GOT7 REACTION: Younger Sister Wearing Revealing Clothes.

Thanks for your request, Anon <3 I really did not know how to make that request, a dirty way or WHAT an older brother would, decided to do the latter. I hope you enjoy and keep following the blog.

BamBam: Why you had to grow up? I want my little sister back! *The most cute member on GOT7 or nah?*

Jackson: Excuuuuuuse me! Where the pretty lady are thinking in go with theese dress?

JB: * He loses his mind when sees the size of the skirt*

Jr: YOU! Change these clothes right now! *Overprotective brother on the way*

Mark: *Make a little charm* Y/N, can you change this dress?


Yugyeom: *Boring Little Brother* You really want me to call Mom?

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Can you do a GOT7's reaction when you pinch them because they're getting you jealous?

 So I did only three members :) 


He would get annoyed, simply because he doesn’t understand why you pinch him. He’s talking to another girl when you suddenly creep next to him and pinch him in the arm. He would give you a glare with eyebrow raises.


“What, what?”

“You pinched me.” He scrawls.

“Well, you deserve it.” You stick out your tongue at him, making more confused.

“Have you gone crazy?”

“Yeah, because you are standing with another girl and leaving me alone.” You say, warping your arms around your chest.

“That’s childish.” He says and you raise an eyebrow at him.

“Fine, I will go and find someone to flirt with. Maybe that won’t be childish.”

“Do what you want!” Jackson says and you scoff, walking away, but he would stop you, grabbing your waist.


“Where are you going?” Jackson asks firmly and you roll your eyes. “Do what I want, remember?”

“Stay around me, I won’t talk to girls so stay.”

You smile as you link your arm with his. “You…. I will hit you for real next time.”

Jackson would roll his eyes, but he would pull you with him everywhere he goes. Scared that you would go and look for another guy.


When he wouldn’t give you attention and give to other girls and you feel jealous, you pinch his arm without anyone noticing. He would wince and pout cutely at you, looking at you confused.

“Honey, Is something wrong?”

“Except that you talking to other girls and leaving me alone, no. everything is fine.” You say, smiling at him, which he finds scary as it fades once you finished talking.

“Are you mad?”

“Not at all.” You sigh, running a hand through your hair. And Mark knows exactly what it means. It’s your limited.

Mark would wrap his arms around your shoulder. You look at him with eyebrows raised and he picks your lips, out of the blue. “You know, you don’t have to be jealous. I’m only in love with you.”  

“I’m not jealous.” You say, look away, avoiding his eyes.

“You aren’t?” He asks, and you sigh as you press your lips into a line. “I’m… So don’t ignore me when I’m with you and stop talking too much to other girls or…”

“Or what?”

“I will kill you.”

Mark smiles as he pulls you into huge. “You won’t, you love me.”

Mark, on this situation, I imagine him dealing with it cutely, melting your heart when you are angry. You can’t stay angry at sure cute creature. Don’t you agree?



A Girl approaches him and you send her a death glare, but she ignores you and starts flirting with. You raise an eyebrow and walk to his side, pinching him when he starts to smile and laugh with her.

“Wae?” He asks a smile on his face.

“Enjoying yourself?” You ask him and he nods nonchalantly so you pinch him again.

“What now?” He whines.

“Are you trying to make me jealous?”


“Never mind.” You would walk away, but Youngjae would follow you, wanting to know what you mean.

“Are you jealous?” He asks, warping his arm around you,

“No, not at all.”

Youngjae would find you cute and I bet he would make you jealous from time to time to see this cuteness that you are showing. He would take your pinch as a sign of your love for him  

Sorry for any grammatical errors

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How would the boys react to door closing /opening by itself , things magically change places or fly and hit the floor/wall and then one night , they wake up in the middle of the night and saw a ghost in the living room playing ?

so basically them being scared? haha

Mark: I think Mark would be the least scared out of all the other guys. If he witnessed all the strange phenomenon, he’d just reason with himself that it was the “wind”, “gravity”, or his own imagination. 

JB: I think JB is less likely to actually get scared but he’d just be surprised or startled. Like if the door shut, he’d jump just because the noise scared him. And if he saw a ghost, he’d just think he’s too tired and is hallucinating.

Jackson: Obviously would be the most scared and he’d make such a big deal out of it. Every time something happens, he’d scream and run around looking for one of his other members for consoling.

Jr.: I think he’s also more likely to be startled or surprised when he witnesses things rather than being scared. If he is scared, he’ll act like he isn’t; he’ll pretend he didn’t see or notice anything.

Youngjae: Youngjae would definitely be scared but not as vocal about it. If he witnessed something, he’d jump and start freaking out to himself and may ask one of his hyungs if they’ve noticed anything to ensure he’s not going crazy.

Bambam: I think he’d be the second most scared after Jackson. He’d be pretty obnoxious about it too, except he’d cling onto his members and ask them to accompany him if he needs to go somewhere alone… even the bathroom.

Yugyeom: I can imagine Yugyeom being startled but just quietly, to himself. He’ll freak out and be like “what the heck was that…” muttering to himself, trying to reason what it could’ve been.


So requested by anon to write a Mark scenario with him as a dad, I came up with this. It’s pretty lengthy, but enjoy! 

Listen to this when reading: (x)

Mark strolled into work once again, his pants hinting white crayon and his tie stained with slight drips of orange juice. He pushed open the door to his office and sat down, taking a deep breath and having the view of the city soak him in. A knock was at his door, making him spin around in his chair, seeing his boss appear. Mark quickly stood up, bowing at him. The man who was in his mid-fifties gave a warm smile.

“No need to greet me like I’m the president,” he chuckled.

“But…you technically are,” he said. His boss laughed and shook his head, hands shoved into his slacks.

“We’ve known each other for a few years and I never had a great Co-CEO like you. Maybe one day you’ll take over,” he said. Mark blushed at the sudden compliment and idea of one day owning this cooperation.

“How is she?” he asked. Mark snapped out of his short daydream and looked at the man. A beard was forming, colors of white and gray growing as his hair was seemingly to fade away slightly. His eyes were bright and radiated with kindness.

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Okay, since I coincidentally got two requests that were actually really similar, I’m going to group them together! I’ve been sick all day today. I went to the doctor earlier, so I couldn’t get to these requests earlier! I’m really sorry about that! Enjoy, you cuties!

“Oh, uh, Jaebum-oppa, Jackson-oppa, Mark and I were wondering if you wanted to go out to dinner with us and the rest of your members. Let’s call it a… celebration of all your hard work and practicing!” You smiled, looking at both of them. 

Mark coughed awkwardly and shifted, playing with the end of his shirt. “Yeah, sure, Y/N.” The both of them agreed. You told them where you would be meeting and when. Once the date was set, you grabbed Mark’s hand and left the JYP building. 

Outside was abnormally quiet. No, you weren’t thinking about the traffic or the people walking past you and Mark in his disguise. You were thinking about Mark. “Mark? Are you okay? You’re… quieter than usual.” You looked up at him, squeezing his hand, a common act of comfort between you two. “Yeah, I’m okay… but why do you call Jaebum and Jackson oppa but not me?”

A sly smile spread across your lips. “Mark, are you jealous?” You gave him a little nudge. “What? No… no.. I’m not jealous!” He pouted, avoiding your gaze. “Is the Mark, quiet, cool, level-headed, I’m-not-ever-jealous, Tuan jealous?” You teased. “Nuh-uh! No way!” He shook his head, laughing, making you laugh as well. You gave him a hug. “How about we go get some ice cream,” you grabbed his hand, “Mark-oppa?”

Cupids For Hire | Chapter 1

Member : Mark Yi En Tuan ft. Choi Youngjae

Genre : Fluff

Word Count: 1309

AU: College

     “…and then, BamBam decides that it would be hilarious if he takes all of Jackson’s underwear and sticks it in the freez- wait, are you even listening to me?”



     “OUuuchh! Geez, Mark!” Youngjae yelps as he rubs the pink imprint of his friend’s hand on his arm, finally focusing his attention on something other than a certain someone sitting across the dining hall.

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I read your and idek why but thought of this. How would got7 react if a there was a girl hanging out with them quite often and Yugyeom treats her as if she's younger than him because she looks way too youthful and even demands she'd call him 'oppa' but then they find out she's almost a year (not like a big difference but anyways) older than him? hope it makes sense 😁

JB: I just have the feeling that this kid would have known ahead of time, so as soon as it got out, he’d just die of laughter.

Mark: He’d laugh, and then he’d teasingly as her to call him oppa in front of poor little Yugyeom.

Jackson: I think he’d be pretty amazed that you were older than Yugyeom, so he’d just be in a wide-mouthed shock.

Jr.: He’d ruffle poor Yugyeom’s hair and just tell him that everyone will always be older than him.

Youngjae: He’d be too busy laughing his butt off at the poor maknae’s dismay to react any other way.

Bam Bam: Because he and Yugyeom are also about the same age, I think it would come as a shock to him, too, but he’d jump right into calling her noona.

Yugyeom: He’d be supremely embarrassed and would apologize profusely, but then whine because you didn’t correct him from the beginning.

got7 as high schoolers

Mark: that super quiet but attractive kid you notice in the back of the class, but is secretly a fuck boy when he’s with his close friends

JB: that intimidating, brooding-looking loner who’s actually really nice and has great taste in music

Jackson: probably will be nominated class clown or everybody’s best friend because even if you’re not actual friends with him, you’d know of him and want to be his friend

Jr.: that guy everyone thinks is so handsome and can’t believe is actually a nice guy because he greets everyone, even if they’re just acquaintances

Youngjae: that kid that sings wherever he goes and spaces out when he walks around campus

Bambam: is literally always in a good mood and is hyper like 99% of the time, and is also the crush of underclassmen 

Yugyeom: the shy, timid kid who is actually very outgoing and super talented but no one expects it at all

pros of dating got7

• will sing you to sleep

• will dance for you and teach you how to do acrobatics

• will do anything to make you smile and laugh

• will protect you from harm

• will love you and treat you like a princess

cons of dating got7

• won’t kill the bug

smut masterpost (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

As requested, I have compiled a list of all the smut scenarios.

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So someone asked me for the Master list and I send the link. here is this List for those who use mobile 







two or more members








Rap Monster

  • Blind Flower Part 1|

















Two or more members

  • Hongbin & N (Before) Parts 1|2|3|4 {Completed}
  • Hongbin & N (The right choice- Before II) Parts 1|2|3|4|5|6|Hakyeon POV {Completed}





  • Complex Part 1|2


**Two or more members from different groups

Mark & J-hope

  • Love again Part 1|2|3

I hope that will help you ^_^ thank you *O*

GOT7 Reaction: When you (their girlfriend) comes, and surprises them at work.

Thank so much my dear anon, that really makes my day. I hope you enjoy this:) -X

Mark: *Stops whatever he’s doing* “Hold on, my girlfriend is here.”

JB: *Looks in the mirror to make sure he looks good for you* 

 Jackson: *To his members* “My girlfriend is better than yours!!!” 

Junior: “Are you stalking me or something? Why are you always wherever I am?" 

 Youngjae: *Doesn’t know how to react and gets shy* “Hi Y/N, what are you doing her? Not that I don’t want you here or anything.”

Bambam: “Jagiya what are you doing here?!”

 Yugyeom: *He’s very happy to see you and can’t stop giggling*



how they wake you up; for got7

Mark : With feather-light kisses. Mark turns to sleep on his side, snuggling into the warm duvet, and a warm person. He opens his eyes when he feels his nose bumping into yours by accident, and when he’s more awake to realize that you two just bumped noses while you were sleeping, he had to stifle a laugh. He smiles brightly, all teeth and eyes disappearing into crescents, as he watches you breathe steadily as you continue to sleep like a baby. You look so peaceful when you’re sleeping, and Mark can’t help but lean in to kiss the tip of your nose. He pulls away, expecting your eyes to flutter open so he could look into your light brown orbs, but you don’t and he pouts, more to himself. He pushes himself up and places a soft kiss on your forehead, letting his lips linger there for a few seconds longer. All you give him in response is a rather inaudible groan, your body barely moving. Mark chuckles softly and kisses you on your cheeks, two on each side. This time, you move your hand to swat at whatever was disturbing you, unaware that it was Mark. He giggles and dodges your attacks, then swoops down for another kiss on your lips. He pecks your lips until you finally wake up, throwing your arm over your face and turning away from him to hide your wide smile and blushing cheeks.

Jaebum : He would be staring at you until you wake up. Jaebum stirs from his sleep and cracks an eye open, letting his retina adjust to the sun rays streaming into the bedroom, drowning the room in a warm orange hue. He closes his eyes and sucks in a breath, stretching out his limbs and letting out a yawn. Jaebum’s movements cause you to shift, making you turn your body to face him. He stills for a moment, realizing that you’re still asleep, then he slowly props himself up on his arm so that he can get a good, long look at you. A small smile creeps up onto his flawless face as his eyes scan your features; your cute nose, your furrowed eyebrows, your long lashes, your rosy cheeks and your red cherry lips. Jaebum gently brushes away some hair from your face, just so that he can get a clearer and better view of you. He continues to watch you while you’re sound asleep, your slow breathing in sync with his, breathing each others’ air. He doesn’t get sick of looking at you, and he thinks that he can probably look at you forever, but then his thought is interrupted when your eyes slowly flutter open, your lips instantly curving up into a smile when he’s the first person you see.

Jackson : By being noisy and pouncing on you. Jackson’s the first one to wake up today, surprisingly, and the first thing he does is turn to your side of the bed to look at you. He plops back down onto the pillow and stretches to wake his muscles up. “Y/N.” He calls, in his low and husky voice. You don’t respond, so he scoots closer to you. “Babe,” He looks up at you with puppy eyes. “wake up.” He shakes you softly and you groan in response. You turn your head so that you’re away from him, facing the wall. “Babeeeeeeeeeee.” He whines. He places a kiss on your shoulder, then up your neck. “Wake up.” He says again once his lips reach your jaw. He pulls away, seeing that you still haven’t moved or responded to him. “BABE!” Jackson raises his voice, propping himself up on his elbow. You groan once again, your arm flying over your face to cover your eyes. “Y/N!” He jumps over you and you let out a scream from the sudden weight of him above you. He looks down into your eyes now that you’re fully awake, and rather annoyed, but he knows how to deal with it. “What?” You furrow your eyebrows. He smiles and leans in to kiss you lovingly on the lips. You’re lost in the kiss and your arms instinctively wrap around his neck. “Good morning, beautiful.” He says when he pulls away, a sly smile on his face. “Morning, idiot.” You say, before pushing him off the bed to wash up.

Jinyoung : With breakfast in bed. Jinyoung always wakes up earlier than you, and he’s glad he does because he gets to look and admire the way you sleep. It’s not very glamorous, with your hair sticking out in every direction and your limbs tangled either with his legs or the duvet, but he likes how you look so vulnerable when you’re sleeping. After staring at you for what seems like forever, Jinyoung sits up in the bed, messing with his fringe and putting it the way he likes it. He turns around to glance at your sleeping form, a smile spread across his face. He leans over to place a soft kiss on your forehead, then quietly hops out of bed to freshen up. He stalks to the kitchen and pulls out ingredients needed to make pancakes. Jinyoung hums and sings softly as he prepares breakfast, the aroma of pancakes making the apartment smell like an edible candle shop. He plates the pancakes up nicely, drizzling maple syrup on top and adding a few strawberries on the side. He puts two plates on the tray, followed by two glasses of orange juice, and walks to the bedroom. You’re still sleeping when Jinyoung walks in, and he smiles softly and places the tray on the nightstand. “Baby, I made breakfast. Wake up and eat it while it’s hot.” He says in the most soothing voice ever, while shaking you slightly. Your eyes flutter open and you smile when you see him. “Hey.” You say in a hushed whisper. He repeats again that he made you breakfast, only then did you smell the delicious aroma of pancakes. “You’re the best.” You say as you get out of bed, walking to the bathroom. “I know.” He smirks as he stuffs a forkful of pancake into his mouth.

Youngjae : He wouldn’t have the heart to wake you up. Youngjae rarely wakes up later than you, but today he does wake up later than you, way into the afternoon. Whenever you wake up later than him, it just means that you’re too exhausted from studying, because really, who could ever sleep as much as Youngjae? Then he remembered waking up at 3am last night to use the toilet to see you still studying. He had called you to bed and you complied, crawling into the warmth of his arms. He yawns and wraps an arm around your waist and gently pulls you closer to him. He turns to sleep on his side so that he can hug you more comfortably. You let out a soft groan and snuggle closer to him, your eyebrows knitted together. He smiles and uses his index finger to tap your nose, then places a light kiss on your lips. Youngjae doesn’t want to be the only one awake in the house, so he closes his eyes and tries to drift off to sleep again, letting your shallow breathing and addictive body scent lull him back to sleep.

Bambam : With bone-crushing hugs and close body contact. Bambam yawns and lies in bed for a few seconds, staring up into the ceiling. You have your back towards him, a pillow in your arms as you hug it tightly. Bambam pushes himself up and bends over you to see if you’re still sleeping, which you were. He collapses back down on the bed, then snakes his arm around your waist and pulls you against his chest. He throws his leg over yours and snuggles his face into your hair. You shift when he suddenly hugs you, and you turn to sleep on your back. Bambam pecks your cheek and pulls you even closer to him, squeezing you to his body, as if you two weren’t already close enough. He rests his head on your shoulder, but gets up after two seconds for the fear of his head being too heavy and straining your shoulder. He settles for nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck, his lips grazing your warm and smooth skin. His hot breath begins to tickle your neck and you slowly wake up to his arms and legs wounded around you. You push the pillow that you were hugging away, and wrap your arms around him instead. “Morning.” He coos, kissing your soft lips. You smile into the kiss and hum, resting your head on his chest. Bambam is way more comfortable to hug than a pillow anyway.

Yugyeom : By poking you playfully. Yugyeom rubs his face with his palms and then runs his fingers through his blonde hair. He turns to his side with his eyes still closed, but slowly flutters them open to look at you. The more he stares at you, the more awake he becomes. Yugyeom gently pokes your arm, then decides to poke your arm in a pattern. He gently does it from your wrist up to your shoulder blade, then back down again. He then pokes your cheek, then your nose. Your eyes flutter open and you turn to face Yugyeom, a mischievous smile on his face. “Good morning.” He says cheerfully, a smile brighter than the sun on his face. You scrunch up your nose at him, turning your body so that you were facing him. “Good morning.” You reply, letting him drape his arm around your body so that he can pull you closer to him. Yugyeom pokes your sides and you giggle with your face in his chest.