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Just some aesthetic af screenshots from the Turn Up 2Young unit teaser

Well, I see both my bias wreckers are here to collect me. Please tell Yugyeom that I loved him dearly.

got7 as boyfriends

- the shy squish who’s not so shy around you.
- “are you alright babe?”
- he would make sure you’re eating well and that you’re always positive
- he would offer you his oversized shirts (it was big on him too) and would somehow never get it back
- kisses on the lips & hugs from behind
- sudden “I love you’s”
- driving you around while playing his kind of music (hip hop)
- always smiling because of you
- feeds you ramen
- intense eye contact


- the clingy and jealous boyfriend
- he forces you to eat organic foods only and peers at you when he notices something unhealthy
- grabs your butt & boobs jokingly
- literally always following behind you never shutting up
- massages after a stressful long day
- the best of the best dates
- cringey aegyo which you find adorable sometimes
- takes care of you like a baby & spoils you in unnecessary gifts
- doesn’t like other men talking to you
- never fails to make you laugh


- the intelligently sexy boyfriend
- offers you to read like he does to expand the mind
- shares his coffee with you
- always teasing and being mean to you as a joke
- stares with a death glare at other men who dare to look in your direction
- neck kisses that drives you insane
- showers together
- takes you on classy dates
- sips wine proudly while watching you open your tons of gifts from the shopping mall (get it)
- “I’m so glad you’re mine.”


- the hot boyfriend that has other girls’ boyfriends questioning themselves
- cooks for you all the time
- corners you or grips you when you do something he doesn’t approve of
- dominant
- always smirking and admiring you
- though you’re his, he still doesn’t like when you eat his fried chicken
- picks you up
- doesn’t allow you to talk to other men
- “you’re mine and mine only.”
- butt grabs


- the adorable cutie pie boyfriend
- short but innocent pecks all over your face
- always laughing loudly which makes you laugh
- pinches your face constantly as he showers you in compliments
- attempts English
- aegyo which is always cute
- always snuggling or holding you
- “we’re together forever!”
- both lovers & best friends
- dates to theme parks


- the fancy pimp boyfriend
- always showing off his long legs to you
- inhumane screaming at random times
- makes you wonder why you’re with this dork
- buys you a 60,000 dollar watch
- your wardrobe is full of things you’re too broke to afford
- drinks wine with you at the Eiffel Tower
- cringey as ever
- always being sexual like a middle schooler
- dirty jokes & inside jokes you both only get


- the giant cute boyfriend
- always praising you
- smiles and blushes just at the sight of you
- his clothes looks like dresses when he lets you wear them
- major height difference (depending)
- gives you things you can’t reach
- lap dances
- always teasing you
- “I’m always yours”

Things GOT7 Definitely Have Done When Drunk

Jaebum: put on an old song on the stereo and began sobbing nostalgically

Mark: challenging random strangers to shot competitions

Jackson: began speaking to the palm tree in the hallway about his problems

Jinyoung: taken a nap in the bath tub

Youngjae: tried making a cocktail and nearly burnt the house down in the process (don’t ask how)

Bambam: began an impromptu fashion show in the living room

Yugyeom: attempted to do some cool dance move and thereby nearly dislocated an ankle

got7 as store workers


- the ‘idgaf pay me’ cashier
- looks like he belongs in a satanic ritual
- always has headphones in
- doesn’t care to ask the shoppers if they find everything okay
- double bags
- hides whenever someone asks for help
- gets flirted to or recorded by random customers
- doesn’t interact with his co-workers
- makes sure his cats are okay with his 24 security camera monitor app on his phone


- the shy baker boy
- always smells like cinnamon
- smiles sheepishly as he asks customers what they want
- can bake his butt off
- laughs at compliments
- always wearing hats even though it isn’t required
- sits to himself in the break room
- has sales every holiday


- the sophisticated coffee maker
- looks like a college student
- probably in college
- makes coffee exactly how customers want
- lowkey talks about everyone in the store
- drinks iced coffee on his break
- asks if the customers are doing well
- tries to not be awkward
- receives big tips
- is fake to his co-workers


- the weird bag boy
- you’d often catch him staring at model magazines with bikini girls
- always dabbing in the break room
- won’t stop harassing the customers as they receive their groceries with forcing them to 'do the dab’
- uses more expensive brands of his uniform to 'touch it up’
- actually goes overboard with dressing up
- always getting trouble for playing Migos on the speakers as the store music
- has a private dance session in empty aisles


- the fluffy craft shop worker
- offers free pints of paint every Sunday
- greets every customer with a bright 'hello!’
- craft store looks like a 5th grade painting class
- makes every customer feel joyful
- cracks jokes with customers that has them laughing
- always happy even to rude people
- gets in trouble for giving kids free art supplies
- requests school half off sales for students since he cares
- actually puts effort into his job and loves it


- the fitness store owner
- always at work even when he doesn’t need to be
- even has an organic section in the back
- pays employees a lot more than expected
- motivates customers with a free bag of organic green tea
- ends up becoming friends with the customers
- flirts with the cute girls he sees
- flirts with the cute boys
- “have a good day and stay healthy or don’t come back!!!”
- always hyper


- the music store employee
- gets in trouble for terribly playing the drums and singing in the microphones
- impresses customers with his amazing dancing skills
- gets a lot of tips
- always told to reach the higher items
- ends up with about 10 girl’s numbers
- gets shy and turns into jello when he receives compliments
- is caught being weird

got7 as a family

jinyoung: the mother
- he protec
- but he also attac
- cooks everyday and works all night
- complains on how stupid the children are (yugyeom & bambam)
- drinks wine especially when stressed
- “BOY IF YOU DONT GET YO RETARDED ASS–” after yugyeom begs for money for school
- forces the entire family to attend church
- threatens that if any of them act up in public places, they’re getting their butts beat an home
- prays before going to bed
- is not here to be your friend, but your loving parent
- finds anything to whoop the kids with
- is actually very caring
- has the kids to read a book everyday for 20 minutes

jaebum: the dad
- stern & strict
- “Don’t you hop on that game without doing your homework first.”
- lights out at 9:00 sharp
- makes sure the kids get their proper education
- raises his boys through tough love
- has a soft heart when necessary
- teachers always flirt with him
- stressed
- forces the kids to care for his cats while he’s away at work
- “Please tell your classmates to stop calling me Daddy Jaebum.”
- goes right to sleep after he gets off work
- always eating
- drives in a family van

youngjae: the 2nd youngest and pure child
- literally always happy
- “Why did I hear the headboard hitting against the wall last night?”
- makes cute drawings and hangs them on the refrigerator
- is told inappropriate stuff from bambam
- doesn’t want a boyfriend or girlfriend
- volunteers with the chores
- a good child
- “I’m out!!”
- literally so adorable
- enjoys going to church
- looks up to his dad
- is loved by everyone
- “What’s up man?”

mark: the antisocial middle child
- doesn’t talk much
- hides whenever company comes over
- smokes weed when he’s at school secretly
- probably in a secret relationship
- laughs shyly whenever he’s complimented
- hates school with a passion
- is often forgotten at family gatherings
- can’t fit in
- looks up to Jackson
- probably sad inside
- tries to open up more
- close with mom
- works at In N Out
- invites his friends over for a pool party
- dresses like a f*ckboy

bambam: the strange youngest child
- dabs like the usual
- is out of control and gets slapped around by both his mom and dad
- bumps rap music that irritates the entire neighborhood
- “I’m so sexy.” he says flexing his skin and bones in the mirror
- will never cook because of 3 months ago when he almost burned the house down
- probably ‘in the closet’
- is the reason everyone is late for school since he can’t decide what to wear
- “Dang, everyone’s birthday is this year.”
- best friends with yugyeom
- insists on going on family vacations
- always yelling
- meme

jackson: the questioning oldest child
- drinks beers when no ones around
- a senior in high school
- literally has all the girls
- flirts with any cutie he sees but is scared on the inside
- “Stay healthy!”
- will die for his family
- very random and unpredictable
- matures along the way
- tries to insist on making the family eat organically
- swears when angry
- hypes up his siblings to do whatever they want to do
- fanboys over the hot boys in the summer
- probably bi
- caring to his parents but not to his siblings

yugyeom: the talented 3rd youngest child
- loves dancing
- a fanboy for Chris brown
- irritates jinyoung
- always getting in trouble
- forced to dance at family gatherings
- is taller than everyone in the house
- afraid of jaebum
- shares a room with bambam
- “I thought February had 31 days.”
- practices his sexy dancing on a stuffed bear
- strong
- has a soft heart
- cries if you hurt his feelings
- a big baby
- blushes a lot
- gets whooped by jinyoung a lot
- floor humping enthusiast


97 Young and Rich

Dimensions: 750x1334px / 300dpi / lock screens

Idk guys, I just had to. They look like they’re worth millions, which is why I went with purple and red. If you like them, tell me. If you don’t like them - then also tell me <3 - pzwsb

You can find the  2Young ones here & Markbum here

got7 at a cookout

jackson: everyone’s favorite cousin
- goes for ‘a store run’ with Mark (a coverup for smoking weed probably at the park)
- can’t cook to save his life
- “TURN UP!”
- had about three beers already
- outside playing freeze tag like he’s a kid himself
- is the first one in line when it’s time to eat
- brings his own radio
- dresses in athletic gear
- tells everyone the food is not organic and is unhealthy but still eats anyway

jinyoung: someone’s dad
- volunteers to say the prayer
- takes twenty minutes to say the prayer but is mainly throwing shade at everyone there (yugyeom)
- “pastors eat first.”
- has a belt over his shoulder for his kids who try to act up
- helped cook the food
- most likely scolding yugyeom and bambam
- drinks wine while monitoring the kids outside
- still gets called Junior even though he’s almost 30
- “My name is Jinyoung, thank you.”

jaebum: the strange cousin
- literally just there to eat
- you can find him in the back room on his phone or walking down the street
- is angry because he couldn’t bring his cats
- everyone is scared to talk to him
- made most of the food (especially the fried chicken)
- argues over who ate the last chicken wing
- gets lectured by his auntie on why he should be nicer
- sneaks plates of food and hides them in his car
- requests R&B music

bambam: the weird nephew
- dresses in nothing but designers
- challenges everyone to a dance off
- plays rap music
- dabbing instead of praying
- gets abused by Jinyoung
- almost gets caught sipping beer
- always screaming
- forces his mom to dance with him
- literally eating everything though he’s so skinny
- gets beat up by his other cousins

youngjae: the kind uncle
- screams “hello” to everyone that walks through the door
- probably in the back BBQ'ing
- tells his nieces and nephews to behave themselves
- throws away all the cucumbers
- is the last one to eat since he wants everyone else to go first
- participates in the 6 year old activities
- eats the popsicles
- loves being surrounded by family

mark: the playboy
- brings about seven different girls to the family cookout
- wears yeezy gear as the elders complain about how he’s wasting his money
- leaves every 20 minutes to get high
- weed smell is on his clothes
- eyes are always red
- takes his plate with him
- “you wanna play basketball?”
- hoops later on outside
- walks the street at 10pm with his other friends and cousins
- still a quiet squish

yugyeom: the dancing nephew
- gets dressed by his mom
- is forced to show off his dance moves to the family
- “I don’t wanna dance mom!”
- is scared to eat
- waits until everyone got their plate only to realize it’s scraps of food left
- taller than almost everyone
- still will get slapped by Jinyoung no matter how tall he gets
- in the back room being a goof with his other cousins
- plays 2K17 (basket ball game)
- gets sad when it’s time to go home after a while