Okay but picture this all the members are sick and Junior is taking care of them. He’s like “ are you feeling better? I made you some soup… Need anything? Let me bring more pillows and blankets” to Mark, Jackson, JB and probably Youngjae… But with Bambam and Yugyeom he’ll be like “You ungrateful brats never ever listen to me!! I told you not to go play in the stupid rain without wearing a jacket. This is what you get now.“


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Got7 reaction to the other members telling you to call him Oppa, when he knows you’re his Noona

From Anon:

😱😱that Oppa noona mixup is sooo cute!! I’m dead ASDFGHJOL Could you please please do it for got7 too =] 

Sure no problem! I liked doing the reaction for Bts so Got7 is no problem!


Daddy Jb is all about you calling him Oppa for once. He just sits back and watches the situation with a smirk. Why are the leaders always the smug ones?? After hearing you his smile gets even bigger and he teases you for the rest of the day. “Hey Noona, do you want Oppa to get that for you?”

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Doesn’t even realize whats going because he’s half asleep. However he jolts up when you say Oppa, thinking there’s another guy in the house  because he’s the oldest and there’s no one here older than you. After a second of processing the situation and you calling him Oppa a second time he becomes a laughing ball of hyperness.

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Desperately trying to explain you’re his Noona but keeps stuttering over his words so everyone ignores him. When they finally get you to say it he becomes even more flustered than before, trying to cover his face with anything he can find. When you two are alone he apologizes but he can’t say he’s not happy about it!

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Your his Noona and he loves you, but he desperately wants to hear you call him Oppa. The second you say it he’s screaming the place down. He’s in love with how cute you were saying that and is begging for you to say it again.

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Too embarrassed to tell them your his Noona and is trying to get them to stop in a flustered panic. When you do say it he has a complete melt down, when you two are alone he apologizes by sharing some ice cream and watches a movie with you

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If you’re looking for someone to save you from the situation he’ll be of no help. He’d be the main one egging you on to call him Oppa, after you say it and everyone leaves sexy mode is turned on to max. “I wonder how you screaming Oppa sounds, wanna find out Noona?”

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He’s the only one who’s not older than you. so he’s taking this chance while he has it and lets the guys egg you on. Even though he was expecting you to say it he still becomes a giggling mess and turns red when you do. Like Jackson he’ll try to get you to say it again.

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Texts from JB when you’re upset would include...

“Hey, are you okay?”

“What? They did not. What happened?”

“I’m so sorry that happened to you Jagi.”

“I swear I’m going to find whoever did that to you and I’ll make sure he regrets it.”

“No! It’s not fine. Someone was disrespectful to you and they upset you. That’s unforgivable in my book.”

“I know…I’ll be there soon okay? I don’t want you to be alone right now.”

“It’s no trouble at all really. I know you’re the first person I would want to see if i was upset.”

“Yeah, I’m fine. You’re the one I’m worried about right now. By the way why didn’t you call me when it happened?”

“Oh, Jagi, I love you and I want you to know that it doesn’t matter what I’ll always be there for you. So if anything like this ever happens again I call me okay?”

“Good. I’m coming up so see you soon.”

sweet love

I love Choi Youngjae. He is actual sunshine personified. I want him to have all the love and happiness in the world and I will forever protect him from haters because he does not deserve that. LOVE HIM. ;____;

Includes: Youngjae smut and fluff

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so this needs to be said about choi youngjae

okay so I’m making this post for my only love because I feel like I have to chime into this and make a post and I can’t say all I need to in tags

my baby sun choi youngjae is the strongest person in that goddamn group and I’m gonna tell y’all why

here we go

  • trained for really one month okay he might have been in the company for seven but that boy only got a month before he was put into got7 and those other six months were just for preparing for debut so really he got a month of solid training
  • was immediately the least liked member because of how adorably awkward he was and how he wasn’t sexy/hot or baby cute honestly this argument makes no sense cause he was fucking adorable when he debuted but okay
  • was made fun of and not taken seriously as a main vocal cause he didn’t really have any parts in girls, girls, girls like seriously it wasn’t his decision it was JYP and the only reason he didn’t sing much was cause he just came into the company and they had to see his vocal limits
  • was bullied on national television by jackson ((I know it was just for the audience but it wasn’t funny to me)) and made a laughing stock in igot7 but did not retaliate in the slightest
  • always ignored by fans until he lost a dramatic amount of weight which honestly scares me so much you have no idea how worried I am
  • always picked on for his insecurities and flaws by fans but just smiles and waves for them and is so pure and beautiful
  • was given no close ups during music broadcasts and is always shunned to the back or a corner cause fans don’t like him as much as other members which really shatters my heart
  • is sent hate on a regular basis whenever they do lives and when he posts photos on instagram and twitter but doesn’t say anything about it
  • diets so hard to look “beautiful” for all of us like how sick are we that he thinks that the only way he’ll be loved by the fans is if he is skinny
  • performed while sick for the fans and still got hate cause he wasn’t smiling or anything and whenever he looks tired on stage he is always criticized but whenever others are tired, they’re given love and support like they all deserve
  • legitimately shocked when people call him handsome like can you imagine how many times he’s been told otherwise for him to have that kind of reaction it breaks my heart
  • gets hate when he doesn’t get enough lines, gets hate when he gets too many lines, gets hate cause he isn’t a perfect dancer ((but y’all have nothing to say when anyone else messes up)) gets hate from just doing what he loves

in conclusion choi youngjae is the strongest member of got7 who has never retaliated on anyone and has never complained about the hate he receives and I know already that there are gonna be people who argue with me and say jackson or jaebum are the strongest members but honestly you are missing the whole fucking point yes those boys are strong but no one has to deal with the shit youngjae does and it appalls me that people can say so much negative and awful shit about him like really fuck you

If you don’t like Choi Youngjae then I can’t trust you
—  Me and any other logical person, like how can you not like this ball of sunshine ?