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got7's 'good tonight' + yoonmin ♥

it was a long day. standing and posing in the middle of a quad in a foreign country is new to him–it feels good but it also makes him a little shy, just like always. bergen is nice, it looks pretty in pictures. jimin looks pretty all dolled up for his first ever vogue korea spread. it’s all good.

“we’re going home in two days. i asked for a day off. kinda.”

“really?” jimin perks up, looking up from his phone. yoongi just shrugs as he pulls out his laptop, no doubt to check his emails. he’s the best manager ever, and jimin makes sure he knows. “thanks. you’re the best, really.”


bergen is really pretty, not that big, and yoongi and jimin have the freedom to do what they want being unknown in a foreign land. the day off was spent shopping and sight seeing, being cute and walking in town holding hands.

when night falls, yoongi takes jimin to an underground club, buys them shots, and kisses him right there on the dance floor where jimin was putting out a hell of a show for others too see. “don’t give them that, baby. it’s all mine.”

jimin grins into the kiss and loops his arms around yoongi’s neck, halting his show. “yeah? all yours, babe. all yours.”


they drunkenly make their way back to the airbnb they rented, thankfully in one piece (or two). they quickly unlock the door before yoongi is pushing jimin down the bed, kissing down his body as he undoes every button of that sinful shirt jimin decided to wear.

they fuck good, just like always, and yoongi has half of jimin’s body pressed down into the mattress, ass up in the air. it feels good, feels really fucking ecstatic to not hold back.

jimin is cumming into the sheets, his moan loud, fingers clutching onto the sheets for dear life. yoongi cums in him, likes the way his load drips out of jimin’s ass. it’s a good sight.

tomorrow, though, they go back to reality. where yoongi is jimin’s manager and they don’t have enough time for this as they’d like. 

“ready for round 2, jimin-ah?”

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A L L  N I G H T  L O N G ; a mix for late nights and long drives

heaven after school // all night f(x) // playboy (壞男孩) exo // 넌 뭐니 who r u nine muses // 데자-부 (deja-boo) jonghyun // guilty gain // 예뻐 예뻐 (pretty! pretty!) ladies’ code // 맘마미아 (mamma mia) kara // 연애의 조건 (love options) bestie // saturday night crayon pop // 알면 다쳐 (love game) lim kim // 시그널 signal f(x) // good tonight got7 // 위글위글 (wiggle wiggle) hello venus // like a fire shinee // number 9 t-ara // abracadabra brown eyed girls // trick girls’ generation // danger taemin




GOT7 - Good Tonight (Acoustic Cover)


Got7 Good Tonight + A Live *-*