Good Morning Bitches: A Quick Rucap

• take all the mini challenges away, fine, but PLEASE DON’T TAKE AWAY READING IS FUNDAMENTAL
• why didn’t we get to see Aja’s team in the workshop? it was basically ten minutes of Trinity and Eureka fighting
• all the biggest stars get picked last :/ It’s okay Nina
• part of me is glad all these girls are coming for Valentina because she’s clearly level headed and handles shade and criticism well and it’s really just making the other girls angrier
• Shea and Sasha are SO cute, so funny, they need a show on WOWpresents
• we only got to hear “cucu” ONCE in the challenge god bless
• Charlie should’ve been an anchor, and Peppermint should have been in Entertaintment
• I don’t blame any of the girls for cracking under pressure/ being nervous especially with Ross Matthews’ dead eyed Barbie doll face beaming at them
• who raised Eureka? “I’m sorry you got offended” … girl what? also Valentina and Sasha were trying to be vulnerable and have a serious, sweet moment and Eureka was making it about her again
• why was the runway so fast? There were no catty remarks from the judges and each girl got like .03 seconds of screen time each?
• Eureka’s runway reminded me of Chi Chi Devayne’s Neon dominatrix look….but cheaper. And Chi Chi Devayne is the self proclaimed “cheap queen”
• judging wasn’t really fair. like why would you judge on the most “realistic” and “happiest” morning show? it’s drag…they’re not real news…
• so the lip sync…it’s season 9 of drag race how could you not expect to lip sync? i had high hopes for Charlie (her runway was great!) because I thought she was going to pull a Latrice Royale and be animated in her face/arms but nothing happened…it just made me cringe, especially when the other queens were desperate and yelling at her to move and entertain

Richtor’s Grimoire Tips, Part 03

I got an ask requesting some tips for keeping a grimoire, and I decided to make a full (multi)post on it.

What is written here will be suggestions and things that I think are useful to know or try; you are in no way obligated or required do these things. Take from this post what you find useful, and leave what you don’t. There are probably also going to be other ways of keeping a grimoire that won’t be included here, due to my own particular views and experiences not leading me to see those options. Whatever works for you, works for you - it doesn’t matter if anybody else likes it, as long as you are happy with what you are doing and it gets the job done. I just hope that this post will prove useful, and provide some points to ponder or give inspiration and new ideas to try.

Please note: there are other terms that can be used to describe a book of spells and research on witchcraft (i.e. Book of Shadows for Wiccan practitioners), but for consistency’s sake, I will just use “grimoire.”

What Should I Write?

Well, it ultimately boils down to… what do you want to write?

I believe you should only write down things that you plan on using, for the matter of saving energy and space. Arguably, however, even if you don’t plan on using something directly, it can be used as a reference for things to stay away from, or provide ideas and formatting for your own spells and ideas in the future. That is up to you completely. There is also no need to write down things you already know, or so I feel; you already have that knowledge in your head, and can reference it there, it will just take up space and energy to write it down in a book.

To me, correspondences are the most important thing in my grimoire, even before the spells. Without the correspondences, I would lack the understanding of why something is used in a spell, what it brings to the spell, and what effect it could have on me. I use these by far the most often, because I tend to make up my own spells on the spot, rather than use any of the hundred or so spells I have already written down… With correspondences, you can write your own spells based off the information contained there, and geared towards the supplies you currently have; creating your own spells to your own particular circumstances and tastes can prove more effective, due to how personal and connected they are specifically to you.

Despite that being said, other people’s spells are also good to write down. If you see a spell you like and wish to use later, your grimoire is the best place to put it. Spells written by other people absolutely can still work for you - writing spells for yourself just provides a more personal connection and ensures success by a degree. (How much? Who really knows, magic is hard to measure.)

What sort of spells you write comes down to the sort of things you want to do with your magic. Protection spells, to me, are always useful to keep - I think protection spells rank the most numerous in my own grimoire. I tend to also write down any spell that I think I would have occasion to use in the future, as a “just in case.” Whatever you think you will use, or might have occasion to use, go for it. Sigils can also fall under this category as well. If you are positive you won’t use something, or couldn’t gain any knowledge from something, or if you just plain don’t like it, you don’t need to write it. (Example, you don’t have to put curses in your grimoire if you’re anti-curse; if you can’t use any spells involving fire, you may not wish to write them down, but if you think you may have chances to use spells like that in the future, then write them down.)

Along with correspondences, anything that is worth noting about a particular herb or crystal is great to have too - what herbs are poisonous, which crystals are not water soluble, etc. This way you can be sure that you don’t include too much of a herb that could make you sick, or damage your crystals, or ingest any gem elixirs after your stone has started dissolving in it. Making sure you are safe while you practice witchcraft is something I think all witches should try to do - we’re playing around with something that isn’t always light and fluffy and happy.

Here is a list of topics that may prove useful to keep in a grimoire; again, it all depends on what you need to know, what you want to do, and how you plan to work with magic. This list is also not extensive or complete - it is just a few ideas I can think of at this point in time.

  • spell timing, such as Sabbats and esbats, moon phases, days of the week, time of the day, etc.
  • correspondences for herbs, crystals, colors, the four elements, planetary associations, etc.
    • substitutions for particular items like herbs, crystals, etc.
    • any safety precautions for working with certain herbs, crystals, etc.
    • information on how to determine personal correspondences and associations
    • magical materials that can be used in spells
  • information on any religions you work within
    • example: for Wicca, you may wish to write out the Wiccan Rede, how to cast a circle, how to call the four corners / elements / guardians of the watchtowers, etc.
  • information on any deities you work with / wish to work with
    • offering ideas for any deities you work with
    • invocations for any deities you work with
    • rituals / dedications / prayers to any deities you work with
  • information on any spirits you work with / wish to work with
    • offering ideas for any spirits you work with (i.e. the fae, elemental spirits like sylphs and salamanders, etc.)
  • information on the history of witchcraft
  • information on familiars and working with animals in magic
  • information on varieties of magic
    • examples: energy work, candle magic, crystal magic / crystal grids, sachet magic, knot magic, kitchen magic / tea magic, bath magic, traditional magic, urban magic, chaos magic, pop culture magic, green magic, hedgework, spirit work, shadow work, blood magic, sex magic, necromancy / death magic, etc.
    • any safety precautions for working with certain varieties of magic
  • any divination methods you wish to try
    • examples: definitions of the tarot cards, tarot spreads, cartomancy interpretations, definitions of runes, reading tea leaves (tasseomancy) / coffee grounds, tips on pendulum reading, etc.
  • spells that you write yourself, or sigils you create yourself
    • any notes and observations you made when testing that spell / using it
  • spells or sigils from external sources that you may want to use and/or reference
  • recipes for potions, powders, oils, tinctures, etc.
  • chants and incantations
  • blessings
  • curses
  • information on any magical groups or covens you participate in
    • coven rules and guidelines, members lists and contact information, etc.

Here are some links for other posts that provide tips on keeping a grimoire and things that you could keep in them.

I feel like this is the post the anon was looking for when they asked for grimoire tips. Well, here it is! It may seem like this series is done, but I still have a couple more posts to go. Though, not tonight. The next post in the series will talk about organizing your grimoire. I hope you enjoyed this post, and see you in the next one!

I hate answering phones

Tl;DR: Guy calls before closing and tries to be joking while I’m juggling phones, pizzas, and register.

Take and bake pizza pal (again. Jfc)

Got a call today (03/11) around 8:45 (we close at 9)

Customer: Can I get a large cowboy with such and such?

Me: Yeah no problem. Just letting you know we close at 9!

C: oh uhhhh. Oookkkkaaaayyyyy. *mumble mumble* Goodbye.

Me: Have a wonderful night sir :):):):):) *hangs up.*

[Walks away from phone and it rings not even a minute later.]

Me: Does the whole spiel when answering phone.

Customer [same fucking guy a minute beforehand]

Customer: You guys really shouldn’t be answering your phones a quarter till you close.

Me: [in a cheery tone, but secretly wants to murder someone]

Me: Yes well. We have to answer our phones because most of our customers live not even 5 minutes away. We cannot let the phones to continue to ring (even after past closing) :))

Customer: Oh…I was just trying to make a joke. Uh.. have a goodnight then.

Me: You too, sir! [Hangs up]

{heavy criticism below}

“03 winry got the short end of the stick” “03 winry should’ve gone with the elrics” “03 winry should’ve ended up with ed” etc…

03👏 addressed how toxic👏 winry’s relationship👏 with the elric brothers👏 was for her👏 and how much better off👏 she was without them👏 unlike bh👏 which made everything about her👏 revolve around the elric brothers👏 despite them not treating her👏 the way she deserved👏 

in both forms of canon, winry’s relationship with ed and al just makes me insanely sad. they didn’t write, they shut her out, they constantly made a point of not having a family or home in front of her (which they learn their lesson for in one of the best 03 “fillers”[dont get me started on that] in the series), and try to make her feel incapable or not strong enough to handle things (which she ALSO says “fuck you guys I’m part of this” to in 03 which is AMAZING). ed and winry bring out the worst in each other, constantly arguing and being disrespectful toward each other (ed is ESPECIALLY sexist and plain mean towards winry in both series, and winry retaliates with her violent outbursts). 

here’s the thing: 03 made this a character/plot point. it showed the horrible effects and it showed winry moving on and THRIVING without the elrics. bh didn’t. instead bh acted like there was no problem, like winry was fine with how the elrics treat her (her being totally cool with ed leaving at the end after proposing, just because she’s used to relationships where she’s left in the dust, is atrocious okay?), and forced her to be with edward. they didn’t show her being a character beyond the elrics, and like the previous post i reblogged said, didn’t show her relationships with other people. she was shoved aside to be used for plot when she was needed (something bh kinda reduces all its characters to: plot points).

i once said to a friend, and though this is extremely harsh, that the difference between 03 win and bh win is that “bh win eats the shit the narrative and the elric bros give her, while 03 win throws it back at them”

03 win knows what the narrative is trying to do, and she says screw that and makes at least SIX strong female friendships and INSERTS herself into the story. the elric brothers get shit for being awful friends to winry (yes, people seem to not see that they are AWFUL to her. they might mentally respect her, but they DO NOT show it.) 

winry just totally blossomed from her toxic relationship (doesn’t mean they don’t all love each other, but you can love people and have great memories and still have an unhealthy relationship) with the elrics in 03, which cos showed, and it makes me insanely happy.


100 days of Raymond Reddington » day eighty

never trust a criminal - a Raymond Reddington fanmix

01. lock the door, better shut your eyes, here I come, it’s gonna be a wild ride // 02. I’ll be the last man standing here, I’m not going anywhere, it’s going down like I told you // 03. you got nothing to say, ‘till I tell you who’s who… cause I’m the big bad wolf // 04. I’m trouble, I’m trouble, oh I bet it all on the devil // 05. I don’t come to take part, I come to take over // 06. someone sound the alarm, I’m ready for trouble // 07. high as the heavenly sea, low lays the devil in me // 08. do you wanna stick around to see how bad a boy can be? // 09. I got a tortured mind and my blade is sharp; a bad combination in the dark // 10. they call me devil, and you should be afraid // 11. lift up the receiver, I’ll make you a believer // 12. you should never ever trust my kind // 13. see, I been a bad bad bad bad man, and I’m in deep // 14. ain’t no god on my streets, in the heart of the jungle // 15. please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste


Build a boyfriend - Hoshi

Originally posted by leewooji

“Thank god for Friday’s.” You muttered when you had walked into work that morning. Now I know what you’re thinking, ‘you’re happy for a Friday morning at work?’ Yes but it wasn’t just any Friday morning. This Friday you were allowed to come in late resulting to you sleeping in for a full 2 hours, you got breakfast at the office, and your assistant had a lovely cup of green tea with two Splenda sitting on your desk when you had come in. So in all this day was starting out great.

The office was buzzing with energy and the atmosphere was swimming with positivity. It was like a breath of fresh air as you hadn’t had any meetings scheduled until 11 am, leaving you to scroll through your social media and happily sip your tea.

You plugged your earphones into your iPhone and began to play CLC’s Hobgoblin. You tapped your foot to the beat as you aimlessly scrolled through social media. Since it was Friday after all, there was the weekly posts of your family, friends, and celebrities. You smiled as you double tapped the posts, until your thumb stopped on a particular ad.

“Build a boyfriend? That’s new…” you muttered as you scrolled passed it only to ind your thumb on the same ad just a few posts down your feed. Again you scrolled past slightly confused why it was the same ad. By the 3rd time you just gave up and clicked on the ad as it so desperately wanted you to click on it.

“Okay mysterious ad, let’s see what you have to offer.” The ad took you to a link with about 20 or so questions. You glanced behind you at the clock. “10:03. I got time why not?”

The questions varied from what’s your favorite color to what his hair line should be to eye color. The one that had you puzzled the most was the name question. You stared at the empty box with a blank stare.

“Can’t I just put two names here? Like a nickname? It doesn’t say anything against that might as well try it.” You whispered to yourself before typing in Soonyoung(nickname Hoshi) and clicking submit. The little green loading bar ran across the screen before startling you with a page of congratulations with a cute star emoji and a time under it that read 11:06.

You turned toward the clock to see that it was nearing 11 and without meaning to, your heart began to speed up. ‘I guess I can be a little late to my meeting. It’s just 6 minutes and nobody gets there until 10 minutes after anyway.“ You sat staring at the clock watching it tick slower and slower each time. You spun in your roller chair, rolled across the room, and even drew a little picture and it was only 11:03. You groaned throwing your head back.

An agonizing three minutes later, it was now 11:06…..and………..nothing happened. Your shoulders slumped in disappointment before you straightened back up and shook your head at yourself as you gathered your things for the meeting. ‘Maybe it meant pm not am? I mean if it was am that would’ve been quick!’ You thought as you shuffled down into the meeting room taking a seat and starting the meeting.

You sighed in relief as your third meeting of the day finished with an exceptional amount of progress. You stood up grinning at your coworkers as they praised you for your hard work and let you slide out of the meeting room. It was now 5 pm as you gathered your belongings in order to head home.

You turned to leave and a yelp left your lips as your coworker and friend Amelia smirked at you from the doorway. “Amelia! Don’t do that!” You whined as your calmed your racing heart. She giggled at your startled state. “Sorry (Y/n). I just came to invite you to dinner with us. The boss is impressed with out hard work and he’s buying everyone dinner. You in?”

You gave her the of-course-I’m-in-why-wouldn’t-I-be-its-free-food-? Look. She grinned before pulling you out of the office. You all drove to the barbecue restaurant and sat at a large table. You talked and laughed as you ordered food and just had a grand time.

Hours later you were full and happy waving a bye to your coworkers and heading to your car to go home. You slid into the leather seat, shut the door and turned the key hearing the engine purr.

The roads were fairly busy, but you didn’t care as you drove through the city of Seoul with a content smile on your face. The stars gazed down giving a slight source of light on the road. You finally pulled into your driveway and parked your car and got out, fishing your keys out of your purse. You walked up your front porch steps and unlocked the door quickly closing it behind you to rid yourself of the crisp ice chill.

You leaned back against the door, eyes closed and just breathing in the smell of home. You were at peace. Well you were until you opened your eyes and a yelp got caught in your throat.

“It’s about time you got home. I’ve been waiting for an hour for you! Where have you been?” Holy shit, he was gorgeous. Blonde hair, puppy smile, and bright mocha irises locked onto yours. He had on a navy hoodie and black ripped jeans that accented his toned legs. He was around 5'10” making him tower over your form slightly. He was hot and oddly familiar to you. You scanned his form up and down trying to pinpoint why he was familiar, but that only rewarded you a smirk. You blinked at him confused before blushing scarlet as you realized you had just checked him out, shamelessly in front of him.

“Take a picture it will last longer gorgeous.” Damn okay you could totally get used to him calling you that. His voice was perfect. It was sweet like honey yet husky and rich like chocolate, a perfect combination to make your knees weak. You were snapped out of your thoughts as he suddenly was just a few feet from you. He was good looking he’s, but that didn’t mean that you knew who he was. Hell he could’ve been a psychotic serial killer for all you knew!

You gulped staring as him in silence. His eyes scanned your figure from your black high heels, to your matching black pencil skirt that rested slightly above your knees, to the white blouse with a bow tied on the front, to the ponytail that was loose and casual and back down again. His eyes flickered back up to meet yours and you weren’t sure if it was the lighting or his eyes had just gotten darker and the puppy smile you first saw was no longer in sight, but a dangerous and dare you say sexy smirk rested on his lips.

He stepped forward, never breaking eye contact as he came closer to you. You matched his pace taking a step back until you hit the door. ‘Of course. The cliche moment where the girl gets trapped against the door. Brilliant! (Y/n)! Brilliant!’ You thought as you had no where to move to now. He didn’t stop though. He stepped closer just inches from you now, hands placed against the wooden door next to your head.

You gasped at his proximity. His nose was close enough to nuzzle against yours, lips close enough to brush against yours. His eyes stared into yours and up close they were even more hypnotizing than before.

“What’s wrong love? Didn’t you know I was coming?” He whispered as he nuzzled his nose against yours lightly with a smirk.

“W-what?” You asked flustered and confused.

“He sighed slightly. “Don’t you know what time it is? It’s 12:15. I’ve been here since 11:06 on the dot and you were nowhere in sight.”

That’s when it hit you. The events rolled through your mind like credits on a film. From arriving at work to scrolling through social media to tapping on the build a boyfriend ad and taking the quiz.

“Remember now love?” He said slightly smug as the look of realization crossed over your face.

“Soon young?” You whispered.

“Actually it’s Hoshi.”

“B-but I wrote two names. And I could’ve sworn I write for him to be sweet and cute and loving.” You said confused.

He chuckled darkly. “That’s Soonyoung. But you can’t forget that you also wanted your boyfriend to be like a bad boy, dominate, and oh so enticing.” He whispered, tone dropping a few octaves as he leaned closer nose countering down your cheek to your neck where he placed a few surprisingly gentle kisses.

“I only did one quiz though.” You whispered to yourself. A gasp left your throat as the pecks turned its light nips. “H-hoshi.” You whispered eyes fluttering shut as the alter ego of the sweet boy you thought you got pulled you closer.

Without warning Hoshi suddenly pulled his back from your neck and crashed his lips against yours. The kiss was passionate and slightly rough as his lips moulded against yours. He nipped at your lips, almost promising bruising. When your body relaxed he did a 180. The kiss was so longer bruising but soft and slow as he wrapped one hand around your waist and the other cradling your head.

He pulled away eyes opening to reveal the mocha irises replacing the darkness from earlier. He smiled the puppy smile at you before pecking your lips once, twice, before placing soft kisses all over your face making you giggle. He finally stopped his attack and settled on caressing your cheek with his thumb while his eyes showed nothing short of live and affection.

“Nice to meet you jagiya, I’m Soonyoung. I see you’ve already met Hoshi. We are looking forward to being your boyfriend.”