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Hi! Can you do prompt 1 with jinyoung?

Prompt 1: My dad hates your dad let’s piss them off and pretend to date.

Honestly? At first it was out of sheer boredom and spite.  Your dad, though completely well meaning, would not let up on the fact that you didn’t have a boyfriend.  While most dads would probably be ecstatic at this fact yours wasn’t because his rival (who even had rivals these days…) had a son who enjoyed major relationship success. And when you’d first met the guy, Jinyoung, you had to admit you could see why he did so well with the ladies.  He was handsome, classically so in your opinion, and had a very nice smile and that was back when you guys were still in middle school.  On top of that he was smart and more than a little mischievous.  That’s when you came up with the plan.  Not only would it piss your dad off, but you knew that Jinyoung would be on board because after being a pawn in the dad rivalry for the last several years he wanted revenge too.

So you approached him about your plan one day at lunch while he was sitting with his friends.  Normally the two of you didn’t talk.  It wasn’t that you hated each other it was more that you guys just had different friends.  So his friends all looked pretty confused when you marched up to their table arms crossed, eyes solely on Jinyoung.

A smirk split across your face, “I have a proposition for you.”

And that’s how it’d started.  At first you’d kept Jinyoung’s identity a secret, telling your dad you were going out on dates, but refusing to tell him who you were going with.  You would kiss him on the cheek and skip out the door to go meet Jinyoung.  It was funny because spending time with him actually became something you enjoyed. He was funny. He was cute.  About a month into your little game while you were out on a ‘date’ with Jinyoung he suggested that you guys up your game and introduce each other to your dads.

“Yeah?” you replied eyes widening a little in surprise.  A fat drop of ice cream melted off your cone and fell onto your hand.

“You’re such a kid.” Rolling his eyes he reached over with a napkin and wiped it off before it could make your skin too sticky, “Well it’s been a month.  I can tell my dad’s getting annoyed that I haven’t told him anything. Now is about the right time.”

“Well if you think it’s a good idea. Come to think of it my dad tried to press me for information about you again before I left.” You mused eyes twinkling with amusement as you smiled at him in thanks, “Oh this is really going to make him blow up this time.”

“Great then we’ll introduce me to your dad first.”

“When should we do this oh sweet boyfriend?” you teased licking at your ice cream to keep any more of it from melting onto your hand.

“Tomorrow after school?” he suggested leaning back on the bench.

“Sounds like a plan. I wonder if I’ll ever be allowed outside the house after this.” You wondered aloud.  The two of you were silent for a second before you turned to look at him.

“What?” he asked looking a little defensive.

“Calm down I’m not going to bite you.” You laughed then held out the ice cream towards him, “You want a bite?”


You weren’t sure why you were nervous as you and Jinyoung headed up the walkway of your house.  You knew what you’d been getting into, his reaction was one that you’d been trying to achieve out of this whole endeavour. The night before when you’d come home from your date you’re promised your dad that you would bring your boyfriend over to meet him tomorrow.  You just hoped that he didn’t do anything really embarrassing.  

“Hey.” Jinyoung pulled you out of your thoughts.  You’d stopped at the edge of the porch steps.  He reached down and grabbed your hand, surprising you again, offering you a smile, “It’s going to be fine. If anything he’s going to yell at me the most.”

And he was right.  The wide beam your father had worn as he opened the door quickly became a frown and then he’d begun yelling.  Part of you felt smug.  Maybe this would shut him up about your lack of love life, but at the same time you felt guilty.  Jinyoung was the only one getting yelled at.  You stepped in front of him without thinking and faced your dad an angry look on your face.

“Dad stop. Don’t yell at him.  You don’t have the right to do that. You were the one who wanted me to date were you not?  I’ve done so. I’m so sorry you don’t like who I picked.” You snapped attempting to shield Jinyoung from your dad, despite the fact that he was at least a head taller than you.

“Don’t think I won’t get to you next young lady!” his face was turning red and your stomach was flopping around uneasily. Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea.  

“You know what if you hadn’t have kept pushing me to get a boyfriend then this wouldn’t have happened!” you snapped. Jinyoung rested a hand on your hip and gently moved between you and your more than a little angry father.  

“Sir. Your daughter is very important to me.  I understand that you and my father don’t like each other, but I don’t see why that has to affect mine and your daughter’s relationship.” Jinyoung explained calmly.

You stared at him in bewilderment until you remembered this was supposed to be part of the game.  Honestly you thought he should go into acting he was really convincing.  But why did your stomach twist in a weird butterfly feeling at his words?  Unless… No. You and Jinyoung were friends. This was just a ploy to make both your father and his father angry.  It wasn’t meant to be real.  These feelings weren’t meant to exist.  Of course this was the moment your mind decided to make you all too aware of how you felt about Jinyoung.  All those dates the two of you had gone on.  You could have just said you were going out and hung out with your friends instead.  Your dad would never have known the difference. Yet the two of you had spent almost all your free time together plotting and going on fake dates.  

Turning you broke away from Jinyoung’s light grasp and ran for the door.  You heard both of them calling out after you, but you just needed to get out of there.  You ended up at the park you’d frequented during the time you’d spent together with Jinyoung.  When had the lines become so blurred?  This wasn’t supposed to happen. But then again you supposed it was kind of like playing with fire.  You should have known the risks.  It couldn’t be for real, you denied tears welled up in your eyes, Jinyoung doesn’t like me like that. We’re friends. We were only supposed to be friends. It was fake dating for craps sake. You had let your guard down without even realizing it and now you were stuck with this mess. You had to get rid of your feelings and fast because this wasn’t what it was meant to be.  As you sorted through your thoughts you didn’t notice his approach.  

All you saw were his shoes step in front of you, a dark contrast to the woodchips that littered the ground, and then “I thought you might be here.”  

This actually turned out a lot better than i thought. Enjoy ^_^ thank you for requesting~

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