But forreal…please tell me how he switched up on us?? I need to know like…my hair has been disintegrated, I feel disrespected, caught off guard and like I’ve sinned all because of one photo.

What dating Jackson from got7 would be like {REQUESTED}

* lots of clingy cuddle sessions

* Tries to get you to workout with him even after telling him no countless times

* Cute whining for kisses or food

* Buys you cute little presents like a rose and candy

* He would be so proud that you are his girlfriend/boyfriend he would show you off 24/7

* He would actually be the one to want to wear matching close cause this bitch is a softie

* I feel like he’s a kind of guy to give you forehead kisses and back hugs really always touching you in some way

* Cute movie or show nights on the couch drinking hot coco of milk any liquid (😂)

* Always finds a way to squeeze your butt or your hand

* Husband material or would try to be

* Jackson would try to cook for your anniversary you appreciated the hard work but you ended up ordering take out

* Would try and do your hair or makeup cuteee af

* Would be such a jealous boyfriend if he saw a boy/girl flirting with you he would walk over and glare at him/her till he/she stopped talking

* Protective protective protective he would want to be like your knight

* Would want you to play with his fingers or comb your fingers through his hair

* If you feel asleep anywhere accept the bed he would carry or walk you to your shared room tuck you in lay next to you kiss you goodnight then keep you warm

* I’ll do some smut but not a lot

* He would be DOMINANT AS HELL

* he would be rough but if it was too much he would slow down apologizing I think his favorite position would be backwards cowgirl (or doggie style) while fondling with your nipples still allowing him to be dominant

* He would love everything about you his favorite feature would be your lips he loves how plump they are he would stare at them all day

* All of got7 would love you too being the girlfriend of a soft happy puppy another one would be just as great

Matching outfit⬇️

(I’m sorry if you aren’t the same face as the photo because neither am I but it’s really based just on the clothes)

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So if you have been with us for a while, you may know that we had actually turned down a request because it delt with Produce101/Wanna One so after that had happened, we had taken upon ourselves to watch the show AND LET ME TELL YOU IT WAS A ROLLERCOASTER OF EMOTION. 😫

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