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GOT7 As Type Of Neighbors

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JB: The neighbor that you forget that even lives there. You’ll see them three times a week, either carrying groceries or getting mail. The rest of the time you don’t even hear a peep out of his place.

Mark: The neighbor that has all the stray animals everywhere. You get annoyed by all the animals but get over it because he can’t say no to animals. Him and his s/o make sure none of the animals would bother you. 

Jackson: The neighbor that would invite you over to his place. Make sure that you’re eating and have getting the rest that you need. Will ask if you need anything when he goes to the store

Junior: The neighbor that knows all the gossip about everyone because he looks like a person they can trust. He wouldn’t tell anyone about the gossip that he knows but will tell you over a cup of coffee on Sunday mornings.

Youngjae: The neighbor that always makes small talk with you every time you see each other. You two hang out every once of a while because you like each other’s company.

Bambam: The neighbor that has a party or what he calls “A Social Get Together” practically every weekend. Will invite you just so you don’t call the cops on him because of all the loud music.

Yugyeom: The neighbor that you probably have to take care of. He doesn’t take care of himself and probably eat nothing but junk food. So you invite him weekly to come eat actual food.

GOT7 Reaction To You Having A Small Chest.

A/N: sorry this took SOOOoooOOooOoOOOOOOoooo long to get out But hope you enjoy~! Kinda wrote it like a scenario type deal and some will be sexual! ill put a label to which ones are if you’re not okay with that. Enjoy~


Sighing deeply as you look at yourself in the bathroom mirror you hear a group of girls passes by. Glancing as they walk by, you couldn’t help but look at the way their bathing suits fit perfectly around their larger breast. Visibly frowning you cup your smaller chest and try to adjust to make them seem fuller. Without much to move around you sigh one last time before settling with just putting on a spare shirt you brought with you to the waterpark. 

“Jackson!” you call out as you run towards your waiting boyfriend. As you approach you watch his smile drop to a concerned look.

“what?” you ask confused.

“ Why are you wearing my old ugly shirt instead of the cute bathing suit you were excited to show me?” He frowns at you, clearly excited to see his girlfriend in something more revealing. 

“ah.. well..” you rub your elbow as another group of girls walk by. Jackson catches your eyes as you side glance the plump chested girl. Realizing what the problem was, Jackson grabs you by the shoulders and pulls you close to look you in the eyes. 

“Y/N is it your chest?” Blushing red at his words he continues. 

“Your chest is just as amazing! don’t let other girl’s confidence bring you down! I like you, all of you just the way you are~!” he flashes you a small cute smile that brings the corner of your lips up. 

“ Okay. I’ll change” You say hugging your supportive boyfriend tightly before running back into the dressing rooms. 


Laughter filled the room as you lay shoulder to shoulder with you Boyfriend Youngjae who has Coco laying on his chest. 

“ Coco! kisses Coco~!” Youngjae says puckering his lips towards the dog who turns away and gets up to walk across to your chest. After making the journey, Coco settles herself right on your mounds without troubles at all. 

“ Wow, Coco.. just step on my boobs why don’t you!” You scoff playfully 

“Well, there isn’t much in the way!” Youngjae adds laughing not realizing what he said. Upset, you sit up pushing Coco away and pouting at your still laughing boyfriend 

“I know they are small… but there is something there..” You quietly say cupping your breast. 

“ Oh no! No, i didn’t mean it like that Y/N.. If it makes you feel any better, mine are small too..” He jokes cupping his chest to mimic your move. Not being able to hold back a laugh, you hit his shoulder lightly before laying back down. 

“ I like small things, Coco, Bunnies, Your boobs.. I like them all.” He adds on causing you to blush and hit him lightly again before attacking him with kisses.



 Your breath hitches as you feel Jr’s soft lips place hard kisses onto your jawline and neck leaving behind very vivid love bites. Your eyes shoot open as you feel him slowly lower his mouth to your bra covered chest. You adjust slightly to move his hand from your breast to your side. 

“Babe?” Jr asks noticing you adjust uncomfortably. 

“ it’s nothing.” You try to push aside, but once his hand moves once again to the valley between your mounds you shift this time very noticeable to your boyfriend. 

“Whats wrong?” He asks sitting up to look at you fully. 

“ I’m just. Self-conscious of..” your voice drifts as you move your hands up to cover your chest from his view. 

Smiling to himself after realizing what the problem was Jr places a soft kiss on your cheek. 

“You don’t understand how beautiful you are to me and how your body makes me feel,” Jr says looking into your eyes. 

Blushing you look away still covering yourself. Your face turns back towards Jr’s as you feel his strong hand grip your wrist and move it to his lower half, making you cup his hard on. 

“You did this to me, all of you.” He says before kissing your now exposed chest and smiling at you. 


“ I can’t possibly wear this…” You say out loud as you check yourself out in the dressing room mirror. 

“What was that?” You hear Mark as on the other side of the door. 

Tonight was a Got7 anniversary dinner with the whole group, important officials, and even JYP himself and Mark got permission to finally introduce you to everyone as his girlfriend. Because of the significance of tonight, Mark chose a very formal two piece dress that was long flowy with jewelry handstitched in just the right places. The dress itself was absolutely beautiful, Minus the fact that your small chest did no justice to the key hole cut of the top. 

knocking on the door you step away from the mirror to reveal the dress to your awaiting boyfriend. 

“Y/N you look amazing!” Mark expresses his excitement clear as day, but his smile drops as he sees you frowning. 

“Mark i can’t wear this.. i don’t have enough of this to make it look good.” You say motioning towards your chest. 

“Are you kidding me? You look amazing! everyone will have their eyes on you, Not sure if i want that actually..” Mark jokes trying to lift your spirits, but sadly it does nothing for you. Noticing that you’re still upset Mark makes his way towards you pulling you close. Looking down you rest your head on his chest still silently contemplating. 

“Please babe.. Just one night.. for me?” Hearing a slight pitch change in his voice you look up to be greeted by a big pouty lip and puppy dog eyes that melt your heart.

“fine… just one night..” You give in as he attacksyour face with love felt kisses. 



“I’ll be right back I just gotta change my shirt. Wait here!” You say as you quickly make way to your room as JB takes a seat at your dining room table that faces your room door. After checking his any social media updates, JB rests his head on the table glancing around still waiting for you to come out of your room. 

The slight thud of a drawer closing brings JB’s attention towards your bedroom door that was slightly ajar. Noticing this JB slightly looks at the bit the door revealed of your room till your figure popped into view. Shocked JB looks away as you lift your shirts over your head. Shifting his glances JB takes a peek at the ajar door once more to see your shirtless form as you reach behind to take off our bra.

“You said you just had to change your shirt.,” JB says to himself as he looks away slightly, but looks back up. turning around so that you front faced the door still unaware of the slight opening you stretch revealing you chest fully to JB who stares without realizing he was. relaxing after your long stretch you look up to see that you left your door open, upon walking towards it to close it you catch JB’s red face staring at you shocked. Blushing red you slam the door knocking him out of his trance. 

After a bit, you suck up your nervous and walk out to JB who stayed still in the same spot. 

“Don’t say a word..” You say as tap his shoulder to let him know you are ready.

“ I.. wont.. but they are cute..” JB adds making you blush a deeper red. 


“Ohhh! I like that dress!” You say pointing towards the page on the fashion magazine you and your boyfriend Bambam were looking at together. 

“Ehh, I don’t like how pink it is,” Bambam adds.

“Says the one that owns hot pink boots” You laugh rolling your eyes as Bambam turns the page. 

Resting your eyes on the next page you feel your cheeks heat up as a very sexy model with a large chest poses for a lingerie ad. 

“Whoa! now that’s sexy!” Bambam says after he finally looked at the page. 

“ I mean yeah.. it’s just because of her chest..” You pout cupping your smaller breast.

“ Well yeah! they are huge! look at them!” Your boyfriend adds on, not noticing how you are cupping yours in jealousy. 

“ Yeah. I see them.. kinda hard to miss” You add sulking. Noticing your tone Bambam looks over at you finally noticing you holding you smaller boobs. 

“I mean they are big, but nothing is wrong with cute small breast right babe?” Bambam says pulling you close and cupping your hand that covered your chest. 

“Yah!” You jump blushing brighter causing Bambam to laugh. 

“ I like all size boobs, but yours are my favorite.” was the last thing you hear come from him before he attacks you with hugs. 

Yugeyom :

“I can fit like two oranges in your bra!” Jackson laughs holding up your bra completely ignoring the fact that he was here to help you with your laundry. 

“Jackson! I told you ill do my own underwear!” You shout trying to pry your bra from you best friends hands trying to quiet him down since the boys are in the other room.

“wait I think we actually have two oranges!” Jackson ignores your protest and runs into the kitchen with your bra. 

“ WANG JACKSON!” You scream chasing him down, running into your boyfriend Yugyeom on the way. 

“Whoa why the screaming?” He asks holding down your angry body from attacking his band mate.

“Jackson has.. my…” Before you finish a gasp leaves your throat as you see Jackson turn the corner with your bra on and two oranges filling the cups. 

wondering what you were gasping about, Yugyeom turns around and tries to contain a sudden laughter. With your bra on Jackson starts to do terrible girl dance moves as he laughs. 

“ Your boobs are literally the size of two oranges.” Jackson laughs 

noticing that you don’t think it funny anymore Yugyeom throws his arm around your shoulder and walks you over to Jackson. Hitting Jackson and taking your bra back, he hands it to you with a smile.

“ Nothing is wrong with small boobs babe, yours are perfect.” He says smirking at your sudden blush. 



Got7 request ✈ angst texts Part 2/?

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I figured since I had time that I should put this out! Most requested thing in my inbox currently(: still on hiatus though 😩

I like the idea of angsty text series! If you guys like that, please feel free to request some!

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Got7 reaction to their girlfriend being in Jay Parks Mommae video

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:

How would the boys react to their gf being in jay parks mommae video? Have a great day 😌

After watching this video i see why you’ve requested anon :P 
i hope you like it ^_^
~ahgase Omma


Tries so hard not to shows just how much he is surprised by it, but he can’t, he also can’t hide the small hint of a smile he’s got going on!


Looks at you like he is hatching the biggest plan in the world. he sees a new side to you and new things are going to happen because of it.


Not as innocent as you first seemed, he’s surprised but not hating it actually he pester you about it.

What have you shown him!!!! his jaw is on the floor, his eyes wide open….
but still not turning away.


As he watches he can't believe its you! he even looks at you a few times just like a double check, it is you…. activate shy youngjae.


Sexually over active minded bambams head is running with ideas, questions, and he’s smug AF that he gets to make you feel awkward about it.


Someone just get the maknae a bucket for all his droll. brain function 0% 

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anonymous asked:

MTL is into smutty actions during relationships and MTL is okay with lack of skinships.

To me these are two different things so it’s not the opposite.

  1. Smutty Actions


  • Bambam
  • Yugyeom
  • Jackson
  • Junior
  • Youngjae
  • Mark
  • JB


     2. Lack of skinship 


  • Mark
  • JB
  • Youngjae
  • Junior
  • Yugyeom
  • Bambam
  • Jackson boy is too touchy


anonymous asked:

what did they smell like? and how different are they in real life in terms of looks?what surprised you about them?palest to darkest? i'm sorry i'm asking to much but i was just curious and i might never see them cuz i live in the uk :((((((((

it’s fine! I’m happy to answer these questions~

  1. honestly it happened too fast to even register that, but they really just smelt like typical guys??? if that make sense, and after sweating for like 2 hours anything they had on would have easily come off
  2. they look EXACTLY like they do in video and pictures, seriously flawless it hurts. dare I say mark looks even more handsome in person??? jinyoung and youngjae look like actual princes, jaebum’s smile is to actually die for and makes you melt, yugyeom is an actual giant like boy needs to stop growing asap. but seriously they are all soooooo good looking in person it actually hurts
  3. palest were mark and bambam, followed by youngjae, junior, jackson, jb and yugyeom, but they are all very pale tbh