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I Have Always Loved You

Summary: You and Junior have always been friends, but one night you realize you have feelings for him. You keep these feelings hidden, afraid to ruin your friendship, but one drunken night, you let your feelings slip.

Character: Junior and You

Genre: Romance/Smut/Rate M

Warning: Sexual content.

Length: 2942

You never thought of Junior as anything more than a friend, but he was your best friend. You guys hung out all of the time, and you felt like you could tell him anything. It wasn’t that that you didn’t think Junior was boyfriend material. You guys had just been friends for so long, that you didn’t even think about other possibilities. Plus, either him or you were always dating someone. But there was something about tonight that just felt different.

You two had gone to see a movie together, and now he was walking you back to your apartment. You guys were laughing about the silliness of the main character, when you glanced over in his direction. The moonlight must have been shining at the perfect angle, illuminating his jawline in the dark light. For a moment, you felt like you couldn’t breathe. It wasn’t like you hadn’t found Junior attractive before. You knew very well he had grown into a handsome man. You just never looked at him before in that way.

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