girl will be the death of me, I can already tell.

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Texts from Bambam when you’re upset would include...

“Please don’t be sad. I hate seeing you upset.”

“Tell me what’s wrong. I want to help if I can.”

“Oh, I know that your grades are really important to you and if you want me to help you study then I will.”

“Of course! I have some pretty good study tips that might help.”

“Hey, I’m cute and smart. Didn’t you know that your boyfriend is multi-talented.”

“You’re lucky to have me? No, you have it all wrong Jagi, I’m lucky to have you. I mean you make me so happy all the time. I only wish I could make you that happy too.”

“See! You saying that makes me even happier. Now get dressed I’m picking you up and we’re going shopping.”

“This is part of studying trust me. It’s important to take a break every now and again. Otherwise you’re just going to stress yourself out.”

“Plus I found an outfit that you would look so hot in and I want to see you try it on.”

“Exactly, now am I smart or what? Don’t answer that.





Mark, Jackson, Bambam, and Yugyeom’s dance battle against YG trainees is one of my favorite things EVER (also check out Winner, iKON, and Day6 as trainees in the back)