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Bitches will literally bump to Despacito and then try to get on you for listening to Kpop because “you can’t understand what they’re saying”. Bitch you-

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One of the worst things about being a kpop fan is when you start school and all of a sudden you have to pretend like you want to socialize all the time and care about your school work but in reality I’m just waiting for comebacks, photo shoots, and anything else that will kill me

*when Jackson moved from Hong Kong to Korea to meet the members*
  • Jaebum: This is Jinyoung, Mark, Youngjae, Bambam and Yugyeom. And my name’s Jaebum. And you are?
  • Jackson: Not as straight as I thought, apparently.
mark and jaebum fighting in trainee days

mark: tell jaebum that if he doesn’t stop talking shit imma throw this stereo at him

brian: ummm… mark said that he wants to talk things out???

jaebum: tell mark his neck is too fucking long and he looks like a noodle

brian: *sweating* jaebum ..,,; wants to have a mature discussion with u???



So basically all these photos show how much hate Jackson has been receiving over the years

OK can we just take a real quick second to ask why Jackson is getting all this hate.
He legit doesn’t deserve all this, he’s a good person with a good heart yet he gets treated like this and has been since the GGG era which frankly is awful.
Just thinking about “Got6” disgusts me and it disgusts me people are really so inhumane that they must resort to racist slurs, targeting his family, telling him to kill himself and so much more.

Of course there are so many true ahgase who don’t act like this. But like it said above many big Got7 fansites are treating Jackson just as badly.

Can we please just take some time out of our day to show Jackson our love, because 7 or Never, 7 or nothing.

Report all accounts giving him this hate, show your love and encouragement for Jackson to keep smiling.

Let’s protect Jackson

*EDIT*: PLEASE PARTICIPATE IN THIS- this is a project to help show your love to Got7 and especially Jackson
GOT7 reaction to you not being able to walk much after rough sex

Anon said:  Could you do a got7 reaction to their girlfriend struggling to walk after a night of rough sex ?

Jaebum:  “You good?” *teases a bit*

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Jackson: “I’m sorry baby” *kisses your shoulder*

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Mark: *laughs and finds it funny*

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Youngjae: *gif*

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Bambam: “Poor Y/N” *teases*

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Yugyeom: “I mean you wanted it” *laughs*

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Jinyoung: *gif*

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  • how got7 would enter a party:
  • bambam: the dab king has arrived
  • yugyeom: *arm linked to bambam's*
  • mark: where are the snacks i want to be antisocial
  • jackson: *runs in and starts pushing everyone to get to the middle of the dance floor*
  • youngjae: *slow dancing during a party song*
  • jaebum: *the one slow dancing with youngjae*
  • jinyoung: where's mark i want to be antisocial