Stan: Hey fids, it’s on!

Stan: You wanna come over here and answer some questions?
Stan: Looks like we got some good ones!
Fiddleford: Nah, I’m trying to find some cereal that ain’t stale.
Fiddleford: Just read them aloud and I’ll pipe up if I have somethin’ to say.
Stan: Alright.

Stan: Heh, I like the sound of this one.
Stan: So, who is it? Who’s getting feelings?
Fiddleford: Gah, hang on-
Fiddleford: I- I just remembered! I haven’t checked my mail in ages!
Fiddleford: Go check my mail for me!
Stan: What, right now?
Fiddleford: Yeah, it looks like it’s gonna rain!
Stan: Eh. Okay, be back in a ‘mo.

Stan: But I’m takin’ the computer thinger with me!
Fiddleford: –HEY!


{ Meme || Accepting }

It was taking every ounce of willpower and self-control that Brock had not to snap back at the younger man as he kept getting flicked in the head with peanuts, but he was refusing to give in. It took another three peanuts hitting his head before he snapped the clipboard cover closed, grabbing the nearest throw pillow and flinging it at Steve’s head with lightning speed.

     Y’got somethin’ you wanna say?

     Steve grinned when at last he got some reaction from Brock, though a pillow at his face was not at all what he expected. He had his hand raised halfway to his mouth, (to feed himself more peanuts), and he was just half a second too slow to block the projectile pillow. It hit him in the face, and he dropped his peanut in the process, too. 

     “Yes, actually, if you’d stop giving me the silent treatment.” 

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[text]: did I mention I'm a famous fashion model? [text]: щ(ºДºщ) of course I got the right size dumbass [text]: I wanna say I'll even leave the door unlocked but do you remember how old lady Kikyo wandered in here last time I did that? [text]: let me know when you're here, babe, we'll order food too

Sent To: My Idiot
[text]: is she the one that thought she was in her own house?
[text]: the one that did a strip tease for u thinking u were her old man?
[text]: i remember she got grabby haha
[text]: wouldve said somethin but i was too busy laughin
[text]: its an hr to ur house tho
[text]: u gonna be home tomorrow?

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on a plain piece of paper a neatly written note is found. " I want to make your mouth drop open in shock, are you interested?" on the bottom is two small check boxes one saying "Yes" the other "No"

Cam grins at the sheaf of paper, “Oh fel, I -gotta- show this to Calara. MY FIRST FANGIRL!” He looks around before yelling ,”Babe? BABE!? I GOT SOMETHIN’ I WANNA SHOW YOU.”

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"Well we aren't playing that silly game anymore, so I don't have to play nice now" With that, Artemis punched the octoling right in the face. That is exactly how you greet people, obviously.


Urick is caught completely by surprise as a punch is thrown, taking a direct hit to the face. He springs back around to face his attacker, frowning at them from beneath his goggles with a huge snarl on his face.

“Hey, HEY!! What the fuck was that for, huh? Got somethin’ t’fuckin’ say t’me? Y’wanna fuckin’ go?!”

… Of course it would be that one.
Ugh. What did they want now?

“… Still salty, yeah?”

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Ѡ Keiji

Send an “Ѡ” for my muse’s reaction to being sent accidental nudes.

    That was not the response he had been expecting after asking Hanebi if he had seen Magoichi around today. What was he trying to say? Was he trying to say that she was–

  No. That was impossible! Magoichi was not that kind of lady! She was a lady who needed to properly wooed and seduced first, and Keiji was positive that Hanbei wouldn’t go that far for someone as delightful as her.

    But, what if…?

    [txt] You, uh, you got somethin you wanna tell me, Hanbei? [/txt]