Funny how yall spent so many days fighting with EACH OTHER, regarding the idols’ cultural appropriation matter rather than coming together to educate the idol about it instead.

A lot of Asians don’t know about this since there’s a lack of cultural mix in each country and the language barrier makes it worse to know what’s okay and what’s not.

I’m not black so I can’t speak about this matter, but I’m brown and my culture is taken as a joke too so I can say I have a fair idea of what it feels like, not completely but fair enough.

Stop fighting with each other and fucking try to educate those idols who’re messing up, comment on their posts or live streams. make this issue something they see everywhere to ask themselves “wait what’s wrong?”. Comment on their tweets, posts, anything. At first do it politely. Find a way to convey the message and if they still act ignorant then you’re allowed to do whatever honestly.

The fight isn’t between you guys sitting at home and making this into a fandom war or a racial debate, all that’s up to you is taking the privilege of being educated about this matter and helping other people stop doing what’s wrong. Stop arguing and let the idols know.

Edit: look at @sea-comet ‘S post.

Also I’m 15 don’t come at me I’m still learning too

Everyone please read this , MustB was a group that debuted earlier this year and they were involved in car accident on 21st April , the members are safe but the manager has died

Trigger Warning

MustB is a 7 member male Kpop group that consists of Doha, Taegeon, Hawoon, Sangwoo, Wooyeon, Soohyun, and Sihoo. They debuted January 20 under MUSTM Entertainment.

Mustb debuted in January with ‘i want u’ funded through makestar, they’re a group of guys who’ve all been in groups prior and looking for second or even third chances at being idols. (source - reddit)

Four members, a staff member and their manager were on board at around 3:40am. The manager was driving and the car slipped to the side of the road causing the accident. All involved had minor injuries but unfortunately the manager has passed away. (source - reddit)

The accident happened at 3:40am driving home from a performance. These schedules are so tough for both idols and their managers, and at least the idols can usually sleep in the car between schedules while the managers are the ones driving. Every time this comes up, we see the need for improved working conditions but nothing is done. (source - reddit)

Managers have a really tough job, and they drive them to schedules, prepare food, and also act as bodyguards . Smaller companies sometimes only have 1 manager per group. 

Korean working standards haven’t really improved in the past few years. Please be aware about this and wish well for the manager’s family and the group.

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[ #Jus2NOW ]

오늘은 Jus2 <FOCUS> PREMIERE SHOWCASE TOUR가 시작되는 첫날입니다! 아가새 여러분을 만날 생각에 Jus2의 심장은 두근두근! 뽐겸의 환상적인 케미를 보여드릴 테니 기대 많이 해주세요

Today is the first day of Jus2 <FOCUS> PREMIERE SHOWCASE TOUR! Jus2’s heart is pounding, thinking of meeting you guys. BeomGyeom are going to show you their fantastic chemistry. Please look forward to it.