got7 aegyo

Jinyoung: *dances on stage like a T-Rex then runs to Jackson hyung*

Jinyoung: I was cute right hyung? -laughs-

Jackson: …

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Got7 reaction to you doing aegyo

JB: I think he wouldn’t try to play the cool, chic guy he always does. Your aegyo would defo affect him, but he’d be playful about it.

“Jagi~ stop it! You’re making me shy” 

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Mark: “Ah you’re so cute babe but we both know that i’m in charge of aegyo! Just look at me!! Am i cute? am I? hm? HM?”  omg look at him being cute and adorable and asdfghj i’m done bye

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Jackson: “Wooo go little cutie! That’s my girl! You are so cute! OMG!” just loud screaming and  squealing tbh

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Jinyoung: He wouldn’t show a big reaction but would defenitely love it 

You’re so cute jagiyah~~

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Youngjae: He’d reply with aegyo

 “Jaagiyaah~ hihi…. bbuing bbuing”

BamBam: “Ehh what are you doing… just kidding you SO cute baby!!”

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Yugyeom: He’d just love you even more. 

“Gosh jagi i love you”

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Jinyoung: *does bingu T.O.P on stage to impress hyungs and show the maknaes how its done*

Members: …

Jinyoung: *walks to Jackson oppa to see his reaction*

Jackson: …

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Jaebum: Does our Coco want to eat a snack~?

Jaebum: Jaebum wants to eat it too~

I’ll give you all the snacks in the world, baby boy T-T


The Wang puppy type

The “Oh! Look I’m cute” type

The sexy to cute real quick type

The Disney princess type

The pout cuteness overload type

The giant baby type

The shy type