He’s literally just saying 밥 (bap) over and over and rapping about rice lolololololol

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GOT7 reaction to their idol Girlfriend doing a sexy concept

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Got7 reacting their idol gf doing a sexy concept for you comeback? Thank you again ily! ☺️

yes this has been waiting for soooo long, I’m so sorry!!!


He would be all over it, he’d help with the idea and dances just so he can ogle you as you work, but eventually he will realise it might not be the best thing ever, as other guys stare at you but he tries to keep it under control. he has to let you do your job at the end of the day. at least he gets a little show.


He isn’t phased by it in the sense of jealousy, he’d support you when you needed and watch over you. sure he would death stare other guys who took over stepped the mark, but otherwise the situation is fairly calm.


Over the moon excited! he’s helping you everyday, and when it comes to the performances, he’s to busy foaming at the mouth to notice the other guys staring at you. he’s proud of his girl, why would anything else matter.


He secretly loves it, but every so often he’s caught of guard. whether its someone staring at you as you bend down, people whistling at you, or the drool running down his face, he’d suddenly snap back into reality.


this gif is accurate to both him loving the idea of you being sexy on stage and to him protesting in his fluffy way when your too sexy. 


Whatever you can do he can do too! this goes for being sexy too. whenever the camera pans over to him he’s trying to out sexy you, even if its for a second. but he’s actually trying to distract every guy watching you.


The judgey dance master maknae is out, he’s actually just joking to cover up his shyness, he loves it, and he’s going to remember this forever, but he can’t let you know that.

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“when you’re got7 af but you gotta keep it cool bc you’re on the job”



These two are in their own separate world.